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As a group we decided that it would be easier for players if we had a universal method for working out encumbrance. Having discussed different methods that this could be achieved the YZE method provided a simple method that we felt would work across the gaming systems we use.

YZE Method in a Nutshell

The YZE method is that you can simply carry a X number of items based on your characters strength. The items themselves are broken into Heavy, Normal, Light and Tiny, with these items taking up slots on your character.

1 Heavy item = 2 Normal items
1 Normal item = 1 Normal item
2 Light items = 1 Normal item
20 Tiny items = 1 Normal item


½ Heavy = 1 Normal = 2 Light = 20 Tiny.

The number of slots a character has depends on different things for the different gaming systems as per the table below.

Base Encumbrance

System Base Number of Encumbrance Slots
D&D Strength score
Cypher System ½ Might score (max) items (round up)
AGE 5 + Strength mod
YZE Strength x 2 items
B&B Athletics die (+ Strength spec die) items
Savage Worlds Strength die +2 (eg d4+2=6) items

Carrying Capacity

Encumbered Heavily Encumbered Carrying Capacity/Max Load
Over base to base x 2 Over base x2 to base x3 Over base x 3 to Base x 4
E.G. Bryon the warrior - old
System Stat Base Number of Encumbrance Slots Encumbered Heavily Encumbered Carrying Capacity/Max Load
D&D Strength 15 0-15 items 16-30 items 31-45 items 46-60 items
Cypher System Might 12 0-6 items 7-12 items 13-21 items 22-28 items
AGE Strength 2 0-7 items 8-14 items 15-21 items 22-28 items
YZE Strength 4 0-8 items 9-12 13-15 16-18
B&B Athletics d8 (+ Strength d4) 0-12 items 13-24 items 25-36 items 37-48 items
Savage Worlds Strength d10 0-12 items 13-24 items 25-36 items 37-48 items


Armor may be assigned the Bulky (#) quality where # is the penalty. In most games this is already there though it may be called something else.

D&D = Dex penalty etc.
Cypher System the penalty applies to using Speed Effort.
YZE -2 Dexterity/Move rolls.
Savage Worlds

Talants / Feats / Skills

Pack Mule: x2 items carried.
Armor Spec: Reduce Bulky penalty by 1 (Or 2 for some systems like D&D where penalty might be higher).

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