Cypher Descriptors

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Apr 12th, 2017. Added Descriptors from Expanded Worlds.
July 10th, 2016 Added 4 new ones from Cypher Caster Magazine 003.
July 4th, 2016 Added 6 new from God of the Fall.

Following is a list of Descriptors.


  1. CCM# = Cypher Caster Magazine inc issue number.
  2. CSRB = Cypher System Rulebook, Monte Cook.
  3. EW = Expanded Worlds, Bruce Cordell.
  4. GotF = Gods of the Fall, Bruce R. Cordell.
  5. NCO = Numenera Character Options, Monte Cook. Also has rules and examples of using Locations/Realms as Descriptors.
  6. NCRB = Numenera Core Rulebook, Monte Cook.
  7. SWN = Star Wars in Numenera Ryan Chaddock (Link to a copy in this ENWorld thread)
  8. TSCB = The Strange core book, Bruce R.Cordell & Monte Cook.
  9. TSIT = The Strange In Translation: Character Options, Bruce R. Cordell.


  1. Addicted (TSIT p16)
  2. Adroit (EW p7)
  3. Angry (CCM3 p27)
  4. Appealing (CSRB p64, TSCB p45)
  5. Beneficent (GotF 124, EW p7)
  6. Brash (CSRB p65, TSCB p46)
  7. Calm (CSRB p66)
  8. Chaotic (GotF 125, EW p8)
  9. Charming (CSRB p66, NCRB p47)
  10. Clever (CSRB p67, NCRB p48, TSCB p46)
  11. Clumsy (CSRB p68, NCO p19)
  12. Craven (CSRB p68, NCO p19)
  13. Crazy (TSIT p17)
  14. Creative (CSRB p68, TSIT p17)
  15. Cruel (CSRB p69, NCO p20)
  16. Dishonorable (CSRB p70, NCO p20)
  17. Doomed (CSRB p70, NCO p21)
  18. Driven (CSRB p71, NCO p21)
  19. Earnest (EW p8)
  20. Empathic (CSRB p72, NCO p22)
  21. Exiled (CSRB p72, NCO p22)
  22. Extroverted (TSIT p18)
  23. Fast (CSRB p73, TSCB p46)
  24. Foolish (CSRB p73, NCO p23)
  25. Force Sensitive (SWN)
  26. Gluttonous (GotF 126)
  27. Graceful (CSRB p74, NCRB p48, TSCB p46)
  1. Guarded (CSRB p74, NCO p23)
  2. Hardy (CSRB p74, NCO p24)
  3. Heroic (EW p9)
  4. Hideous (CSRB p75, NCO p24)
  5. Honorable (CSRB p75, NCO p25)
  6. Humble (GotF 126)
  7. Impulsive (CSRB p76, NCO p25)
  8. Inquisitive (CSRB p76, NCO p25)
  9. Insolent (EW p10)
  10. Intelligent (CSRB p77, NCRB p48, TSCB p47)
  11. Introverted (TSIT p18)
  12. Jovial (CSRB p77, TSIT p19)
  13. Kind (CSRB p78, TSIT p19)
  14. Know It All (TSIT p20)
  15. Lawful (GotF 126, EW p10)
  16. Learned (CSRB p78, NCRB p48)
  17. Lucky (CSRB p79, TSCB p48)
  18. Mad (CSRB p79, NCO p26)
  19. Mechanical (CSRB p80, NCRB p49)
  20. Meddlesome (EW p11)
  21. Meticulous (TSIT p20, CCM3 p27)
  22. Mysterious (CSRB p80)
  23. Mystical (CSRB p81, NCRB p49)
  24. Naive (CSRB p81, NCO p27)
  25. Noble (CSRB p81, NCO p27)
  26. Obsessive (EW p11)
  27. Paranoid (TSIT p21)
  28. Patient (TSIT p22)
  1. Perceptive (CSRB p82, NCO p28)
  2. Poker-Faced (TSIT p22)
  3. Relentless (EW p12)
  4. Resilient (CSRB p82, NCO p28, TSIT p23)
  5. Resolute (TSIT p23)
  6. Rugged (CSRB p83, NCRB p49)
  7. Serene (EW p12)
  8. Sharp-Eyed (CSRB p83, TSCB p48)
  9. Skeptical (CSRB p84, TSCB p48)
  10. Slacker (TSIT p24)
  11. Spiritual (CSRB p84, TSIT p24)
  12. Stealthy (CSRB p85, NCRB p50, TSCB p49)
  13. Strange (TSCB p49)
  14. Strong (CSRB p85, NCRB p50, TSCB p50)
  15. Strong-Willed (CSRB p86, NCRB p50)
  16. Swift (CSRB p86, NCRB p51)
  17. Tongue-Tied (CSRB p86, NCO p28)
  18. Tough (CSRB p87, NCRB p51, TSCB p50)
  19. Traumatized (posted by Monte Cook on Twitter; see below)
  20. Unforgiving (TSIT p24)
  21. Vengeful (CSRB p87, NCO p29)
  22. Virtuous (CSRB p87, TSIT p25)
  23. Wary (GotF 129)
  24. Wealthy (CSRB p88, NCO p30)
  25. Weird (CSRB p88, NCO p30)
  26. World Weary (CCM3 p27)
  27. Young (EW p13)
  28. Young (CCM3 p27)

House Descriptors


  • +2 Intellect Pool:
  • +2 Speed Pool:
  • Observant: You are trained in Perception
  • Takes Cover: You are specialized in Speed Defense against gunfire.
  • Inability: Every round in which you come under fire there is a 50/50 chance you will freeze up and be unable to act for the round.

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