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Talents truly define your character and their features are much more significant than Edges (which are just a means of getting access to more Talent Trees).

You can only choose Talents from Talent Trees to which you have access. One Advance gets you a Talent.


Talents are arranged into groups called Talent Trees, though they opperate more like groupings than true 'trees'.

Access to Talent Trees

You gain acces to Talent Trees in the following ways:

1. Heritage grant access to 3 Talent Trees. Typically one of those is assigned and the other is chosen from a select list.
2. Concept grants you access to 3 Talent Trees. Usually one of these is assigned, but that is not always the case.
3. Edges. Also called Entry Edges, as they grant you access to a particular Talent Tree. Some Edges grant a very limited choice of Talent Trees. Edges also come with a minor feature.

Available Talent Trees

Each tree is attached below under 'Files' as its own document.

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