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Feat List

  1. Alchemical Artillerist (EN5ider, Scientific Sorcery, Matt Roth).
  2. Alert (PHB p165)
  3. Athlete (PHB p165)
  4. Actor (PHB p165)
  5. Bladesinger (Masters of the Wild EN5ider, Thiago Rosa)
  6. Bladesinging Spiral (House, see below)
  7. Charger (PHB p165)
  8. Couatl Crest (Celestial Grafts: Angels & Avatars EN5ider, Mike Mylers)
  9. Crossbow Expert (PHB p165)
  10. Defensive Duelist (PHB p165)
  11. Deva Wings (Celestial Grafts: Angels & Avatars EN5ider, Mike Mylers)
  12. Dual Wielder (PHB p165)
  13. Dungeon Delver (PHB p166)
  14. Durable (PHB p166)
  15. Elemental Adept (PHB p166)
  16. Expeditious Alchemy (EN5ider, Scientific Sorcery, Matt Roth).
  17. Grappler (PHB p167)
  18. Great Weapon Master (PHB p167)
  19. Healer (PHB p167)
  20. Heavily Armored (PHB p167)
  21. Heavy Armor Master (PHB p167)
  22. Holy Drive (Celestial Grafts: Angels & Avatars EN5ider, Mike Mylers)
  23. Iaijutsu Master (Masters of the Wild EN5ider, Thiago Rosa)
  24. Inspiring Leader (PHB p167)
  25. Keen Mind (PHB p167)
  26. Lightly Armored (PHB p167)
  27. Linguist (PHB p167)
  28. Lucky (PHB p167)
  29. Maculele (Masters of the Wild EN5ider, Thiago Rosa)
  30. Mage Slayer (PHB p168)
  31. Magic Initiate (PHB p168)
  32. Martial Adept (PHB p168)
  33. Medium Armor Master (PHB p168)
  34. Mobile (PHB p168)
  35. Moderately Armored (PHB p168)
  36. Mounted Combatant (PHB p168)
  37. Observant (PHB p168)
  38. Pernicious Poisoner (EN5ider, Scientific Sorcery, Matt Roth).
  39. Planetar Visage (Celestial Grafts: Angels & Avatars EN5ider, Mike Mylers)
  40. Polearm Master (PHB p168)
  41. Resilient (PHB p168)
  42. Ritual Caster (PHB p169)
  43. Savage Attacker (PHB p169)
  44. Sentinel (PHB p169)
  45. Sharp Shooter (PHB p170)
  46. Shield Master (PHB p170)
  47. Skilled (PHB p170)
  48. Skulker (PHB p170)
  49. Solar Gaze (Celestial Grafts: Angels & Avatars EN5ider, Mike Mylers)
  50. Soul of Light (Celestial Grafts: Angels & Avatars EN5ider, Mike Mylers)
  51. Spell Sniper (PHB p170)
  52. Tactical Maneuver. (Heroes of the Blade EN5ider, John Lynch).
  53. Tavern Brawler (PHB p170)
  54. Tough (PHB p170)
  55. Unicorn Horn (Celestial Grafts: Angels & Avatars EN5ider, Mike Mylers)
  56. War Caster (PHB p170)
  57. Weapon Master (PHB p170)

House Feat Descriptions


Prerequisites: Dexterity 13 or higher; ability to cast expeditious retreat or freedom of movement spells.
Bladesinging is typically an elven fighting style and maybe limited to elves in particular settings. You gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your Dexterity or Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • Bladesinging attack. You have enhanced your combat mobility with magic and weave your way through your enemies, leaving a path of ruin in your wake. To gain the following benefits, you must be wielding a weapon from the Long Blades or Short Blades weapon groups and it cannot be used in two-hands. You also must be wearing no armor or light armor and not using a shield. As an Attack action, you can move up to your speed. If you pass within 5 feet of a creature during your move, you can make make a melee weapon attack roll against that target. There is no limit to the number of attacks you can make, but you cannot attack the same target twice. Any target hit by you whilst bladedsinging is unable to make an opportunity attack against you. Missed targets get opportunity attacks as normal, but you may end the bladesinging attack whenever you like. So if you miss a target, you can choose to end the attack and remain within 5 feet of the missed target.

You cannot use this feature again until you complete a short or long rest.

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