B&B Gear

Last Edit: 6th June. New Weapon List doc attached to Files at the bottom. New chart includes rules for larger and smaller wielders as well as Natural Weapons.


Use the following armor values (instead of those from SW):

+1: Leather || Leather cap
+2: Studded leather, Hide || Pot helm
+3: Chain || Chain coif
+4: Banded, Scale, Splint || Open-faced helm
+5: Plate || Closed-faced helm

CNote: I will add a lot more types of armor to this soon. May even assign properties, like weapons?

Weapon Properties

These properties apply any time the weapon is used, no matter the wielder. There will be talents for specialists to gain even more options with their favoured weapons.

Weapon Damage
Remember, that when wielding any weapon (other than projectiles) that the weapon's damage dice can not exceed the wielder's Athletics (or Agility for Finesse weapons) die. So someone with a d6 in Athletics wielding a longsword deals 2d6 damage, not 1d6 + 1d8 damage.

See the All Weapon Stats and the All Weapon Properties.

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