Below are the campaigns that are running or have been run by our groups. As this site is new, obviously it will take some time before we have a solid collection here. (And the fact that many of our previous campaigns aren't 'on the web').

Current Settings & Campaigns


Home for all Savage Worlds Deadlands games or other adventures set in the Weird West.
Current Campaign: The Great Northwest mini-campaign. Playing in Wyche. Marshal = Connors.
Campaign on hold: campaign called 'Colorado', though PCs starting in Chicago. Marshal = Connors. Played in Wyche.

Dark Sun

4E fantasy adventuring on the burnt world of Athas. Played in Geelong, DMed by Chaddy.

Old Campaigns

Star Wars

We look to be finally resuming our Star Wars campaign. Playing Saga version Dawn of Defiance adventure path. GM Defa, played in Wyche.

Sundered Skies

A setting for Savage Worlds. Setting for our upcoming Connorscon 2012, to be DMed by Connors in Ballarat. Unfortunately, we never played this - ended up playtesting DnDNext.

Elsir Vale

Created (adapted) and DMed by Connors. Current Campaign: DnDNext/5E Playtest. Placing the Caves of Chaos somewhere north of Drellins Ferry (where the Wytchwood meets the Wyrmsmoke Mts). This will be set a few years before the events of the Ted hand War.
Old campaign: The Red Hand. A 4E conversion of the 3E adventure "Rise of the Red Hand". Concluded with the PCs becoming heroes of the Vale after saving the city of Brindol from the Red Hand Horde.


Created and DMed by Blair. This 4E fantasy setting & campaign is influenced by the storyline of the TV series Firefly and the Song of Ice and Fire books. Played in Ballarat.

Kage - Cellworld Campaign Setting

A full campaign setting, originally developed during 2E and especially 3E. Created by Connors, Blair and Shane, when my original setting was blended with elements of Blair's and Shane's settings, so we had one unified fantasy world. Current campaign being played is Scaptia. A 3E converted to 4E converted to Savage Worlds game set in Avalin, run by Aidan. Currently 'on hold'.

Weird Wars

First Weird Wars campaign took place in Stalingrad. WM Aidan, played in Wyche. Ended with a wipeout. PCs were shot up by the Germans.

Summer Isle

Created and DMed by Connors. 4E adventuring in fantastical, Dark Age England. Currently on hold.


Created and DMed by Connors. 4E African-influenced setting. Our first 4E game in fact. Created as a blog. Ended with a TPK somewhere under the Thunderspire Mountains.

A Word on Campaign Creation

(CNote: Like many DMs in the past I spent years detailing a whole setting. Combining efforts, Shane, Blair and I came up with Kage - The Cellworld Campaign Setting. It was certainly a labour of love and served as the home for many campaigns.

However, going forward I am enjoying creating new 'mini-campaigns' for the 4th Edition. Whilst it may state who created the campaigns above, mine in particular, will no longer aim for originality.

Instead, most of my settings will be outright rip-offs to piece-meal conglomerations of other settings and ideas already out there. Do not be surprised to see cities or lands adapted or taken directly from published settings slotting in alongside my own (usually random) creations. There will always be some tweaking - especially as I develop the framework for all campaigns using the Realms Creation documents I have developed. In fact, this is where I start, then if something develops that sounds like something that has already been done, I will use it.

Furthermore, don't be surprised to see several of the places/ideas mentioned in the 4e 'Story' appear in several of these campaigns. For example, Arkhosia may be mentioned in each campaign, but might be slightly different in each one. I have found this approach more fun than renaming things for the sake of 'being original'. I hope this does not get me into plagarism issues, as I intend to cite where things come from.

Overall, I loved creating one extensive setting, but now am finding creating these mini-settings a lot of fun by mashing stuff together. Enjoy).

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