Cypher House Rules

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Character Creation

Explorer Type

For their Physical Nature ability, Explorers can choose to start with a Might, Speed OR Intellect Edge of 1.

Combining Race/Species with Descriptor

In the Cypher System Race usually just operates as a Descriptor. Sometimes, a player may wish to combine race with a descriptor, so that you can have a Strong Dwarf or a Clever Dwarf.
You can use the Race on its own, but if you wish to combine with another Descriptor, follow these guidelines.

Inabilities & 'Negative' Characteristics. You gain ALL of these from both descriptors.
Racial Physical Traits. Skills or Named Characteristics that come from the physical make-up of a race, such as being aquatic, having eyes that grant low-lighting training, etc, MUST be selected first.
Skills. You take the average number of skills (divide total number by two and round up) chosen from either descriptor. If you become trained in the same skill twice you are instead specialised (as per the normal rules).
Named Characteristics. Again, take the average number (divide total number by two and round up) and then add 1. If there is not enough named characteristics, then you simply gain what is there. You must also take note of the following:

  • No single ability pool (Might, Speed, Intellect) can be more than +4. If you gain bonuses to more than one pool, then the maximum bonus becomes +2.
  • The same feature cannot be chosen twice. For example, you cannot take two characteristics that improve Armor.

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