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This is an off-shoot of our 7Albums lists as started on Twitter at @7SongsCup. The intention of this is to generate best rock album collections by individual bands/artists. A Series consists of 7 band-lists.

Punters (that is you people) are to send in up to 7 of your favourite albums for the chosen artist/band. (See Disclaimer below before submitting). I will list albums in a linked forum.


@7Songs started as @AltMusicBrownlow. It was set up as an alternative to @MusicBrownlow where the 'big bands', stars and pop artists are being covered. 7Songs is more focused on rock-based bands, mostly of the heavier and/or alternative variety. That continues here with 7Albums Artists. As I (or a punter) will be choosing the artists they will be 'on niche'. Rock/metal/punk/alternative rock etc. Go elsewhere for mainstream etc.
*Albums should be original music by the artist. Typically studio LPs (though EPs fine too). No compilations (unless it is new and rare material); no best ofs; no live albums (unless it is actually a new album of new material recorded live); no mixed artists inc soundtracks, various artists, tribute albums, etc; no cover albums, no singles, no re-releases/remastered/re-mixed/redux/re-recorded etc. I hope that covers it. ;)


  • Each round is a separate BAND/ARTIST.
  • People are to list UP TO 7 of their favourite albums for that round IN ORDER.
  • Albums will be given points: 4,3,2,1,1,1,1 to separate them a little.
  • Rounds typically last about a week (or longer if they have a lot of albums). Basically, the run lasts for as long as it takes me to get through the discography - around a day per album. This gives people a chance to 'check out' albums. (One of main purposes of doing this is for me, and hopefully others, to explore new music :). If punters let me know they are working on a list, I will hold off ending that run.)


  • Each series will consist of 7 rounds of 7 different bands/artists.

Top 7 Bands with Albums with 10+ Votes

Number of Albums with 10+ votes Band
8 Metallica, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden
6 Green Day
5 Chevelle, Rob Zombie

Top 7 Most Votes for Individual Album.

These are the highest ranking individual albums.

Votes Band/Artist & Album
104 Metallica - Master of Puppets
88 Foo Fighters - The Color & Shape
74 Metallica - …And Justice for All
66 Green Day - Dookie
65 Metallica - Ride the Lightning
60 ACDC - Back In Black
59 ACDC - Highway to Hell
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