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Following is a list of Foci.

Remember, if you do not wish to take your Tier ability, there are other options to replace them in the CSRB p91-94.

Master list of ALL Foci

  1. Abides in Stone (Cypher System Rulebook p94, The Strange Corebook p51)
  2. Adapts to Any Environment (The Strange Corebook p54)
  3. Adopts Animal Qualities (Translation Codex p49)
  4. Aspires to be Posthuman (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p29)
  5. Assists a Mad Genius (Translation Codex p50)
  6. Awakens Dreams (Cypher System Rulebook p94, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p31)
  7. Awakens Dangerous Psychic Talent (The Strange Corebook p236)
  8. Battles Robots/Automatons (Cypher System Rulebook p96, Numenera Character Options p51)
  9. Becomes Bacterial (Worlds Numberless & Strange p196)
  10. Bears a Halo of Fire (Cypher System Rulebook p98, Numenera Core Rulebook p52)
  11. Bears a Holy Symbol (Translation Codex p29)
  12. Binds Spirits (Translation Codex p30)
  13. Blazes with Radiance/Possesses a Shard of the Sun (Cypher System Rulebook p99, Numenera Character Options p72)
  14. Blows Stuff Up (Cypher Caster Magazine #8)
  15. Brandishes a Death Ray (Translation Codex p51)
  16. Braves Dungeons (Translation Codex p31)
  17. Builds Robots (Cypher System Rulebook p100, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p33)
  18. Builds Robots (Translation Codex p52)
  19. Calculates the Incalculable (Cypher System Rulebook p101, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p35)
  20. Carries a Badge (Translation Codex p129)
  21. Carries a Quiver (Cypher System Rulebook p102, Numenera Core Rulebook p54, The Strange Corebook p55)
  22. Carries the Burden of Knowledge (Translation Codex p9)
  23. Carries the Weight of Destiny (Translation Codex p32)
  24. Casts Spells (Cypher System Rulebook p103, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p36)
  25. Changes Shape (Expanded Worlds p15)
  26. Changes Shape (Translation Codex p33)
  27. Changes the Nature of Things (Translation Codex p89)
  28. Channels Divine Blessings (Cypher System Rulebook p105, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p39)
  29. Channels Sinfire (The Strange Corebook p55)
  30. Channels the Elements (Translation Codex p34)
  31. Charms the Unwary (Translation Codex p35)
  32. Chills with a Touch (Translation Codex p90)
  33. Collects Bounties (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p41, Expanded Worlds p18)
  34. Commands Armies (Translation Codex p36)
  35. Commands Mental Powers (Cypher System Rulebook p107, Numenera Core Rulebook p54)
  36. Commands Monsters (Expanded Worlds p19)
  37. Communes with Nature (Translation Codex p37)
  38. Conducts Dangerous Experiments (Translation Codex p53)
  39. Conducts Rocket Science (Expanded Worlds p15)
  40. Conducts Weird Science (Cypher System Rulebook p109, The Strange Corebook p55)
  41. Consorts with Dragons (Translation Codex p38)
  42. Consorts with the Dead (Cypher System Rulebook p110, NCO p53)
  43. Constantly Evolves (Numenera Character Options p55) For mutants only.
  44. Controls Beasts (Cypher System Rulebook p111, Numenera Core Rulebookp55)
  45. Controls Gravity (Cypher System Rulebook p113, Numenera Core Rulebookp56)
  46. Controls Nanomachines (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p42)
  47. Controls the Weather (Translation Codex p54)
  48. Constructs a Palace of the Mind (Translation Codex p91)
  49. Counts Coins (Translation Codex p10)
  50. Crafts Illusions (Cypher System Rulebook p115, Numenera Core Rulebook p57)
  51. Crafts Unique Objects (Cypher System Rulebook p116, Numenera Core Rulebook p58)
  52. Defends the Realm (Translation Codex p11)
  53. Defends the Weak (Cypher System Rulebook p116, Numenera Character Options p56)
  54. Defies the Laws of Physics (Translation Codex p55)
  55. Delves Too Deep (Translation Codex p109)
  56. Descends from Nobility (Expanded Worlds p15)
  57. Develops Sentience (Translation Codex p56)
  58. Dies (Translation Codex p119)
  59. Dines with Kings (Translation Codex p12)
  60. Displays Titan Strength (Translation Codex p114)
  61. Doesn't Do Much (Cypher System Rulebook p118)
  62. Dons a Power Suit (Translation Codex p57)
  63. Draws Faster (Translation Codex p130)
  64. Drives Dangerously (Translation Codex p69)
  65. Drives Like a Maniac (Strange Revelations p7, Expanded Worlds p22)
  66. Eliminates Occult Threats (Expanded Worlds p23)
  67. Embraces Qephelim Ancestry (The Strange Corebook p59)
  68. Employs Fantastic Gadgets (Translation Codex p58)
  69. Employs Magnetism (Cypher System Rulebook p119, Numenera Core Rulebook p57)
  70. Employs Sex Appeal (Translation Codex p70)
  71. Enforces Divine Will (Translation Codex p13)
  72. Entertains (Cypher System Rulebook p120, Numenera Core Rulebook p60, The Strange Corebook p61)
  73. Excels Physically (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p44)
  74. Exists in Two Places at Once (Cypher System Rulebook p120, Numenera Character Options p56)
  75. Exists Partially Out of Phase (Cypher System Rulebook p122, Numenera Core Rulebook p60)
  76. Explores (Expanded Worlds p25)
  77. Explores Dark Places (Cypher System Rulebook p123, Numenera Core Rulebook p61)
  78. Explores Deep Waters (Cypher System Rulebook p124, Numenera Character Options p57)
  79. Explores New Worlds (Translation Codex p120)
  80. Feeds the Flame (Translation Codex p92)
  81. Fell Through a Rabbit Hole (Expanded Worlds p26)
  82. Fights Aliens (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p45, Strange Revelations p8)
  83. Fights Dirty (Cypher System Rulebook p125, Numenera Character Options p59)
  84. Fights Dirty (Translation Codex p131)
  85. Fights for a Cause (Translation Codex p71)
  86. Fights like a Demigod (Translation Codex p115)
  87. Fights with Panache (Cypher System Rulebook p126, Numenera Core Rulebook p62)
  1. Fights with the Force (Star Wars conversion)
  2. Figures Things Out (Expanded Worlds p28)
  3. Finds Lost Relics (Translation Codex p72)
  4. Finds the Flaws in All Things (Gods of the Fall p130, Expanded Worlds p29)
  5. Fires a Blaster (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p46)
  6. Fires All Weapons (Translation Codex p121)
  7. Focuses Mind Over Matter (Cypher System Rulebook p129, Numenera Core Rulebook p63)
  8. Focuses Two Personalities (Numenera Character Options p60) Limited to certain races/species.
  9. Follows Psychic Clues (Translation Codex p93)
  10. Follows the Code of Bushido (Worlds Numberless & Strange p198)
  11. Follows the Old Ways (Translation Codex p39)
  12. Follows Their Feet (Translation Codex p14)
  13. Forges Animal Bonds (Translation Codex p94)
  14. Forges Arms and Armor (Translation Codex p15)
  15. Fuses Flesh With Steel (Cypher System Rulebook p129, Numenera Core Rulebook p64)
  16. Fuses Mind and Machine (Cypher System Rulebook p131, Numenera Character Options p61)
  17. Goes Berserk (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p48)
  18. Governs (Expanded Worlds p30)
  19. Grows To Towering Heights (Cypher System Rulebook p133, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p50)
  20. Hacks the Network (Expanded Worlds p31)
  21. Harnesses the Body's Rhythms (Translation Codex p96)
  22. Has More Money than Sense (Translation Codex p110)
  23. Haunts the Rooftops (Worlds Numberless & Strange p199)
  24. Heals (Cypher Caster Magazine #8)
  25. Holds it Together (Star Wars conversion)
  26. Howls At The Moon (Cypher System Rulebook p134, Numenera Core Rulebook p64)
  27. Hunts Dangerous Beasts (Translation Codex p16)
  28. Hunts for Bounties (Star Wars conversion)
  29. Hunts Nonhumans/Abhumans (Cypher System Rulebook p135, Numenera Character Options p63)
  30. Hunts Outcasts/Mutants (Cypher System Rulebook p136, Numenera Character Options p64)
  31. Hunts Strange Beasts (Translation Codex p73)
  32. Hunts Zombies (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p52)
  33. Hunts With Great Skill (Cypher System Rulebook p137, Numenera Core Rulebook p65)
  34. Imparts Wisdom (Translation Codex p74)
  35. Indulges in Worldly Pleasures (Translation Codex p17)
  36. Infiltrates (Cypher System Rulebook p138, The Strange Corebook p62)
  37. Inks Spells On Skin (Worlds Numberless & Strange p200)
  38. Inscribes Runes of Power (Translation Codex p40)
  39. Inspires Lust and Jealousy (Translation Codex p116)
  40. Integrates Weaponry (The Strange Corebook p63)
  41. Interprets the Law (Cypher System Rulebook p139, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p53)
  42. Investigates Strange Events (Translation Codex p111)
  43. Is a Cyborg (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p55)
  44. Is Hunted By Moths (Expanded Worlds p33)
  45. Is Idolized by Millions (Cypher System Rulebook p140, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p56)
  46. Is Licensed to Carry (Cypher System Rulebook p142, The Strange Corebook p64)
  47. Is Sworn to the Crown (Expanded Worlds p35)
  48. Is the Eye of the Storm (Translation Codex p97)
  49. Is Wanted by the Law (Expanded Worlds p36)
  50. Joined a Cult (Translation Codex p112)
  51. Journeys Beyond this World (Translation Codex p117)
  52. Just Won't Die (Translation Codex p75)
  53. Keeps a Magic Ally (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p58, Expanded Worlds p37)
  54. Knows Someone (Cypher Caster Magazine #8)
  55. Knows the Heart (Translation Codex p98)
  56. Knows the Hidden Paths (Translation Codex p18)
  57. Knows the Streets (Translation Codex p76)
  58. Knows These Parts (Translation Codex p132)
  59. Leads (Cypher System Rulebook p143, Numenera Core Rulebook p66, The Strange Corebook p65)
  60. Learns Quickly (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p60, Expanded Worlds p39)
  61. Leaves the Physical World (Translation Codex p99)
  62. Likes to Break Things (Expanded Worlds p40)
  63. Lives in the Wilderness (Cypher System Rulebook p144, Numenera Core Rulebook p67, The Strange Corebook p66)
  64. Lives on the Edge (Translation Codex p77)
  65. Looks for Trouble (Cypher System Rulebook p145, The Strange Corebook p68)
  66. Loves the Void (Expanded Worlds p41)
  67. Makes Prophecy (Expanded Worlds p42)
  68. Masters Defense (Cypher System Rulebook p146, Numenera Core Rulebook p68)
  69. Masters Foot & Fist (Worlds Numberless & Strange p203)
  70. Masters the Swarm/Insects (Cypher System Rulebook p147, Numenera Character Options p65)
  71. Masters Technology (Translation Codex p78)
  72. Masters Weaponry (Cypher System Rulebook p148, Numenera Core Rulebook p69)
  73. Masters Wuxia (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p63)
  74. Metes Out Justice (Cypher System Rulebook p149, Numenera Character Options p66)
  75. Metamorphosizes (The Strange Corebook p69)
  76. Mixes Unstable Concoctions (Translation Codexp59)
  77. Monitors Intel (Translation Codex p79)
  78. Moves Like a Cat (Cypher System Rulebook p150, Numenera Character Options p68)
  79. Moves Like the Wind (Cypher System Rulebook p151)
  80. Murders (Cypher System Rulebook p152, Numenera Core Rulebook p70)
  81. Mutates (Expanded Worlds p43)
  82. Names (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p65, Worlds Numberless & Strange p204)
  83. Needs No Weapon (Cypher System Rulebook p153, Numenera Character Options p68, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p67)
  84. Negotiates Matters of Life and Death (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p68, Expanded Worlds p45)
  85. Never Says Die (Cypher System Rulebook p154, Numenera Character Options p70)
  86. Operates Undercover (Cypher System Rulebook p155, The Strange Corebook p70)
  87. Operates Vehicles (Cypher Caster Magazine #8)
  1. Outwits the Gods (Translation Codex p111)
  2. Performs Feats Of Strength (Cypher System Rulebook p156, Numenera Character Options p71)
  3. Pilots Starcraft (Cypher System Rulebook p156, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p69)
  4. Pilots Starships (Translation Codex p122)
  5. Plays a Deadly Instrument (Expanded Worlds p47)
  6. Plays God (Predation p39)
  7. Plays Too Many Games (Expanded Worlds p48)
  8. Plays Tricks (Translation Codex p80)
  9. Plays with Portals (Translation Codex p60)
  10. Practices Sorcery (Translation Codex p41)
  11. Practices Soul Sorcery (The Strange Corebook p71)
  12. Predates (Predation p42)
  13. Preys on the Psyche (Translation Codex p100)
  14. Processes Information (The Strange Corebook p74)
  15. Projects Energy (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p71)
  16. Protects the Weak (Translation Codex p19)
  17. Pursues Physical Perfection (Translation Codex p10)
  18. Quells Undead (Worlds Numberless & Strange p206)
  19. Rages (Cypher System Rulebook p158, Numenera Core Rulebook p71)
  20. Reforges Completely (Numenera Character Options p73) Racial/species restriction.
  21. Regenerates Tissue (The Strange Corebook p75)
  22. Rejuvenates the Infirm (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p73)
  23. Reroutes Power (Translation Codex p123)
  24. Resides in Silicon (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p74, Expanded Worlds p49)
  25. Revels in Trickery (Gods of the Fall p131, Expanded Worlds p50)
  26. Rides a Noble Steed (Translation Codex p20)
  27. Rides into the Sunset (Translation Codex p119)
  28. Rides the Lightning (Cypher System Rulebook p159, Numenera Core Rulebook p71)
  29. Rules the Sea (Expanded Worlds p51)
  30. Rules with an Iron Fist (Translation Codex p21)
  31. Runs Away (Expanded Worlds p53)
  32. Sailed Beneath the Jolly Roger (Expanded Worlds p59)
  33. Saves Lives (Translation Codex p81)
  34. Scavenges (Expanded Worlds p55)
  35. Scores Points (Translation Codex p82)
  36. Sculpts Light (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p77)
  37. Sees Beyond (Cypher System Rulebook p160, Numenera Character Options p74)
  38. Sees the End Coming (Translation Codex p113)
  39. Sees with the Inner Eye (Translation Codex p101)
  40. Self Evolves (Predation p43)
  41. Separates Mind from Body (Cypher System Rulebook p162, Numenera Character Options p75)
  42. Serves and Protects (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p79, Expanded Worlds p56)
  43. Serves in an Elite Military Squad (Expanded Worlds p58)
  44. Shepherds Spirits (Cypher System Rulebook p163, The Strange Corebook p76)
  45. Shoots First (Star Wars conversion)
  46. Siphons Power (Cypher System Rulebook p165, Numenera Character Options p76)
  47. Slays Monsters/Dragons (Cypher System Rulebook p166, The Strange Corebook p77)
  48. Slices Past Security (Star Wars conversion)
  49. Smites the Wicked (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p81)
  50. Smuggles with Impunity (Star Wars conversion)
  51. Soars Across the Sky (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p83)
  52. Solves Mysteries (Cypher System Rulebook p167, The Strange Corebook p78)
  53. Spawns (The Strange Corebook p79)
  54. Speaks Curses (Gods of the Fall p132)
  55. Speaks Every Language (Translation Codex p83)
  56. Speaks for the Land (Cypher System Rulebook p169, The Strange In Translation: Character Options p84)
  57. Speaks of Forgotten Gods (Translation Codex p42)
  58. Speaks with a Silver Tongue (Translation Codex p22)
  59. Stands Like a Bastion (Cypher System Rulebook p170, Numenera Character Options p77)
  60. Stays on Target (Star Wars conversion)
  61. Steals (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p86)
  62. Steals from the Rich (Translation Codex p23)
  63. Talks to Machines (Cypher System Rulebook p171, Numenera Core Rulebook p72)
  64. Tends the Flock (Translation Codex p43)
  65. Terrifies the Townspeople (Translation Codex p62)
  66. Threatens the Powerful (Star Wars conversion)
  67. Throws Boulders/Cars/etc (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p88)
  68. Throws With Accuracy (Cypher System Rulebook p173, Numenera Character Options p78)
  69. Touches the Sky (Expanded Worlds p59)
  70. Toys with Memory (Translation Codex p102)
  71. Transcends Humanity (Expanded Worlds p61)
  72. Travels Through Time (Cypher System Rulebook p174, Numenera Character Options p79)
  73. Trick Or Treats (Worlds Numberless & Strange p207) Mainly for Halloween recursion.
  74. Walks the Wasteland (Expanded Worlds p62)
  75. Walks with Dinosaurs** (Predation p44)
  76. Walks with the Night (Gods of the Fall p134)
  77. Was Foretold (Expanded Worlds p64)
  78. Wears an Iron Suit (The Strange In Translation: Character Options p89)
  79. Wears A Sheen Of Ice (Cypher System Rulebook p176, Numenera Core Rulebook p73)
  80. Wears A Steam-Powered Suit - (Strange Revelations p9)
  81. Wears Power Armor (Expanded Worlds p65)
  82. Wears Spurs (Expanded Worlds p67)
  83. Wields Cosmic Power (Translation Codex p63)
  84. Wields Invisible Forces (Translation Codex p103)
  85. Wields Power with Precision (Numenera Core Rulebook p74)
  86. Wields Two Weapons At Once (Cypher System Rulebook p177, Numenera Core Rulebook p75, The Strange Corebook p82)
  87. Wonders (Expanded Worlds p68)
  88. Works for a Living (Expanded Worlds p69)
  89. Works Miracles (Cypher System Rulebook p178, Numenera Core Rulebook p75, The Strange Corebook p82)
  90. Works The Back Alleys (Cypher System Rulebook p179, Numenera Core Rulebook p76)
  91. Works The System (Cypher System Rulebook p180, The Strange Corebook p83)
  92. Would Rather Be Reading (Cypher System Rulebook p100)

House Foci


Blows Stuff Up

Text removed, as this focus can be found in Cyper Caster Magazine 008.




Text removed, as this focus can be found in Cyper Caster Magazine 008.



Knows Someone

Text removed, as this focus can be found in Cyper Caster Magazine 008.



Operates Vehicles

Text removed, as this focus can be found in Cyper Caster Magazine 008.



Focus Template

Simply copy and paste the below template for new foci.

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  2. Pick one other PC.
  3. Pick one other PC.
  4. Pick one other PC.

Additional Equipment: (Not for all)
Minor Effect Suggestions:
Major Effect Suggestions:

Tier 1: Name. Desc

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Tier 3: Name. Desc

Tier 4: Name. Desc

Tier 4: Name. Desc

Tier 5: Name. Desc

Tier 6: Name. Desc

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