Connors Gigs

Disclaimer: As this is my 'dashboard' I have decided to add this to my central site rather than create a new one. (People here for Roleplaying only, ignore this page ;)).

Over the years I have seen a few bands and as time goes on I start to forget who I have seen and when it was – especially after attending festivals and seeing the same band many times. So here is my attempt to catalogue those times. (Started cataloging in late 2011).

Last Update: March 2015.
(At this stage this is nowhere near complete. I haven't even listed some of my favourite events yet. Will add more as I go through T-Shirts, tickets and tour books, and my stack of mags to get details correct).

I have split the Gigs up into different pages:


Gigs 123 etc
Gigs ABC
Gigs DEF
Gigs GHI
Gigs JKL
Gigs MNO
Gigs PQR
Gigs STU

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