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(NB: Clerics can be granted further proficiencies according to their Domain. Any new skills or weapon groups are noted below).
Armor: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapon Groups: Clerics gain proficiency in Simple weapons from their proficient groups, however, they gain proficiency with the Martial weapons of 1 of these groups (which should reflect the weapon used by their deity). Choose any 4 weapon groups.
Tools, Items, Vehicles, etc: None

Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma
Skills: Choose 2 from: History, Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, Religion and Swim.


  1. Air. (House)
  2. Ambition (Planeshift: Amonkhet, DMsGuild)
  3. Arcana. (Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide p125, Wizards of the Coast).
  4. Authority (EN5ider article Spiritual Alignment: Lawful Cleric Domains, by Walk Ciechanowski).
  5. Charm. (ENWorld database, Khaalis).
  6. Community (EN5ider article Spiritual Alignment: Lawful Cleric Domains, by Walk Ciechanowski).
  7. Conformity (EN5ider article Spiritual Alignment: Lawful Cleric Domains, by Walk Ciechanowski).
  8. Death. (DMG p96).
  9. Destruction. (ENWorld database, Khaalis).
  10. Dragon. (ENWorld database, Khaalis).
  11. Evil. (ENWorld database, Khaalis).
  12. Flames. (Priests of Elemental Power EN5ider article C. Richard Davies).
  13. Forge. (Xanathar's Guide to Everything p18, Wizards of the Coast).
  14. Good. (ENWorld database, Khaalis).
  15. Grave. (Xanathar's Guide to Everything p19, Wizards of the Coast).
  16. Illusion. (ENWorld database, Khaalis).
  17. Knowledge. (PHB p59)
  18. Life. (PHB p60)
  19. Light. (PHB p60)
  20. Luck. (ENWorld database, the Jester)
  21. Misfortune (EN5ider article Priests of Misfortune, by Dan Head).
  22. Nature. (PHB p61). Bonus Proficiencies: At 1st level you also gain proficiency with Simple weapons from 2 of the following weapon groups: Axes & Picks; Blowguns; Bows; Clubs & Staffs; Natural Weapons; Spears; Thrown & Slings; Whips, Chains & Nets.
  23. Overlord. (5E Reforged, DawnForgedCast).
  24. Protection. (Arcana Unearthed, Wizards of the Coast).
  25. Protection. Though replace 8th level feature with my suggestion in comments. I will write this in here properly one day. (ENWorld database, Khaalis).
  26. Solidarity (Planeshift: Amonkhet, DMsGuild)
  27. Spirit. (I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost EN5ider article Kiel Chenier).
  28. Stone. (Priests of Elemental Power EN5ider article C. Richard Davies).
  29. Strength (Planeshift: Amonkhet, DMsGuild)
  30. Time. (ENWorld database, the Jester).
  31. Trickery. (PHB p62).
  32. Vengeance. (ENWorld database, Khaalis).
  33. War. (PHB p63). Bonus Proficiencies: At 1st level you also gain proficiency with Simple and Martial weapons in 3 weapon groups of your choice. (If you have groups for which you only have Simple weapon proficiencies, such as from race, you can upgrade 2 of these to Martial in the place of one of your selections from above.)
  34. Water. (Priests of Elemental Power EN5ider article C. Richard Davies).
  35. Winter. (Priests of Elemental Power EN5ider article C. Richard Davies).
  36. Zeal (Planeshift: Amonkhet, DMsGuild)


These have been written for individual deities, but can easily be used as domains for those areas highlighted below, or used to help flesh out other domains.

  1. Black Cleric Specialty priest of deity Tchernobog. A combination of Evil and Necromancy. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p62).
  2. Destruction Specialty priest of deity Batara Kala. A combination of Negative Energy, Curse and Death. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p22).
  3. Devious Spider Specialty priest of deity Anansi. A combination of Deception, Trickster and Illusion. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p14).
  4. Elder of Nayenezgani Specialty priest of deity Nayenezgani. A combination of Lightning, Healing and Retribution. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p50).
  5. Elegunshango Specialty priest of deity Shango. A combination of Storms, Presence and Vigor. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p30).
  6. Inti-Churi Specialty priest of deity Inti. A combination of Sun, Nature and Light. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p38).
  7. Natural Law Specialty priest of deity Ishtar. A combination of Light and Protection of the Common People. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p42).
  8. Priestess of Hekate Specialty priest of deity Hekate. A combination of Selfishness, Survival and Darkness. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p34).
  9. Seeker of Mazu Specialty priest of deity Mazu. A combination of The Sea and Protection. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p26).
  10. Sorayama Specialty priest of deity Fuji. A combination of Volcano, Fire and Earth. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p30).
  11. Spaekona Specialty priest of deity Freyja. A combination of Healing, Nature and Protection. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p26).
  12. Vipra Specialty priest of deity Shiva. A combination of Divination, Fiend-Foe and Abjuration/Anti-Magic. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p30).
  13. The Wise Specialty priest of deity Baba Yaga. A combination of Elements, Nature and Wisdom. (Gods & Goddesses Jetpack7 publishing, p18).


Clerics can have spell lists with the following number of spells: 12 for spell levels 1-3; 8 for spell levels 4-6; 4 for spell levels 7-9. (Spells gained from other means, such as domains, do not count towards these limits).

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