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July 21st, 2014

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Extras/Creature Templates

Under Files below are Word doc templates for filling in your own monster stats. There is a Fantasy and a Western version.
Updated 12th August 2014

Creature Conversions

Several actual B&B stat docs uploaded on 12th August 2014.

Creature Conversions

Rather than attach ALL Word docs, I will keep a list of creatures I have converted, and if people wish to see/use any of them, then I will upload them. (Using categories I have monsters/races divided into on my hard drive).

Those listed as SW-SIF are early versions of the creatures based upon our merging of Savage Worlds and Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying. They can easily be used, though some Abilities would need boosting by 1 die and they would not have a Sanity stat.


Faceless Stalker: SW-SIF
Grick: SW-SIF
Hound - Sylar Sighthound: SW-SIF. Based on tentacled hound miniatures I have.
Ogre - Aberrant-touched: SW-SIF. Also based upon miniature.

Animals & Beasts

Bear - Black: SW-SIF (Companion).
Chinook: SW-SIF. (Weather-changing Deadlands critter).
Dragon - Black (Young): SW-SIF. Nightscale from D&D 3E module Forge of Fury.
Horse - Riding: SW-SIF
Hound - Hunting: SW-SIF
Spider - Giant (Funnelweb)
Stirge: SW-SIF
Weasel - Giant: (Companion)

Constructs, Plants, Animations, Oozes

Golem - Flesh (Lifespark): SW-SIF. (Scarecrow from PF Rise of the Runelords AP).
Ooze- Grey: SW-SIF

Elementals & Demons

Roper: SW-SIF

Elves, Half-elves & Fey

Harpy - Marsh

Evil Humanoids & Giants

Ogre - Aberrant-touched (See Aberrations above).
Ogre - Barbarian
Ogre - Fighter
Sasquatch: SW-SIF


City Guards: (Magnimar).

Little Folk

Duergar: SW-SIF
Duergar - Rogue: SW-SIF
Duergar - Theurge: SW-SIF
Duergar - Warleader: SW-SIF
Halfling: River bandits
**Halfling - Totem Warrior: Weasel companion.

Monstrous Humanoids

Boggard - Chieftan
Boggard - Shaman
Troglodytes: SW-SIF
Troglodytes - Brawny: SW-SIF

Undead & Shadow

Allip: SW-SIF
Darkmantle: SW-SIF
Ghoul: SW-SIF
Ghoul - Giant Bat: SW-SIF
Vampire - Spawn
Wendigo: SW-SIF
Wendigo - Flying: SW-SIF
Wendigo - White: SW-SIF
Wight - Orc Leader: SW-SIF
Wolfling: SW-SIF
Zombie - Ogrekin

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