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We are going to trial a system where each system we play is going to be based upon 100 XP. At 100 XP you get a level or tier in your 'class'. But along the way you get Advancements at every 25 XP. XP can also be used to gain a 'benny' such as make a reroll.


So, for games based completely on advancements, such as Mutant: Year Zero, you simply get an Advancement every 25 XP. (The idea of 100 XP is not as relevant). For games where you get all abilities/features only once a level is retained, it means you get some of these features early.

You need to list ALL the things you will gain at the next level as individual advancements (including features from race, class and level). Every individual spell counts as a separate advance, each class feature, each 'advancement' of a race or class feature, and each other modifier. The one thing you cannot take early for D&D is your Proficiency bonus - this must wait until you get your full level. You can select one of these advancements at every 25XP. Just list all the features you will get for next level and tick any of them off as you gain them.

If in a class-based game such as D&D, and you don't get 4 advances, you must tick off at least one blank box first. Also, you cannot attain all level advancements before actually reaching the new level. For example if you only get 2 features (such as a hit dice and Cunning Action going from a 1st to 2nd level rogue in D&D), then one must be your 4th advance. The other can be your 2nd or 3rd, but not 1st.


For games with levels or tiers, then you need to get to 100 XP before you get that level. The idea is that you know what % of your level you have attained. In reality, you will rarely track more than 25 XP, b/c as soon as you attain 25 XP you can tick off an Advancement and XP then restarts. For class-based games, such as D&D this will mean you have to choose your next class level ahead of time - which is a good thing. If you are going to multi-class, this way, you 'gradually build' your way into the new class.

For games without levels then this step is redundant, however, if the DM wants players to aim for levels, perhaps grant something extra when they would gain a tier/level (such as granting 2 advancements).

5XP for Benny

In each of our games, you can trade 5XP to gain a Benny as outlined by the game, such as advantage in D&D or a reroll in the Cypher System. (I will write more on this later with the idea of the Benny being random, but in which case you would probably start with one too).

Gaining XP

The 100 mark was inspired by the Unearthed Arcana Three Pillar Experience article. This playtest article presents guidelines on awarding Xp for exploration, social interaction and combat.

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