B&B Talent Trees

Last 7 Edits

July 21st, 2014

  • Uploaded latest version of the TT lists. Mostly minor mods based upon all the Races/Species I have been writing up.

July 8th, 2014

  • New addition: Charm/Face TT expanded and renamed.
  • (NB also next large expansion will soon be underway, as I intend to add in Star Wars stuff).

June 25th 2014

  • Uploaded new version. This is THE version. I no longer have 'To Do' talents. There are MANY more TT's and Racial TTs are gone. Please check out.

June 23rd 2014

  • Uploaded new version inc MANY new TTs to accomodate a Sorcerer's bloodlines. There is now a TT for each Elemental/Energy type.

June 19th 2014

  • Uploaded new version inc new TTs Monk and Divine and several others were expanded, especially to accommodate the building of Monk and paladin style PCs.

May 16th

  • I fleshed out the Bard/Entertainer. It looks cool now :)

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