5e Warmain

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You are a master of arms and armor that can withstand great punishment. You have been trained extensively in the art of war. You rely on using your weapons and armor to their full extent and outlasting the enemy. Other terms that may suit this archetype include: Defender, Juggernaut, Hearth Guard, Master At Arms. It is also an appropriate archetype to represent knights and cavaliers when combined with the appropriate Background (Noble) and Feats (Inspiring Leader, Mounted Combat).

The following feats are popular with Warmains: Durable, Heavy Armor Master, Resilient, Sentinel, Shield Master, Tough.


When you take this archetype at 3rd level, you gain advantage on all saving throws made to resist the frightened condition. At 10th level, you become immune to the frightened condition.


You gain this feature at 3rd level. Once per round when you take the Attack action on your turn and hit with a melee weapon that does not have the light or finesse property, you can use a bonus action to shove the creature. If you successfully move a target, you can immediately move into the space it vacated, to remain within 5 feet of it. (If combined with the Shield Master feat, you can shove a target a total of 10 feet when using your shield).


When you take the Attack action you can use Two-Weapon Fighting if you have a shield in your other hand, no matter the size of the shield.

Also, when you use your shield to make a weapon attack, you do not lose its defensive property.


Warmains typically have armor adjusted for their body and fighting styles. At 7th level, you can doff and don armor in half the time it normally takes (PHB p146) and your armor only contributes half of its weight for encumbrance purposes. If using our optional encumbrance rules, then the armor counts as one category lighter. For example, heavy armor would count as a normal item, medium armor as a light item and light armor as a tiny item.
In addition, if your armor is subject to 'damage' or an effect that reduces its AC value (such as due to a critical or a gray ooze attack), you reduce the penalty to your armor by 1. You must complete a short rest before you can use this feature again.



At 10th level, all of your weapon attacks (except those made with light or finesse weapons) gain the armor penetration 1 (AP1) quality. If a weapon already has this quality, increase its AP by 1. (See the En5ider article As Good As His Blade for the armor penetration property).


At 15th level, whenever you deal damage to a target with a melee weapon attack, the creature damaged has disadvantage on the first melee attack roll it makes against you before the start of your next turn.


At 18th level, you can shake off all minor wounds. At the start of each of your turns, you regain hit points equal to 5 + your Constitution modifier if you are above half of your maximum hit point total. (CNOTE: This is like the Survivor feature from the PHB, but purposefully changes from below half hit points to above. Hit points above half should be more easily brushed aside).
If taking the Dodge action you double the defensive value of your shield for that round.

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