Cypher Vehicles

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For PC vehicles use the Vehicles with Character by Marc Plourde and published in the Cypher Caster 006 Magazine. (Found here on Drive-Thru RPG).

The following chart can be used to determine Minor and Major effects in starship combat. When the PC's roll a 1 or 2 for their own defense rolls it should apply to their ship.

Minor Effect

The system is down for 1d10 rounds, or until fixed, usually requiring an action and difficulty 4 repair roll.
The system is damaged (needing long term repairs or 3 successful checks), but can be used at 2 difficulty levels worse. (Such as a weapon being stuck in place).

Major Effect

The system is badly damaged and does not work until repaired. This can takes hours of work but can be attempted quickly with 3 successful difficulty 5 checks.

Starship System Damage Chart

Roll System Effects
01-03 Atmosphere systems Ship stops producing breathable atmosphere
04-08 Cargo or door to hold Loss of cargo or door will not work whilst affected
09-15 Communications Unable to use comlinks etc
16-24 Engine Speed tasks
25-29 Escape pods or attached shuttles Any other vessels won't work or destroyed
30-32 Gravitational systems Can slowly be lost or out altogether - hits and maneuvers will result in shunts to any cargo & passengers not strapped in
33-37 Hull breach Minor in area that won't affect those on board. Major and it does
38-42 Hyperdrive Unable to move at hyperspeed
43-47 Lateral thrusters All speed defense, dodging ans sideways movement
48-52 Power capicitors/cufflinks etc An on-board explosion or fire
53-58 Repulsors All checks for repulsor vehicles, landing for star ships
59-63 Sensors Ability to detect surroundings. May affect piloting rolls
63-69 Shield generator Shields cannot be used
70-80 Shunt Cargo & Passengers flung about. Take 4 damage if not strapped in
81-85 Specialised system Some system unique to ship damaged. Teleporters, medical bay, fuel scoop, mining arm, tractor beam etc.
86-92 Weapon system 1 weapon
93-97 Wiring/Computers No access to Holonet or databanks
98-00 Roll twice Ignore results of 98+
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