Cypher Types

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  1. CSRB = Cypher System Rulebook, Monte Cook.
  2. GotF = Gods of the Fall, Bruce R. Cordell.
  3. NCO = Numenera Character Options, Monte Cook.
  4. NCRB = Numenera Core Rulebook, Monte Cook.
  5. TSCB = The Strange core book, Bruce R.Cordell & Monte Cook.
  6. TSIT = The Strange In Translation: Character Options, Bruce R. Cordell.


Your type is the main part of what you do.

Core Types

Type Description Starting Edge Main Source; (sources for extra abilities)
Adept Masters abilities outside the experience and understanding of most. This represents magic, mutations, devices, psychic powers, etc. Intellect CSRB p23
Explorer Versatile type. They are physical but also knowledgeable. Might, Speed OR Intellect CSRB p38
Speaker Good with words and good with people. Interaction-based abilities. Intellect CSRB p23
Warrior A martial character type that is good in a scrap and durable. Might or Speed CSRB p23

Setting-Specific Types

Depending upon the game you play, some of these types might be appropriate to use. They have been created specifically for the other settings developed by Monte Cook Games. Note that the Types from Gods of the Fall display how to put Types together from those in the core book.

Type Description Starting Edge Main Source; (sources for extra abilities)
Champion Gods of the Fall. Melee fighters. (Mostly drawn from Warrior abilities). Might & Speed GotF p106
Destroyer Gods of the Fall. Archers, assassins, action-seekers. (Mostly drawn from Explorer with Warrior & Stealth flavor abilities). Might (or any if using House Ruled Explorer above) GotF p115
Glaive Numenera. Brutes and fighters. (As Warrior). Might & Speed NCRB p26; (NCO p6)
Huckster Weird West. Gamblers & scoundrels with magical abilities. (Mostly as Speaker, with a lot of Stealth flavor) Intellect House
Jack Numenera. Short for jack of all trades. Skilled and versatile. (As Explorer). Might, Speed OR Intellect NCRB p41; (NCO p14)
Nano Numenera. Using highly advanced tech that blurs the line with magic. (As Adept). Intellect NCRB p33; (NCO p10)
Paradox The Strange. Breakers of reality. Use magic, powers or devices. (Replaces Adept from core). Intellect TSCB p30; (TSIT p9)
Savior Gods of the Fall. Helpers, charismatic, understand people. (Mostly drawn from Speaker and Magic flavor abilities). Intellect GotF p120
Shaper Gods of the Fall. Magic-users. (Mostly drawn from Adept abilities). Intellect GotF p111
Spinner The Strange. Strong personalities with interaction-based powers. (Basically the Speakers of the setting). Speed & Intellect TSCB p38; (TSIT p12)
Vector The Strange. Physical, action-centered type. (Combo of Warrior and Explorer). Might & Speed TSCB p25; (TSIT p7)
Weird Scientist Weird West. Powers represented as gizmos/inventions. (As Adept with a lot of Technology flavor). Intellect House

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