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August 31st, 2015

  • Added template for Setting Racial Write-ups.

To use these templates for pages on Wikidot, go to Edit (so you can see the code for the page), and then copy and paste the relevant template.

(For the Racial Write-ups on various Setting Pages use the following template):


Intro paragraph. Very general statements that summarises the race.

"Various Flavour Headings"

Try to hit on 2-4 main points that best represent the race and give them catchy headings. These can inc notes on appearance, culture, common personality traits/quirks, outlook, likes/dislikes, what they are good at, where they live, myths, religion, what might lead them to adventure, where they fit into society, etc.

Common Traits

Age & Appearance

How they age. Height ; Weight ; Eye colour ; Hair ; etc.

Allies & Enemies


Alignment & Outlook

Typical alignment. Common personality traits (like 4E) or see 3E MCAU for 'Outlook'.

Classes & Concepts

List common archetypes and actual classes backgrounds and subclasses for D&D.

Language & Names

State main language spoken. Types of names. Example names.

Realms & Regions

List lands where they are found in this setting.

Religion & Deities

State which type they follow and individual gods if common.

Game Mechanics

Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Race Traits

  • Name. Desc.

Race Drawbacks

  • Name. Desc.

Bashed and Borrowed


  • Ability that starts at d8: Name. Wild Card (race name) also begin with a d8 in one other ability from the following choices: List.
  • Double the Advancement cost at character creation to raise: List Abilities or any of their Specialties at character creation.
  • Languages: Auto start with d8 in List Languages. Other languages must be purchased as separate Abilities.
  • Talent Tree Access: List those with free access.


Race name gain 5 extra Advances to spend on the following Specialties:

  • (Ability): Indiv Specialties

Racial Traits

  • Name. Desc.

Racial Drawbacks

  • Name. Desc.

Cypher System


  • Name. Desc.
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