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Character Creation

PC Sheets

Character sheets are attached to the bottom of this page. There are landscape 3 column sheets or booklet ones.
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The first step in creation is choosing a Race/Species. Your race may give you:

  • Increased Starting Abilities: These Abilities start at a d8 for no Advance cost. (These cannot be lowered to gain bonus Advances). One Ability is set and then you get a choice for the second one.
  • Ability Restrictions: Listed Abilities and their associated Specialties cost twice the normal Advances to raise at creation. (Restrictions do not apply to Advances after character creation).
  • Extra Advances to spend at Creation: Humans gain 5 extra Advances to spend as they please; non-humans typically gain 5 Advances to spend on particular Specialties. This may include other languages commonly spoken.
  • Starting Languages: Begin with a d8 in their most common tongue(s). (These cannot be lowered to gain bonus Advances).
  • Racial Traits: These are positive qualities, such as Low Light Vision. (Rarely, this may include bonus Edges).
  • Racial Drawbacks: Such as being Slow (-1 Pace). Often these are simply Hindrances for which you gain no bonus Advances. Hindrances can be 'bought off' with an Advance if you do not wish to begin with them. (Some other Drawbacks have this option too).


Starting Advances

  • Starting Points: All characters start with 10 Advances to build their PCs.
  • Races: Humans gain +5 Advances to spend how they choose and other races typically gain +5 Advances to spend on designated Specialties only.
  • Hindrances: By taking a Hindrance you can add to your Advance pool. You gain one Advance for each Major Hindrance or for every 2 Minor Hindrances.
  • You can lower starting Ability scores from a d6 to a d4 to gain an Advance for each reduction.

Spending Advances
You can use an Advance to:
1. Raise an Ability one die. (After character creation, an Ability can only be raised once per Rank).
2. Increase 2 Specialties by one die each (or 1 Specialty by 2 die). This includes gaining a new Specialty at a d4. (Remember, Specialties cannot exceed their linked Ability).
3. Gain one Edge or Talent for which you meet the requirements.

After character creation, you gain an Advance every 5XP.

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