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Below lists the currently available Backgrounds as they appear in the core books and other sources, such as En5ider. Of course a player is not restricted to these and could easily develop their own. A background provides the character with starting proficiencies (and sometimes languages), equipment and funds. The accompanying personality and bonds tables are optional, but a good source for fleshing out your character.

List of Backgrounds

  1. Acolyte (PHB p127).
  2. Alchemist's Apprentice (EN5sider Scientific Sorcery by Matt Roth).
  3. Anthropologist (Tomb of Annihilation p191).
  4. Archaeologist (Tomb of Annihilation p192).
  5. Charlatan (PHB p128).
  6. City Watch (Sword Coast Player's Guide p145).
  7. Clan Crafter (Sword Coast Player's Guide p145).
  8. Cloistered Scholar (Sword Coast Player's Guide p146).
  9. Courtier (Sword Coast Player's Guide p146).
  10. Criminal (PHB p129).
  11. Entertainer (PHB p130).
  12. Envoy (En5ider The Art of Peace).
  13. Faction Agent (Sword Coast Player's Guide p147).
  14. Far Traveler (Sword Coast Player's Guide p148).
  15. Folk Hero (PHB p131).
  16. Gladiator - variant Entertainer (PHB p131).
  17. Guild Artisan (PHB p132).
  18. Guild Merchant (PHB p133).
  19. Hermit (PHB p134).
  20. Inheritor (Sword Coast Player's Guide p150).
  21. Inquisitor (Innistrad MTG supplement).
  22. Investigator - variant City Watch. (Sword Coast Player's Guide p145).
  23. Knight - variant Noble (PHB p136).
  24. Knight of the Order (Sword Coast Player's Guide p151).
  25. Mercenary Veteran (Sword Coast Player's Guide p152).
  26. Noble (PHB p135).
  27. Outlander (PHB p136).
  28. Pirate (PHB p139).
  29. Sage (PHB p137).
  30. Sailor (PHB p139).
  31. Slave (DM Guild product).
  32. Soldier (PHB p140).
  33. Spy - variant Criminal. (PHB p130).
  34. Survivor (En5ider It's Never Over, Dion Fernandez).
  35. Urban Bounty Hunter (Sword Coast Player's Guide p153).
  36. Urchin (PHB p141).
  37. Uthgardt Tribe Member (Sword Coast Player's Guide p153).
  38. Vizier - variant Envoy. (En5ider The Art of Peace).
  39. Waterdhavian Noble (Sword Coast Player's Guide p154).
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