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Putting all the different checks and their names here, so I can just use term rather than numbers.

Ability & Skill Check Difficulty Numbers


Task Difficulty DC
Very Easy 5
Easy 10
Medium 15
Hard 20
Very Hard 25
Nearly Impossible 30

Cypher System Task Difficulty

Task Difficulty Description Target No.
0 Routine 0
1 Simple 3
2 Standard 6
3 Demanding 9
4 Difficult 12
5 Challenging 15
6 Intimidating 18
7 Formidable 21
8 Heroic 24
9 Immortal 27
10 Impossible 30

AGE Test Difficulty

Test Difficulty Target No.
Routine 7
Easy 9
Average 11
Challenging 13
Hard 15
Formidable 17
Imposing 19
Nigh Impossible 21

YZE Skill Test Difficulty

Difficulty Modifier
Child's Play / A Breeze +3
Effortless / Simple +2
Easy +1
Normal 0
Demanding -1
Hard -2
Insane -3

B&B Skill Test Difficulty (Also used for Savage Worlds)

Difficulty Modifier
Very Easy +2
Easy +1
Routine/Normal 0
Challenging -1
Formidable -2
Hard -4
Very Hard -6
Heroic -8

Card Affiliations with Abilities & Attributes

This is for Talents/Edges/Feats that trigger on certain cards using our Cards for Initiative system.

System Affiliations Spades Spades.jpg Hearts Hearts.jpg Diamonds Diamonds.jpg Clubs Clubs.jpg
Typical Tasks for ALL ranged combat, defense, movement, co-ordination interaction, social, perception, healing magic, willpower, knowledge melee combat, endurance
D&D Ability: Dexterity. Abilities: Charisma, Wisdom. Abilities: Intelligence, Wisdom. Abilities: Strength, Constitution.
Cypher Attribute: Speed. Attribute: Intellect. Attribute: Intellect. Attribute: Might.
AGE Abilities: Accuracy, Dexterity. Abilities: Communication, Perception. Abilities: Intelligence, Willpower. Abilities: Constitution, Fighting, Strength.
YZE Attribute: Agility. Attributes: Empathy/Instinct, Wits. Attribute: Wits. Attribute: Strength.
B&B Abilities: Agility, Marksmanship, Stealth, Vehicle Operation. Abilities: Animal Handling, Deception, Gaming, Healing, Perception, Perform, Persuasion, Status, Warfare. Abilities: Expertise, Knowledge, Language, Smarts, Technical, Will. Abilities: Athletics, Fighting, Survival, Vigor.
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