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This is an off-shoot of our 7Albums lists as started on Twitter at @7RockLists. The intention of this is to generate best rock album collections by individual bands/artists. A Series consists of 7 band-lists.

Punters (that is you people) are to send in up to 7 of your favourite albums for the chosen artist/band. (See Disclaimer below before submitting). I will list albums in a linked forum.


@7Rock started as @AltMusicBrownlow, then spent some time as @7Songs. It was set up as an alternative to @MusicBrownlow where the 'big bands', stars and pop artists are being covered. 7Rock, as it says on the abel, is more focused on rock-based bands, mostly of the heavier and/or alternative variety. That continues here with 7Albums Artists. As I (or a punter) will be choosing the artists they will be 'on niche'. Rock/metal/punk/alternative rock etc.
*Albums should be original music by the artist. Typically studio LPs (though EPs fine). No compilations (unless it is new and rare material); no best ofs; no live albums (unless it is actually a live album of new material recorded live); no mixed artists, inc soundtracks, various artists, tribute albums, etc; no cover albums, no singles, no re-releases/remastered/re-mixed/redux/re-recorded etc. I hope that covers it. ;)

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  • Each round is a separate BAND/ARTIST.
  • People are to list UP TO 7 of their favourite albums for that round IN ORDER.
  • Albums will be given points: 4,3,2,1,1,1,1 to separate them a little.
  • Rounds typically last about a week (or longer if they have a lot of albums). Basically, the run lasts for as long as it takes me to get through the discography - around a day per album. This gives people a chance to 'check out' albums. (One of main purposes of doing this is for me, and hopefully others, to explore new music :). If punters let me know they are working on a list, I will hold off ending that run.)


  • Each series will consist of 7 rounds of 7 different bands/artists.

Top 7 Bands with Albums with 10+ Votes

Number of Albums with 10+ votes Band
10 Rush
9 ACDC, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, L.A Guns, Bad Religion, Alice In Chains

Top 7 Most Votes for Individual Album.

These are the highest ranking individual albums.

Votes Band/Artist & Album
104 Metallica - Master of Puppets
93 Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz
90 Alice in Chains - Dirt
88 Foo Fighters - The Color & Shape
82 Megadeth - Rust in Peace
79 Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Mad Man
74 Metallica - …And Justice for All


Series 1

(Forum link)
Band Album Collection (w 10+ Votes) Top Album (Votes) 2nd Album (Votes) 3rd Album (Votes)
ACDC 9 Back In Black (60) Highway to Hell (59) Let There be Rock (58)
Metallica 8 Master of Puppets (104) …And Justice for All (74) Ride the Lightning (65)
Foo Fighters 8 The Colour & the Shape (88) Foo Fighters (55) There Is Nothing Left to Lose (43)
Green Day 6 Dookie (66) Nimrod (45) American Idiot (39)
Chevelle 5 This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) (20) The North Corridor (19) Wonder What's Next (15)
Iron Maiden 8 The Number of the Beast (50) Powerslave (47) Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (33)
Rob Zombie 5 Astro Creep 2000 (24) Hellbilly Deluxe (20) The Sinister Urge (16)

Series 2

(Forum Link)
Band Album Collection (w 10+ Votes) Top Album (Votes) 2nd Album (Votes) 3rd Album (Votes)
Rush 10 Moving Pictures (37) 2112 (23) Rush (20)
The Offspring 8 Smash (57) Ixnay on the Hombre (38) Americana (26)
Nine Inch Nails 7 The Fragile (32) The Downward Spiral (31) Broken (19)
The Queers 6 Love Songs for the Retarded (19) Don't Back Down (18) Punk Rock Confidential (14)
Orange Goblin 1 The Wolf Bites Back (13) A Eulogy For The Damned (9) Coup De Grace (8)
Black Sabbath 7 Paranoid (47) Master of Reality (34) Black Sabbath (33)
Megadeth 9 Rust in Peace (82) Peace Sells… But Who's Buying? (62) Countdown to Extinction (49)

Series 3

(Series 3 Forum Link)
Band Album Collection (w 10+ Votes) Top Album (Votes) 2nd Album (Votes) 3rd Album (Votes)
Ozzy Osbourne 9 Blizzard of Ozz (92) Diary of a Madman (79) No More Tears (48)
L.A Guns 9 ST (51) Cocked & Loaded (50) Hollywood Vampires (32)
Teenage Bottlerocket 6 Freak Out! (30) Tales from Wyoming (29) They Came from the Shadows (23)
Judas Priest 8 British Steel (45) Painkiller (39) Screaming for Vengeance (37)
Warrior Soul 5 Drugs, God and the New Republic (20) Salutations from the Ghetto Nation (19) Destroy the War Machine (14)
PJ Harvey 4 To Bring You My Love (21) Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (19) Is This Desire? (10)
Suicidal Tendencies 8 Lights… Cameras… Revolution! (37) Suicidal Tendencies (33) How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today (31)

Series 4

(Series 4 Forum Link)
Band Album Collection (w 10+ Votes) Top Album (Votes) 2nd Album (Votes) 3rd Album (Votes)
Led Zeppelin 8 Led Zeppelin IV (56) Led Zeppelin II (45) Physical Graffiti (45)
Mastodon 8 Crack the Skye (52) Leviathan (46) Blood Mountain (45)
Trivium 6 Shogun (23) In the Court of the Dragon (13) The Sin & the Sentence (12)
Therapy? 6 Troublegum (53) Infernal Love (24) Nurse (17)
DEVO 3 Freedom of Choice (21) Are We Not Men? (15) New Traditionalists (12)
Blink-182 7 Enema of the State (57) Dude Ranch (45) Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (39)
Propagandhi 7 Supporting Caste (72) Victory Lap (48) Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes (48)

Series 5

(Series 5 Forum Link)
Band Album Collection (w 10+ Votes) Top Album (Votes) 2nd Album (Votes) 3rd Album (Votes)
Myles Kennedy 7 Blackbird (29) ABIII (21) Fortress (20)
Sonic Youth 4 Daydream Nation (43) Dirty (37) Goo (36)
Millencolin 4 Home from Home (26) Pennybridge Pioneers (23) Life on a Plate (13)
Bad Religion 9 Suffer (36) No Control (29) Stranger Than Fiction (26)
Danko Jones 3 Below the Belt (20) We Sweat Blood (11) Fire Music (10)
Alice in Chains 9 Dirt (90) Jar of Flies (51) Facelift (47)
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