Cypher Flavors

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CSCR - Cypher System Core Rulebook, Monte Cook.


Flavour Description Main Source (sources for extra abilities)
Combat To add a little martial capabilities to your type. CSCR p59
Face Adds a little charisma and interaction capabilities. Abilities for those wishing to add a little leadership or even charming scoundrel to their character House - See below
Force For Star Wars Jedi mainly, but can be used for any psychic warrior type. Connors Sci Fi website
Magic For a character that might dabble or know a little magic. CSCR p56
Skills & Knowledge For more real-world application of talent and to represent advanced training. CSCR p61
Stealth Add a little sneakiness and deception to your type. CSCR p51
Technology For advanced societies - mostly futuristic or sci-fi abilities. CSCR p53



Deceive: You are trained in all interactions involving lies or trickery.
Fast Talk (1 Intellect point). See Speaker (CSRB p46).
Goad (2 Might points). See Stealth flavor (CSRB p51).
Interaction Skills. See Speaker (CSRB p46).


Bolster Confidence (1+ Intellect point). For each point you spend, 1 ally within a short range that can see and hear you gains an asset in Intellect defense for 1 minute. Action.
Impart Ideal (3 Intellect points). See Speaker (CSRB p46).
Impersonate (2 Intellect points). See Stealth flavor (CSRB p51).
Manipulate: You are trained when using special abilities that influence the minds of others.


Gambler. See Stealth flavor (CSRB p52).
Grand Deception (3 Intellect points). See Speaker (CSRB p46).
Oratory (4 Intellect points). See Speaker (CSRB p48).
Telling (2 Intellect points). See Speaker (CSRB p48).


Confounding Banter (4 Intellect points). See Speaker (CSRB p48).
Outwit. See Stealth flavor (CSRB p53).
Suggestion (4 Intellect points). See Speaker (CSRB p49).


Stimulate (6 Intellect points). See Speaker (CSRB p49).
Uncanny Luck (4 Speed points). See Stealth flavor (CSRB p53).


Inspiring Success (6 Intellect points). See Speaker (CSRB p49).
Thief's Luck. See Stealth flavor (CSRB p53).
Twist of Fate. See Stealth flavor (CSRB p53).

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