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Darfellan are large humanoids with thick, distinct black and white skin that live along cool, forested coastlines. They first appeared in Wizards of the Coasts' 3E D&D Stormwrack. The darfellan of today are survivors from a purge at the hands of the sahuagin. In the distant past, the two went to war and the darfellan came off second best. They now gather in small clans of peaceful hunter-gathers, but are forever brooding and looking to the day they can once again confront their enemy.

Marked from Birth

Darfellan stand out. They have hulking, muscular builds with broad shoulders and wide necks. They stand over 6 feet tall and weigh around 200 pounds. They have wide mouths filled with many sharp teeth.

A darfellan's most striking feature however, is their jet black, glossy and hairless skin. White patches distinguish heritage, based upon the markings' location, size and shape. Rarely, an individual has no white markings and is entirely black, and rarer still are entirely white darfellan. Births of darfellan of all one colour are portentous events and such individuals are destined for greatness. These darfellan are raised by the clan for positions of leadership.

A People in Decline

Darfellan lost the great wars with the sahuagin. At its height, darfellan culture was a complex, caste-based culture. Whilst they no longer have social ranking, darfellan still tend to categorise people based upon their profession or function. Learning someone's role or job may be more important than learning someone's name to a darfellan.

The darfellan population now live in scattered villages along remote stretches of rocky and forested coastlines. Settlements vary, but many live in caves in seaside cliffs, preferably ones that have entrances both above and below the water. Some clans live in large long houses, and others are semi-nomadic and build domed structures where they camp.

Darfellen tend to have a pragmatic or cynical view of the world. Adventurers typically come from the former and often strike out to make their mark on the world. Other pragmatic darfellen remain with their tribe, looking for ways to return to greatness. Cynical darfellan tend to brood on their tragic past, some looking back with pride for taking a stand against a loathed enemy, others with sorrow or even bitterness because they lost.

Hunters and the Hunted

Whilst most darfellan live in isolation biding their time, there are many individuals, small roving bands, and even a few whole clans that have taken to actively hunting sahuagin. Many members of a clan are able hunters and some take these skills and focus their hatred on the old enemy. Hunters in darfellan society hold great esteem.

Of the Sea and Spirits

Darfellan can be very spiritual, but there is no unifying religion. Many clan shamans are druids; others tend to worship any of the sea deities. Other darfellan feel the deities have abandoned them. A common myth among the tribes speaks of the Deep Dweller, an entity that bides its time (like the darfellen) and will emerge from the deeps of the ocean one day to restore darfellan vitality and pride.

Darfellan Names

Names tend to be multisyllabic, with a mix of aggressive consonants, longs vowels and sometimes clicks. All these features combine to give darfellan names an animated, enunciated quality. There is no distinction between male and female names. More often than not, a darfellan will adopt a nickname among other people. Often, these nicknames are literal translations of their darfellan name.

Darfellan Names. Akilu, Akinutu, Anotkili, Ekitilili, Eninook, Fee'itii!, Kiki!ta, Ookinitu, Ootinuk, Siloo!oo, Wikool!oo, Weiliti.
Darfellan Nicknames. Beachrunner, Bloodmaker, Bluehunter, Darkwave, Deepdiver, Farhunter, Greathunter, Oceanspride, Seafarer, Sharkstalker, Standstrong, Wavefist.

Darfellan Height and Weight

Base Height Base Weight Height Modifier Weight Modifier
5'10" 180 +2d10 x (2d6) lb.
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