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All Proficiencies

Types of Proficiencies

Proficiencies refer to: Armor, Weapon Groups, Skills, Saving Throws, Tools and Kits, Vehicles.

Gaining Proficiencies

You gain proficiencies from the following sources:
Background. These proficiencies are set (but you may be able to swap one or more if there is a more appropriate proficiency, such as one of the new Skills).
Class. Most of these are set, though you choose weapon groups, skills and sometimes tools/kits/vehicles from a restricted list.
Race. This is a House Rule in our game. Races have a list of Bonus Proficiencies from which you can choose a given number.
Flaws. You can take Flaws to grant extra proficiencies (or even feats). Any extra proficiencies granted from Flaws MUST come from your lists granted from Race and Class.



Below is the list of Skills we use for our games.

  1. Acrobatics - Dexterity (PHB 176)
  2. Animal Handling - Wisdom (PHB 178)
  3. Arcana - Intelligence (PHB 177)
  4. Athletics - Strength (PHB 175)
  5. Deception - Charisma (PHB 178)
  6. Endurance - Constitution (PHB 176 as Constitution checks; House, see below)
  7. History - Intelligence (PHB 177)
  8. Insight - Wisdom (PHB 178)
  9. Intimidation - Charisma (PHB 179)
  10. Investigation - Intelligence (PHB 178)
  11. Medicine - Wisdom (PHB 178)
  12. Nature - Intelligence (PHB 178)
  13. Perception - Wisdom (PHB 178)
  14. Performance - Charisma (PHB 179)
  15. Persuasion - Charisma (PHB 179)
  16. Religion - Intelligence (PHB 178)
  17. Sleight of Hand - Dexterity (PHB 177)
  18. Stealth - Dexterity (PHB 177)
  19. Streetwise - Charisma (House, see below)
  20. Survival - Wisdom (PHB 178)

New Skill Descriptions

WE have distinguished this skill from Constitution saves in a similar way Durability and Stamina were different Specialties in our B&B game. Constitution saves are for immediate, damaging assaults to the body. Endurance checks are to maintain extended activity and resist long term effects.
Make Constitution (Endurance) checks to:

  • Hold your breath
  • March or labour for hours without rest
  • Go without sleep
  • Survive without food or water

The checks listed in the PHB as 'Other Charisma Checks' are rolled into the skill of Streetwise for our game. Streetwise indicates the know-how and ability to gather information from people.
Make a Charisma (Streetwise) check when:

  • A PC seeks information in populated areas
  • Blend into a crowd and get a feel for the current situation
  • Discover rumours


Some of the item proficiencies granted in the PHB are too specific, such as individual games and instruments. We use groupings for these too.

Gaming Groups

1. Board (chess, backgammon, checkers)
2. Card (poker, gin)
3. Dice (three-dragon ante, yahtzee)
4. Other unique/cultural games (elven magical three dimensional game of checkers, a vocal game based upon crafting insults)

Musical Instrument Groups

1. Brass (trumpet, horn, bugle)
2. Keyed (organ, piano)
3. Percussion (drum, bell)
4. Stringed (lute, lyre, viol, dulcimer)
5. Woodwind (flute, shawm, pan pipes)
6. Other unique/cultural instruments (bagpipes)

Vehicle Groups

1. Oared (canoes, row boat, barge)
2. Sailing (ships, yachts)
3. Tracked (sleds)
4. Wheeled (chariots, wagons, carts)
5. Other unique/cultural groups (elemental trains, air ships, hand gliders)



See the ALL Systems Weapon Stats Page for a full list of the available weapon groups.

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