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Hello everyone, I would like to make a fallout role-playing game. I know that there are already some documentations on the internet on which I rely.

Unfortunately I can't find any "token", if you have a site to share with me or something.

Thank you !

Fallout RPG by mariuslettresmariuslettres, 21 Sep 2021 12:55
Sci-Fi Song Votes Band
Rime of the Ancient Mariner 3 Iron Maiden
Friggin' in the Riggin' 3 Sex Pistols
I'm Shipping Up to Boston 2 Dropkick Murphys
Ship Rolls In 2 Faster Pussycat
The Crystal Ship 2 The Doors
Submission 2 Sex Pistols
Surfing With The Alien 2 Joe Satriani
Tobacco Island 1 Flogging Molly
Salty Dog 1 Flogging Molly
Spanish Galleon 1 Spiderbait
Battleship 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sloop John B 1 Devasted
Love Boat Captain 1 Pearl Jam
Sail To The Moon 1 Radiohead
The Summer Of Boats 1 Local H
Lifeboat 1 Lovage
Chartered Trips 1 Husker Du
Invaders 1 Iron Maiden
The Pursuit Of Vikings 1 Amon Amarth
Sailing Ships 1 Whitesnake
Bismark 1 Sabaton
Battleship Chains 1 VOLBEAT
Suck My Kiss 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jumble Sailing 1 Clearlake
Downeaster Alexa 1 Billy Joel
Set Sail to Fail 1 The UV Race
In the Engine Room 1 Mike Watt
TISM Boat Hire Offer 1 TISM
All Hands On Deck Part 1: Raise The Sail 1 Funeral For A Friend
Battleship Chains 1 Georgia Satellites
Plain Sailing Weather 1 Frank Turner
Ships 1 Big Country
Chumming the Ocean 1 Archers of Loaf
Havana Affair 1 Ramones
The End of Radio 1 Shellac
Ship of Fools 1 The Doors
Smooth Sailing 1 Queens of the Stone Age
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R2 - Watercraft by ConnorsConnors, 21 Sep 2021 12:15

My CCs for the #SciFi7RockSongs run

(In my order of preference).

Gallaxy Level (5)

'Alien' - Awesome song. Cool pace changes.
'Invaders' - 'Say that you care, but you fucking don't'.
What an appropriate lyric for today when a bunch of
fuck sticks stormed the city over "worker's rights", but
really b/c they are a bunch of man babies.

Solar System Level (4)

'Jupiter' - I am a sucker for this period 311, so
this is up there for me. What a cool bounce to it.
'Space Lord' - A cool song. Probably could have voted
for it actually. ;)
'Girl from Mars' - Just a fun, harmless song. I like it.
'Hanger 18' - Had to be here. Amazed it did not place.
For what it is worth I like it.

Star Level (3)

'Space Truckin'' - Good old time rock. Good fun without
being great.

Planet Level (2)

'Surfing with the Alien' - Yes he is good. Is this good
listening? Yes. Once or twice. Not repeatedly.
'Moonchild' - not overly fond of all vocals, but there
are some good sounds here.


A solid mix of styles. Decent order too. Solid selection
for the Bonus Tracks to add new sounds to the mix.
My ratings average out to 3.7 and that seems about right.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Re: R1 - Sci-Fi - CCs by ConnorsConnors, 21 Sep 2021 10:33
Sci-Fi Song Votes Band
Invaders 9 Jebediah
Girl from Mars 9 Ash
Space Truckin' 8 Deep Purple
Hanger 18 8 Megadeth
Surfing With the Alien 7 Joe Satriani
Alien 6 Pennywise
Space Lord 5 Monster Magnet
Books About UFOs 4 Husker Du
Planet of Sound 4 Pixies
Well, Everybody's Fucking In A UFO 4 Rob Zombie
Jack Names the Planets 4 Ash
Spaceman 4 The Killers
Another Girl, Another Planet 4 The Only Ones
Satellite 15 … The Final Frontier 4 Iron Maiden
Life On Mars? 3 David Bowie
Motorway to Roswell 3 Pixies
Loving The Alien 3 Velvet Revolver
Black Hole Sun 3 Soundgarden
Aliens Exists 3 Blink -182
Aerials 3 System of a Down
Spaceboy 3 The Smashing Pumpkins
Intergallactic 3 Beastie Boys
A New Hope 3 Blink-182
Astro Zombies 3 Misfits
Moonchild 2 Iron Maiden
Bark At The Moon 2 Ozzy Osbourne
U.F.O 2 Torche
Moonchild 2 Fields Of The Nephilim
Return to Mars 2 Orange Goblin
Mars Simula 2 Chevelle
Planet Caravan 2 Black Sabbath
Moon 2 Turnstile
Space Cadet 2 Kyuss
Alien Blueprint 2 Rollins Band
Keep Watching The Skies 2 Wednesday 13
Space Station No 5 2 Montrose
The Final Countdown 2 Europe
Space Invader 2 Ace Frehley
Zero, Zero, UFO 2 Ramones
Jupiter 2 311
2000 Light Years From Home 2 The Rolling Stones
Might As Well Be On Mars 2 Alice Cooper
When Did You Get Back From Mars? 2 I Mother Earth
I Turned into a Martian 2 Misfits
Where’s Captain Kirk? 2 Spizz Energi
Future World 2 Helloween
Woodpeckers from Mars 2 Faith No More
Iron Man 2 Black Sabbath
Stranger In A Strange Land 2 Iron Maiden
Space Oddity 2 David Bowie
Anky Fremp 1 Flanders
Dancing In The Moonlight 1 Thin Lizzy
Fields of Mars 1 Bad Religion
Lost In Space 1 Teenage Bottlerocket
The Sun is Dead 1 Dragonforce
Dark Of The Sun 1 Arch Enemy
Will The Sun Ever Rise 1 Five Finger Death Punch
She’s Like a Comet 1 Jebediah
Invader Ace 1 Guitar Wolf
Jesus Came From Outta Space 1 Supergrass
Planet Rain 1 Devin Townsend
Plastic Planet 1 Geezer Butler
Area Code 51 1 Geezer Butler
Another Space Song 1 Failure
Ego, The Living Planet 1 Monster Magnet
Astronomy Domine 1 Pink Floyd
Welcome to Planet MF 1 White Zombie
Man On The Moon 1 REM
Heavy Feather 1 Acrimony
Full Steam Spacemanchine 1 Royal Republic
Ranch on Mars 1 Gallactic Cowboys
Star Ride 1 Warrior Soul
Where Did She Come From? 1 Hard-Ons
Can U Dig It? 1 Pop Will Eat Itself
Planet Earth 1 Devo
Planet Claire 1 The B52's
Race Against Space 1 Six Finger Satellite
No One Wants An Alien 1 The Wipers
More Space 1 Chrome
Alien Boy 1 The Wipers
The Happening 1 Pixies
Space (I Believe In) 1 Pixies
Men in Black 1 Frank Black
Parry the Wind High, Low 1 Frank Black
Bad, Wicked World 1 Frank Black
Alien Shivers 1 VOLA
Ursa Major Space Station 1 The Catherine Wheel
Space 1 New Model Army
The Aerospaceage Inferno 1 Robert Calvert
Parallel Universe 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Eighth Day 1 Hazel O’Connor
One Way Ticket To Pluto 1 Dead Kennedys
The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy (Falling Space Junk) 1 Jello Biafra And Nomeansno
Nebula 1 Incubus
Cosmonaut 1 At The Drive-In
Brutal Planet 1 Alice Cooper
Doctor Who 1 Nerf Herder
Spaceghost, the Twins & Blip 1 SNFU
Spaceman 1 Bif Naked
One More Astronaut 1 I Mother Earth
Duplicate Keys Icaro 1 Propagandhi
Two Dogs Fucking 1 Dayglo Abortions
Alberta Girls, Sci-Fi And Rock N' Roll 1 The Galacticas
Right On, Frankenstein! 1 Death From Above, 1979
U.F.O. Romeo 1 Backyard Babies
Not Of This Earth 1 Prong
Blasteroid 1 Mastodon
Capricorn 1 30 Seconds To Mars
The Time Machine 1 Iron Maiden
Rogue Planet 1 Thee Oh Sees
Rocket Ride 1 KISS
Silver Machine 1 Hawkwind
Barbarella 1 Scott Weiland
Immortal Space Pirate 1 Bokassa
Moon & Sky 1 Urne
All Star Jam 1 Front End Loader
d.a.f. 1 Powderfinger
Music Is Crap 1 Custard
Complacency No Vacancy 1 Children Collide
Spaceship Landing 1 Kyuss
Planet Of The Weeds 1 Tumbleweed
Antigravity 1 Starset
Planet Caravan 1 Pantera
Little Green Man 1 Girlschool
Mars 1 Liliac
Supermassive Black Hole 1 Muse
Rocket 1 Def Leppard
Princes of the Universe 1 Queen
Asteroid 1 Kyuss
Watching Planets 1 The Fauves
Lost in Space 1 Rollerball
Into The Space Age 1 Amplifier
Planet B 1 King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Planet Shit 1 Every Time I Die
Orion 1 Mastodon
Scary Little Green Man 1 Ozzy Osbourne
For Science 1 They Might Be Giants
25 O'Clock 1 The Dukes of Stratosphear
Moving to the Sun 1 They Might Be Giants
Destination Moon 1 They Might Be Giants
Cantina Band 1 Ash
A New England 1 Billy Bragg
Mulder and Scully 1 Catatonia
Man on Mars 1 Kaiser Chiefs
New Moon Rising 1 Wolfmother
HK (Hunter Killer) 1 Fear Factory
To Tame a Land 1 Iron Maiden
Planet Hell 1 Nightwish
The Alien 1 Dream Theater
Supermassive Black Hole 1 Threshold
Enigmatic Mission 1 Pagan's Mind
Set Your Controls 1 Star One
Mars Needs Guitars 1 Hoodoo Gurus
Somewhere in Time 1 Iron Maiden
Space Truckin' 1 Ace Frehley
Mr Roboto 1 Styx
It Came Out Of The Sky 1 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Children Of The Sun 1 Billy Thorpe
Watching The Sky 1 Saxon
Seven Times Around The Sun 1 Jim Jones Revue
Superhero 1 Janes Addiction
X-Ray Visions 1 Clutch
What Would a Wookie Do? 1 Clutch
Marvin The Paranoid Android 1 Stephen Moore
Rapture 1 Blondie
Warp Riders 1 The Sword
2,000 Light Years Away 1 Green Day
E.T.I. 1 Blue Oyster Cult
Galaxie 1 Blind Melon
A Head With Wings 1 Morphine
Forty Six & 2 1 TOOL
Lonesome Friends of Science 1 John Prine
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 1 The Flaming Lips
If the Government Could Read My Mind 1 The Vandals
Space Travel Is Boring 1 Modern Mouse
2112 1 Rush
Godzilla 1 Blue Oyster Cult
Killer Klowns from Outer Space 1 The Dickies
Frankenstein 1 Edgar Winter Group
The Revolt of the Atoms 1 Enter Shikari
Sci Fi 1 Public Image Ltd
Spirit of the Age 1 Hawkwind
Caught Somewhere in Time 1 Iron Maiden
The Eagle Has Landed 1 Saxon
The Void 1 Black Sabbath
Space Race 1 Bruce Dickinson

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R1 - Sci-Fi by ConnorsConnors, 14 Sep 2021 12:12

Seems the themed songs runs are popular.
We are now into Season 15.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Themes - Songs - Season 15 by ConnorsConnors, 14 Sep 2021 10:44

CCs for the 'Hair Songs Playlist'.

(In MY order of preference)


Ape Drape. THE song MADE for this run and it nearly did not make
the cut :(. This is a fun song and what a tribute to the mullet!
Chest Hair. I love everything about this song from the fuzzed-out,
rumbling intro to the 'Yeah!' of the chorus. Awesome lyrics too.
(We'll have to do a #Yeah7ROckSongs run someday: that will give the
hair bands a chance… and allow Lithium to win another run ;)).
Cut Your Hair. I had a feeling this would do well, but you don't know.
Still surprised it won. A great little indie-rock number.
Hair of the Dog. 7 songs with this title but this was the only one to
make the list, and it was always going to. Unlucky not to place.
This is old school rock at its best, though they really did not want to
end the song, did they?

NEAT (4)

Floyd the Barber. I missed this one on my initial votes. Glad it got
in… though being Nirvana it was not likely to miss ;)
The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair. So, a rare track by
Led Zep gets into the placings. A lot of love for these guys here.
And this is a very cool song. I really like it (and it doesn't go fovrever).
Devil's Haircut. Happy for this to be here. Glad it did not place, but
a cool enough ditty to be here. Cracking chorus and drum beat.
Nation of Haircuts. Without looking, I would have sworn this was a
The Fauves song for the verses. I really like this. I was going to
say except for the slowed-down crooning, but when it ends with,
"You're so fucking cool" I was won over on this part. Love the simple
but effective guitar riff that starts and stops throughout.


Hairspray Queen is here to show anything Nirvana will poll…
and I did not even vote for it :P Love the guitars in this one in parts,
but the song as a whole gets a little painful.


Black No.1. I cannot stand the spoken word vocals on this. I do
enjoy the shouted vocal parts, but the shift in style for the chorus.
I've tried this song several times, as there is a lot of love for it. It
comes up in votes a bit. Lyrics a tad sick. Has its moments, but
overall I just don't get it. Not surprising though when I have
The Vandals at the top of this list. :P






A very good mix there, but again lacking anything remotely recent.
Genres missing a bit of metal, but that does not bother me.
Could have done without the 2nd Nirvana song in a row, and
I love Nirvana.
My scores average out to 4/5 and that seems right :)

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Re: R7 - Hair - CCs by ConnorsConnors, 11 Sep 2021 23:35
Hair Song Votes Band
Cut Your Hair 10 Pavement
Chest Hair 10 Spiderbait
The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair 8 Led Zeppelin
Hair of the Dog 8 Nazareth
Floyd the Barber 7 Nirvana
Hairspray Queen 7 Nirvana
Devil's Haircut 6 Beck
I've Got An Ape Drape 5 The Vandals
I Wanna Get a Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One) 4 AFI
I Think I'm Going Bald 4 Rush
Hairdresser 4 ZZ Top
Never Fight a Man with a Perm 4 IDLES
Hairline Fracture 4 Rise Against
Balding Matters 4 Grinspoon
I Won't Cut My Hair 4 D-A-D
Evie 4 Stevie Wright
Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job 3 George Thorogood
Afro 3 John Spencer Blues Explosion
Long-Haired Country Boy 3 Every Mother's Nightmare
Take the Skinheads Bowling 3 Camper van Beethoven
Suicide Blonde 2 INXS
Girls, Girls, Girls 2 Motley Crue
Hair of the Dog 2 Ramones
Hair of the Dog 2 Guns 'n' Roses
Cut My Hair 2 The Who
Hero of War 2 Rise Against
Hair of the Dog 2 The Poor (Boys)
Black No. 1 2 Type O Negative
Red Headed Woman 2 Bruce Springsteen
It's My Hair 2 Descendents
Almost Cut My Hair 2 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Better Get A Lawyer 2 The Cruel Sea
Orange Hair 2 Even
Bald 2 The Darkness
A Nation fo Haircuts 2 Roger Taylor
Short Blond Hair 1 Everclear
Randy Scouse Git 1 The Monkees
Sister Golden Hair 1 America
Skinhead Moonstomp 1 The Specials
Unknown Legend 1 Neil Young
Karma Police 1 The Vandals
Octopus Hairpiece 1 Guttermouth
Heart Shaped Box 1 Nirvana
Blackeyed Blonde 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Nazi Punks Fuck Off 1 Dead Kennedys
Hair Of The Dog 1 Britny Foxx
100 Ways To Hate 1 Five Finger Death Punch
Wake The Dead 1 Alice Cooper
Blonde Girls All Look The Same 1 Butcher Babies
Women In Uniform 1 Iron Maiden
Miss Morgue 1 Wednesday 13
Sweet Cild O' Mine 1 Guns 'n' Roses
Mexican Hairless 1 The Toadies
Hair of the Dog 1 Warrant
Blonds in Black Cars 1 Autograph
Flat Top 1 Goo Goo Dolls
Signs 1 Tesla
I Stand Alone 1 Jackyl
Platinum Blonde Life 1 No Doubt
American Hair Band 1 Tuff
Hair of the Dog 1 Wildside
Atomic 1 Blondie
Kinky Afro 1 Happy Mondays
Skinhead Moonstop 1 Symarip
Black is the Color of my True Loves Hair 1 Nina Simone
Mohawk Baby 1 Painters and Dockers
Dreadlock Holiday 1 10CC
Shaved Women 1 Crass
Shave My Head 1 Slutface
Almost Cut My Hair 1 Dayglo Abortions
Bad Hair Day Punx 1 30 Foot Fall
Haircut 1 Down By Law
Peroxide 1 Subhumans
Ice Hockey Hair 1 Super Furry Animals
Jesus Hairdo 1 The Charlatans
Mullet Head 1 Beastie Boys
Shook by Your Shaved Head 1 New Found Glory
Long Hair, Don't Care 1 The Cadillac Three
Cut It Short 1 Red Fang
The Hair Song 1 Black Mountain
Hairdresser on Fire 1 Morrissey
Long Hair 1 The Drowners
Haircuts & T-Shirts 1 Lifetime
Highlights 1 Backyard Babies
Dogs Hair 1 The Dogs D’Amour
Permanent Vacation 1 Aerosmith
Five Colours In Her Hair 1 McFly
Don’t Want No Foo-Foo Haircut on My Head 1 Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper
Rumble 1 You Am I
Pulling on the Boots 1 Romper Stomper Soundtrack
Blonde, Bad and Beautiful 1 Airbourne
Nobody Likes a Bogan 1 Area 7
Get a Hairpiece 1 Frenzal Rhomb
Bangs 1 They Might Be Giants
Grab Your Hair 1 Magic Dirt
Yul Bryner was a Skinhead 1 Toy Dolls
Hair Down 1 Cold War Kids
Strawberry Blonde 1 The Subways
Jesus Hairdo 1 The Charlatans
Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One) 1 Edguy
Wig Wam Bam 1 The Sweet
Silver Age 1 Bob Mould
Come Together 1 The Beatles

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R7 - Hair by ConnorsConnors, 04 Sep 2021 13:49
Hand Song Votes Band
Burden In My Hand 12 Soundgarden
Stinkfist 11 TOOL
The Hand that Feeds 11 Nine Inch Nails
Hand of Doom 9 Black Sabbath
Hands All Over 8 Soundgarden
Fistful Of Steel 7 Rage Against The Machine
Place Your Hands 7 Reef
Iron Fist 6 Motorhead
Red Right Hand 6 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
High-Fiving MF 6 Local H
Hand of Law 6 Radio Birdman
Thumb 5 Kyuss
Punch in the Face 5 Frenzal Rhomb
Lay Your Hands on Me 5 Bon Jovi
Under My Thumb 4 The Rolling Stones
Helping Hand 4 The Screaming Jets
Bite The Hand 4 Megadeth
Get Your Hands Off My Woman 4 The Darkness
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck 4 Prong
Slap In The Face 3 L.A Guns
Hitchin' a Ride 3 Green Day
Middle Finger 3 Dropkick Murphys
Severed Hand 3 Pearl Jam
Shake Hands with Beef 3 Primus
All Within My Hands 3 Metallica
Hand on Heart 3 Queensryche
Clenching the Fists of Dissent 3 Machine Head
Sieve Fisted Find 3 FUGAZI
Let's Shake Hands 3 The White Stripes
Broken Hands 3 Mudhoney
Slow Hands 2 Interpol
Fist By Fist 2 Powerwolf
Left Hand Path 2 Entombed
Keep Your Hands to Yourself 2 Georgia Satellites
Thumbing My Way 2 Pearl Jam
Point the Finger 2 Body Count (feat Riley Gale)
Fistful of Diamonds 2 WASP
One Hand Killing 2 Twelve Foot Ninja
I Was A Teenage Hand Model 2 Queens of the Stone Age
Knocking on Heaven's Door 2 Guns 'n' Roses
I Put the Finger on You 2 ACDC
Hands Off 2 Nonpoint
Fist Banging Mania 2 Stormtroopers of Death
I Want to Hold Your Hand 2 The Beatles
How To Shake Hands 2 Clutch
Hand Of Stone 2 Mastodon
The Handshake 2 Bad Religion
Back of My Hand 2 The Jags
White Knuckles 2 Alter Bridge
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) 2 ACDC
The Unholy Hand 2 The Bronx
Raise Your Hands 2 Bon Jovi
Fists of Love 2 Big Black
Thumb 2 Dinosaur Jr
High Five 2 The Bronx
Self Abuser 1 The Fauves
Hand Solo 1 The Fauves
2nd Hand 1 Pitchshifter
Heart in Hand 1 Opeth
Can't You Hear Me Knocking 1 The Rolling Stones
Stiff Little Fingers 1 The Vibrators
Slash Your Wrists 1 X
All Hands Against His Own 1 The Black Keys
Whip It 1 DEVO
This Velvet Glove 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hit 'Em Harder 1 Maid of Ace
Hit Like A Girl 1 Meet Me @ The Altar
Puncha Nazi 1 Doll Skin
I Threw Glass at My Friend's Eyes and Now I'm on Probation 1 Destroy Boys
Hit the Back 1 Sorry Mom
Don't Touch 1 Hands Off Gretel
People With Too Much Time On Their Hands 1 Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine
Knuckles the Dog 1 Killdozer
Please Don't Touch 1 Girl School
Get a Grip on Yourself 1 The Stranglers
Raise A Paw 1 Melvins
Thumb Sucker 1 Kingshifter
Under and Over It 1 Five Finger Death Punch
Body Breakdown 1 Dragonforce
Hold On To My Heart 1 WASP
Look But You Can't Touch 1 Poison
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) 1 Joan Jett
Willie and The Hand Jive 1 George Thorogood
Hand of the Host 1 Isis
Gut Feeling/(Slap Your Mammy) 1 DEVO
Squeaky Fingers 1 Ted Leo and the Pharmacist
Bones of Her Hands 1 Archers of Loaf
Hands of Reason 1 Paradise Lost
Blood Hands 1 Royal Blood
Fingerful 1 Lunachicks
Pinch and Roll 1 Aquabats
Touch Too Much 1 ACDC
Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You 1 Ratt
The Hand That Feeds 1 Aeromith
Hands Of Time 1 Kingdom Come
The Fist 1 Motochrist
Bedazzled Fingernails 1 Mastodon
Hand Cannot Erase 1 Steve Wilson
Love is a Fist 1 Mr Bungle
Clenched Fist 1 Sepultura
Fist Wrapped in Blood 1 Silverstein
Love is a Bitchslap 1 Sebastian Bach
Hand in my Pocket 1 Alanis Morissette
Smack My Bitch Up 1 The Prodigy
Hand To Mouth 1 Flying Burrito Brothers
Hands 1 The Raconteurs
Tough & Go 1 Stiff Little Fingers
Suckerpunch 1 The Wildhearts
Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play 1 Roky Erickson & The Aliens
Hand of Sorrow 1 Within Temptation
In The Fingernails 1 Strike Anywhere
Blacken My Thumb 1 The Datsuns
Sucker Punch 1 New Bomb Turks
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 1 Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Hit Me With Your Best Shot 1 Pat Benatar
Keep Your Hands to Yourself 1 The Black Crowes
Meet My Middle Finger 1 The Vee Bees
Fingered 1 Meatbeaters
God Smack 1 Alice in Chains
When Ya Get Drafted 1 Dead Kennedys
Punch me, I Bleed 1 Children of Bodom
My Fist, Your Face 1 Aeromith
Left Hand Black 1 Danzig
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking 1 Black Flag
Fingerpoppin' 1 The Clash
29 Palms 1 Robert Plant
Hands are Tied 1 Bob Mould
Radiohead 1 A Punch-Up At A Wedding
My Own Summer (Shove It) 1 Deftones
Knock Me Down 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jeweller's Hand 1 Arctic Monkeys
Keep on Swinging 1 Rival Sons
Dust in My Hands 1 The Cold Stares
Stick Em Up 1 Quarashi
High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive 1 Pulled Aprt by Horses
Five Finger Fuckhead 1 Bokassa
Hands of The Ripper 1 Bloody Hammers
Fisticuffs 1 The Supersuckers
Bishop = Handjob 1 TISM
Cool Hand Luke 1 Hard-Ons
Two Hands 1 You Am I
Handwasher 1 You Am I
Punch Drunk Grinning Soul 1 Flogging Molly
Too Much Time On My Hands 1 Styx
The Killing Hand 1 Dream Theater
Hand Over Fist 1 Rush
Hate My Life 1 Theory of a Deadman
Private Property 1 Judas Priest
Like Sand 1 In Flames
Withered Hand 1 Thee Oh Sees
Middle Finger Response 1 Propagandhi
Clenched Fists, Black Eyes 1 7 Seconds
Fisticuffs 1 Primus
Blood On your Hands 1 Killing Joke
Outta Hand 1 The Bombpops
Helping Hand 1 Foghat
Handshakes 1 Metric
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck 1 Grinspoon
Mignight Hands 1 Rise Against
Bloody Knuckles 1 High On Fire
Heart's a Fist 1 The Fauves
Hand In Hand 1 Elvis Costello
Handyman 1 AWOLNation
Hand in Hand 1 Del Fuegos
Hands Down 1 Dashboard Confessional
The Hand of John L. Sullivan 1 Flogging Molly
Wrapped Around Your Finger 1 The Police
The Lost Art of Shorthand 1 he Fauves
Punchin' Air 1 The Meanies
Blood on My Hands 1 Diamond Head
Blood On The World's Hands 1 Iron Maiden
In The Grip Of A Tyrefitters Hand 1 Budgie
Hand in Glove 1 The Smiths
Freedom 1 Alice Cooper
Hard to Handle 1 The Black Crowes
Out of my Hands 1 Died Pretty
Hands Up 1 Texas Hippie Coalition
It’s in My Hands 1 Haunt
Sever the Hand 1 Trivium
Hand of Blood 1 Bullet for My Valentine
Pinch 1 Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams
Drinkin' Problem 1 The Vee Bees
Fist 1 EAT
Under My Thumb 1 Social Distortion
Heater Hands 1 Rocket from the Crypt
Everything Has a Point 1 Rival Schools
Knuckles 1 The Hold Steady
Handwritten 1 The Gaslight Anthem
Midnight Hands 1 Rise Against
Hands of the Click 1 Skeletal Family
Can’t Hold My Hand 1 Cable Ties
White Hands 1 Proletariat
Ricky's Hand 1 Fad Gadget
Little Man with a Gun in His Hand 1 Minuteman

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R6 - Hand by ConnorsConnors, 29 Aug 2021 06:00
Cutlery Song Votes Band
Spoonman 24 Soundgarden
Knives 10 Therapy?
Under the Knife 9 Rise Against
Knifeman 8 The Bronx
Night of the Long Knives 8 ACDC
Knife Party 6 Deftones
Spoonful 6 Cream
Silver Spoon 6 KISS
Forkboy 5 LARD
One-Armed Scissor 5 At the Drive-In
The Needle & the Spoon 5 Lynyrd Skynyrd
Night Of Long Knives 4 Machine Head
Honey from a Knife 4 The Cult
Picture A Knife Fight 3 Biffy Clyro
Cats in the Cradle 3 Ugly Kid Joe
Jackknife Johnny 3 Alice Cooper
Spork 3 Lunachicks
Knife 3 Motorhead
Mythical Knives 3 Orange Goblin
Like a Knife at a Gun Fight 3 Clowns
Can Opener 3 Quicksand
Knives Out 3 Radiohead
Like a Knife in the Back 3 Twisted Sister
Gold Dust Woman 2 Hole
Rocket Queen 2 Guns 'n' Roses
Deep 2 Pearl Jam
God Smack 2 Alice in Chains
Don't Bring A Knife To A Gunfight 2 L.A Guns
City Of Knives 2 Local H
Pocket Knife 2 PJ Harvey
Put the Knife Away 2 Goldfinger
Gamma Knife 2 King Gizard & The Lizard Wizard
Love Interruption 2 Jack White
The Twisting Knife 2 Danko Jones
Turbonegro 2 I Got A Knive
Fork & Knife 2 Brand New
What 2 Cosmic Psychos
Under the Knife 2 Chevelle
Heretic's Fork 2 Power Trip
Poison, The Knife Or The Noose 2 Trivium
Eat The Rich 2 Aerosmith
You Brought A Knife To A Gunfight 2 Stone Gods
Ceiling Fan in My Spoon 2 The Lemonheads
Under the Knife 2 Motorhead
Gun To A Knife Fight 2 Sebastian Bach
Fortunate Son 1 Creedence Clearwater Revival
100% 1 Sonic Youth
Mack the Knife 1 Psychedelic Furs
Six Blade Knife 1 Dire Straits
Revolution Rock 1 The Clash
Packard Goose 1 Frank Zappa
Bishop's Knife Trick 1 Fall Out Boy
Fucked with a Knife 1 Cannibal Corpse
Spoon Bender 1 Wolf
Is That You? 1 KISS
On with the Show 1 Motley Crue
Girls, Girls, Girls 1 Motley Crue
Somebody Save Me 1 Cinderella
Substitute 1 Ramones
Revolution 1 Mudhoney
Fork Down Throat 1 Babes in Toyland
One Knife Stand 1 Wednesday 13
Walking The Knife 1 Hatebreed
Everybody Wants Something From Me 1 The Pretty Reckless
Knife 1 Girlschool
Livin' Life (On The Edge Of A Knife) 1 Bullet For My Valentine
Diane 1 Husker Du
Save Me 1 Shinedown
Knives 1 Bullet For My Valentine
Hip to be Scared 1 Ice Nine Kills
Vicious 1 Halestorm
Knife 1 Jazz Patterson
Crawl Through Knives 1 In Flames
Stage Knives 1 Rolo Tomassi
Twist the Knife 1 Steve Lukather (with Eddie Van Halen)
Raise the Knife 1 Dream Theater
I was Cruel 1 Magic Dirt
I'm Designer 1 Queens of the Stone Age
Supernaut 1 Black Sabbath
Monkey on My Back 1 Aerosmith
Gonna Leave You 1 Queens of the Stone Age
Doll Parts 1 Hole
Crawl Away 1 TOOL
Spinal Compression 1 Fear Factory
Forkboy 1 Flotsam & Jetsam
My Fork in the Road 1 Atreyu
Under the Knife 1 Hatebreed
Knife of Gold 1 Bury Tomorrow
A Spoonful Weighs a Ton 1 Mastodon
Lemon to a Knife Fight 1 The Wombats
Spoon 1 Jonathan Fisk
4:37 AM 1 Roger Waters
Scissors 1 Slipknot
Spoon Fed 1 Vigil of War
Mack the Knife 1 Nick Cave
Knife In You 1 Rhinobucket
Good Riddance 1 Green Day
I Was A Teenage Hand Model 1 Queens of the Stone Age
Surfing With a Spoon 1 Midnight Oil
Knife's Edge 1 Midnight Oil
White Trash Millionaire 1 Black Stone Cherry
The Knife 1 Ché
A Spoonful Weighs A Ton 1 The Flaming Lips
Fork in the Road 1 Neil Young
She's Not on the Menu 1 SNFU
The Kitchen Kreeps 1 SNFU
Loser At Life/Loser At Death 1 SNFU
Ironic 1 Alanis Morissette
Fortunate Son 1 Circle Jerks
Hidden Knives 1 AFI
Gone Shootin' 1 ACDC
The Malkin Jewel 1 The Mars Volta
Spoon Out My Eyeballs 1 Benjamin Booker
Edge of the Knife 1 Heavy Sentence
Mack the Knife 1 Dee Snider
Ritual Knife 1 Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats
Knives and Pens 1 Black Veil Brides

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R5 - Cutlery by ConnorsConnors, 22 Aug 2021 12:40
Fruit Song Votes Band
Peaches 22 The Presidents of the USA
Orange Crush 16 REM
Rotten Apple 14 Alice in Chains
Peaches 13 The Stranglers
The Lemon Song 13 Led Zeppelin
Banana Splits 11 The Dickies
Cherry Bomb 11 The Runaways
Cherry Pie 11 Warrant
Apple Tree 10 Wolfmother
Tangerine 9 Led Zeppelin
Bad Apples 8 Guns 'N' Roses
Come Bite The Apple 5 Mother Love Bone
Apple Shampoo 5 Blink-182
Poison Apples 5 Motley Crue
Orange Juice 5 Ammonia
Tangerine 4 Buffalo Tom
Apple Blossoms 4 The White Stripes
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) 3 Garbage
Lemonsuck 3 Pollyanna
Applebite 3 Soundgarden
Peach 3 Chevelle
Blueberry 3 Lita Ford
Raspberry Beret 3 Prince
Strawberry Fields Forever 3 The Beatles
Blackberry 3 The Black Crowes
Dalai Llama Big Banana Marijuana 3 Dune Rats
Lemon Scent 3 Dead Sara
Pineapple Face 2 LARD
Lemon Meringue 2 Fishbone
Death to the Apple Gerls 2 Gerling
Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit 2 Sonic Youth
I Heard it Through the Grapevine 2 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cherry Lime 2 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Sour Grapes 2 Descendents
Cherry Waves 2 Deftones
Strawberry 2 Butthole Surfers
Red Berry Joy Town 2 The Wonder Stuff
Cherry Red 2 Lita Ford
She Don't Use Jelly 2 The Flaming Lips
Limelight 2 Rush
Lemon to a Knife Fight 2 The Wombats
Peeled Apples 2 Manic Street Preachers
Havana Affair 2 Ramones
Applebee's Bar 2 Spraynard
Strawberry Mansion 2 The Menzingers
Raspberry 2 I Mother Earth
Apple of the Eye (Lay Me Down) 2 Something with Numbers
Apples & Oranges 2 Pink Floyd
Low Hangin’ Fruit 2 Tenacious D
Lemon Trees 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Pot 1 TOOL
Strawberry Lipstick 1 Yungblud
Banana Chips 1 Shonen Knife
I am a Tangerine 1 Tommy James + The Shondells
Tangerine 1 Life of Agony
Strawberry Fields Forever 1 Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Drain You 1 Nirvana
Johnny Appleseed 1 Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
Wrong Side Of The Grape 1 Love/Hate
Apple Eyes 1 Seoop
Orange County Suite 1 The Doors
Banana Co. 1 Radiohead
Orange Hair 1 Even
Faust Banana 1 The Fall
Cherry-Tomato 1 Steel Pole Bathtub
Lime House 1 The Breeders
Bees Around The Lime Tree 1 Hey Colossus
Cherry Red 1 The Monkeywrench
Strange Fruit 1 Catherine Wheel
Cherry Red 1 Lime Spiders
Orange Fell 1 Trashcan Sinatras
Peach 1 Paw
Lemon Tree 1 Fools Garden
Cherry Tree 1 Blue Ruin
Banana Meltdown 1 Dub Narcotic Sound System
Cherry Coloured Funk 1 Cousteau Twins
Tangerine 1 Union
Strawberries 1 Girl
Cherry Red 1 The Last Vegas
Peaches Bananas Apples Pears 1 Mrs Pinkwhistle
Cherry Cola 1 Eagles of Death Metal
Grape And The Grain 1 Black Hand
Cherry Bomb 1 Ash
Lemon Tree 1 Trini Lopez
Forbidden Fruit 1 The Band
Orange 1 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Lemon Sunrise 1 Powderfinger
Stranger Fruit 1 Zeal & Ardor
Tangerine 1 Feeder
Big Apple Dreamin' 1 Alice Cooper
Lime Tree Arbour 1 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Raspberry Jam Delta-V 1 Joe Satriani
Orange Goblin 1 Orange Goblin
Orange Krunch 1 Green Jelly
The Joker 1 Puddle Of Mudd
Bananas and Blow 1 Ween
The Apple Ross Wing Commander 1 You Am I
Apple 1 Bitter Sweet Kicks
Jack Johnson 1 Banana Pancakes
Sour Grapes 1 Puscifer
Tangerine 1 Moist
Limelight 1 XTC
Banana Banana 1 King Kurt
Date Night 1 IDLES
Apple 1 Midway Still
Strawberry Wine 1 My Bloody Valentine
Cherry Cupcake Twist 1 Blues Section
Christine 1 Siouxsie and the Banshees
Tangerine Dream 1 Wolfmother
Soco Amaretto Line 1 Brand New
Smokin’ Banana Peels 1 The Dead Milkmen
Cherry Bomb 1 Joan Jett
Fresh Strawberries 1 Franz Ferdinand
Giant Peach 1 Wolf Alice
Second Bite of the Apple 1 Beady Eye
Strawberry Swing 1 Coldplay
Big Apple Waltz 1 Sweet
Pour Some Sugar on Me 1 Def Leppard
Surrender 1 Dropkick Murphy's
Vicinity of Obscenity 1 System of a Down
Fruit of the Wild Rose 1 Marillion
Harvest 1 Opeth
The Devil's Orchard 1 Opeth
Orchard of Mines 1 Globus
Orchard 1 Windhand
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R4 Fruit by ConnorsConnors, 17 Aug 2021 10:10

MY CCs for the White Rocks Songs Run

Songs presented in order that I like them. Well, as best I can.
Looking at list, other than 'White Wedding' placing, I think I
like the rest of what is there. Could this be my favourite mix yet?


'White Riot'. Of course I was glad to see one of my favourite bands
top this run. They were looking good for 2 placings for a while too.
'Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)'. And I did not even vote for this :P
I love their quirky songs, but still surprises me how well they do
when so many other bands of their ilk do not.
'Don't Call Me White'. I was excited as I thought this was going to
place for a while. Couldn't get 2 punk songs up there :(
'White Guilt'. Glad to see at least 1 of the 3 The Bronx songs
make the list. This is a lot of fun this one.
'W.M.A.' A very cool message to this one and I love the odd rhythms
and how it builds, esp Eddie's vocals!
'(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais'. A cool slow jam that did well.
'White Noise'. It would have been good to see TLE place with
this song. It is a belter. I feel bad for not voting for it now :P
'White Limo'. I love the riff and distorted vocals in this. The sound
from this album shits on anything they have done since. Cool song.


'White Noise'. SLF. Not the strongest song from this remarkable
album, but still a sound I like.
'White Line Fever'. A Motorhead song I was unfamiliar with.
Anything from them is rarely lower than 'Liked' though :)
'White Room'. I am not as familiar with this song as most here. But
I was glad it placed after being pipped in the recent #Room7RockSongs.
'White Unicorn'. I was expecting this to poll and it is a cool rock song.
'Roses on White Lace'. Not many songs from Alice Cooper that I
would rank below 'Liked' either. Another cool song. Like the guitars.
'This White Line'. Not their strongest song, but the chorus is cool.
Glad to see Shihad here. Should be more of them ;)


'White Wedding'. I have never rally got the love of this one. It is an okay
song, but the over-produced sound (esp the drums) works against it
for me. Nowhere near his Generation X stuff.
'Aisles of White'. Not sure why, I just can't get into these guys. The
atmosphereic/soaring vocals might be it. Some good sounds in there.
'Into the White'. Some good guitars, just not much going on here.


This has very good sequencing too. Not a big fan of the bonus track,
but that is okay, they are meant to be different. Nothing here I did not like.
So, in all, a mix I would definitely come back to. No absolute blinders
here either though.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Re: R3 - White - CCs by ConnorsConnors, 16 Aug 2021 08:42
White Song Votes Band
White Riot 15 The Clash
White Room 11 Cream
White Wedding 10 Billy Idol
White Noise 9 The Living End
Don't Call Me White 9 NOFX
(White Man) in Hammersmith Palais 8 The Clash
White Line Fever 6 Motörhead
Pretty Fly For a White Guy 5 The Offspring
White Unicorn 5 Wolfmother
Thin White Line 5 Shihad
White Limo 5 Foo Fighters
White Noise 5 Stiff Little Fingers
White Guilt 5 The Bronx
Roses On White Lace 5 Alice Cooper
W.M.A. 5 Pearl Jam
White Rabbit 4 Jefferson Airplane
White Fella/Black Fella 4 Warumpi Band
Coma White 4 Marilyn Manson
White's Ferry 4 Clutch
Guilty of Being White 4 Minor Threat
White Light, White Heat 4 The Velvet Underground
Whitewater 3 Kyuss
Dirty White Boy 3 Foreigner
White Trash Circus 3 Motley Crue
White Knuckles 3 Alter Bridge
Into the White 3 Pixies
White World 3 Frenzal Rhomb
White Noise 3 Corrosion of Conformity
White Shadow 3 The Bronx
White 3 Ammonia
Aisles of White 3 The Butterfly Effect
White, Discussion 3 Live
White Trash Freaks 3 Rob Zombie
White Tar 2 The Bronx
White Punks On Dope 2 Tubes
White Man 2 Queen
Black and White and Red All Over 2 Biohazard
White Belt Boys 2 Local H
Kill All the White Man 2 NOFX
White Boy 2 Bikini Kill
White Minority 2 Black Flag
Nights in White Satin 2 The Dickies
Guilty of Being White 2 Slayer
Wasted White Boys 2 WASP
White Cluster 2 Opeth
Black & White 2 Static-X
White Feather 2 Wolfmother
White Trash Millionaire 2 Black Stone Cherry
Killing In The Name 2 Rage Against the Machine
White Lies 2 Jason and the Scorchers
White Queen (As It Began) 2 Queen
White 2 The Cult
Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow 2 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
White Boy 2 Magic Dirt
Snow White 2 Magic Dirt
White Summer 2 Led Zeppelin
White Hats/Black Hats 2 Tomahawks
White City 2 The Pogues
White-Knuckle Blackout! 2 Machine Head
Snow White Queen 1 Evanescence
Snow 1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
White Light 1 The Ghost Inside
The White Flag 1 Stray from the Path
White People And The Damage Done 1 Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School Of Medicine
Nights In White Satin 1 The Moody Blues
Red White and Blue 1 Overkill
White Water Siren 1 The Tea Party
White Patches 1 Country Teasers
Whitey in the Woodpile 1 Cows
White Sand 1 Boss Hog
To Our Friends in the Great White North 1 Botch
In the White 1 Katatonia
White Russian 1 Marillion
White Witch 1 Angel Witch
Black & White 1 INXS
The White Sea 1 The Sword
Ride a White Swan 1 T-Rex
The Jackson Whites 1 The Wildhearts
White Light District 1 Backyard Babies
The Pale King 1 Testament
White Feather 1 Marillion
Lily White 1 Front End Loader
Lift 1 Brad
White Wedding 1 Murder Dolls
Rabbit With Fangs 1 Magic Dirt
White Knuckles 1 Elvis Costello
Old White Lincoln 1 The Gaslight Anthem
White Sky 1 Vampire Weekend
Black & White World 1 Elvis Costello
White Punks on Dope 1 Motley Crue
Fortunate Son 1 Creedence Clearwater Revival
White Lies 1 War on Women
Red, White & Brainwashed 1 Anti-Flag
Black & White Town 1 Doves
White Cross 1 Sonic Youth
White Collar Crime 1 The Fauves
White Line Fever 1 Destroyer 666
White Knuckles 1 Five Finger Death Punch
White Heat, Red Hot 1 Halford
White Lightning 1 Def Leppard
White Trash 1 Brides of Destruction
White Horse 1 Brides of Destruction
White Mansions 1 Warrior
Blood Red, White & Blue 1 Rise Against
White Nile 1 Born of Osiris
Black & White 1 In Flames
White Death 1 Sabaton
White Walls 1 Still Remains
Whiteout 1 Killing Joke
Return of the White Rabbit 1 Ash
White Palm 1 BRMC
White Dog 1 C.O.F.F.I.N
White Wedding 1 Sentenced
Black No 1 1 Type O Negative
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 1 The Rolling Stones
Hells Bells 1 ACDC
White Line Fever 1 King Snake Roost
White Horse 1 Examplehead
White Lady Funerals 1 Private Function
White Paper 1 Marillion
Don’t Get Death Threats Anymore 1 The Fauves
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 1 The Standells
White Lightning 1 George Jones
A White Sports Coat 1 Marty Robbins
White Trash Superstar 1 Spiderbait
White Water Hymnal 1 Fleet Foxes
The Frozen Wastes of Hoth 1 Hoth
Mystifier (White Night City) 1 Bewitcher
White 1 Something for Kate
Whitewash 1 The Scientists
Pearly White 1 Junkhouse
White Magic/Black Magic 1 Saint Vitus
White Witch 1 Savatage
Mr White 1 Trouble
Chasing White Rabbits 1 Nonpoint
Bone China 1 Mother Love Bone
Red or White 1 West Thebarton
The Hunt For White Christ 1 Unleashed
Mystifier (White Night City) 1 Bewitcher
White Witch 1 Angel Witch
Pale Sun 1 Baroness
White Men in Black Suits 1 Everclear
White Lies 1 Grin
White Socks/Flip Flops 1 Super Furry Animals
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R3 - White by ConnorsConnors, 11 Aug 2021 12:01
Yard Song Votes Band
Porch 14 Pearl Jam
Wicked Garden 13 Stone Temple Pilots
Garden 11 Pearl Jam
The Garden 8 Guns 'n' Roses
Back Porch 5 The Presidents of the USA
Atomic Garden 5 Bad Religion
Hong Kong Garden 5 Siousxie and the Banshees
Garden of Eden 5 Guns 'n' Roses
Big Backyard 4 The Porkers
A Child And His Lawnmower 4 Dead Kennedys
Rose Petalled Garden 3 Black Label Society
In Bloom 3 Nirvana
Better in the Shed 3 Cosmic Psychos
The Garden's Tale 3 VOLBEAT
Cemetery's Garden 3 The Menzingers
Human Being Lawnmower 3 MC5
The Garden 3 Rush
Beautiful Gardens 3 The Cramps
Backyard Brawl 3 Alice Cooper
Memory's Garden 2 Trouble
Greener Grass 2 Millencolin
Biscuits for Smut 2 Helmet
Gardenia 2 Kyuss
Garden Of Babylon 2 Crashdiet
Garden Party 2 Marillion
Hardest Button to Button 2 The White Stripes
Garageland 2 The Clash
Garden of Cyrus 2 At the Gates
My Own Worst Enemy 2 Lit
I Used to Love Her 2 Guns 'N' Roses
Garden of Light 2 Isis
Blue Garden 2 Masters Of Reality
After the Garden 2 Neil Young
Gardening at Night 2 REM
Swing Life Away 2 Rise Against
The Creator Has A Mastertape 2 Porcupine Tree
The Garden of Earthly Delights 2 Apocalypse Orchestra
Dirty Work 1 Halestorm
Hanging Garden 1 The Cure
Pink Houses 1 John Cougar Mellencamp
Lookin’ Out My Back Door 1 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bed Of Roses 1 Warrant
In Lilly’s Garden 1 The Wildhearts
Secret Garden 1 Bruce Springsteen
Every Rose Has Its Thorn 1 Poison
Thorn Without A Rose 1 Edguy
Where the Wild Roses Grow 1 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
English Rose 1 Motorhead
New Rose 1 The Damned
Backyard 1 Mad Caddies
Roof Of The Shed 1 Masters Of Reality
Sublime 1 Garden Grove
Garden In The Bones 1 Periphery
Gap in the Fence 1 Enter Shikari
The Pot 1 TOOL
Shed 1 Meshuggah
Suite Pee 1 System Of A Down
In The Grass 1 Mary Timony
Welcome To The Garden State 1 Overkill
Party on the Patio 1 ZZ Top
Bonin' In The Boneyard 1 Fishbone
Porchlight 1 Buffalo Tom
Fever 1 Aerosmith
Body Count 1 Body Count
Minor Byrd 1 You Am I
I Will Buy You a New Life 1 Everclear
Keep Your Cat Off My Garden 1 Hung Like Hanratty
Back Porch 1 Limp Bizkit
Porch Swing 1 Collective Soul
Milkshake 1 The Hotrats
Out of the Garden 1 Crypt Sermon
The Garden of Bleeding 1 Exodus
English Country Garden 1 The Darkness
Garden Grove 1 Sublime
Garden of Serenity 1 Ramones
Country Yard 1 The Vines
Testify 1 Rage Against the Machine
A Good Year For The Roses 1 Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Under the Garden 1 No Use for a Name
Model Village 1 IDLES
Applebee's Bar 1 Spraynard
Me & Julio Down by the School Yard 1 Streetlight Manifesto
Lumber Yard 1 McCafferty
Better Homes & Gardens 1 SNFU
Punks, Get Off The Grass 1 Edith Massey
Moon Over Marin 1 Dead Kennedys
Take the Skinheads Bowling 1 Camper Van Beethoven
When I Come Around 1 Green Day
Salvation 1 Rancid
Secret Garden 1 Spiritbox
Grass for Blades 1 Wigwam
Garden of Man 1 Grace Slick
Shunting Yard 1 King Snake Roost
Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores 1 Bauhaus
Garden 1 The Fall
Blues No. 1: Garden Of Medals 1 Swell Maps
I Build this Garden for Us 1 Lenny Kravitz
Beating Around the Bush 1 ACDC
Avant Garden 1 Aerosmith
Backyard Skulls 1 Frightened Rabbit
I Can Hear The Grass Grow 1 The Move
Lucky Country 1 Midnight Oil
Feathergun in the Garden of the Sun 1 Rishloo
When 1 Isis
A New Reign 1 Devin Townsend Project
Grey Garden 1 Windhand
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R2 - Yard by ConnorsConnors, 05 Aug 2021 07:20

My CCs for the Smoking 7Rock Playlist.

(Pretty pissed at the amount of Aussie songs missing from this list.
I so wish there was more support for post 90s stuff. Anyway, here
are the songs listed in my order…)


'Never Had So Much Fun' - Love this song. Glad a couple of
Frenzal songs made it. This is one of the best party songs.
'Hashpipe' - Knew it would be a favourite. I love it too.
'Nightrain' - Can't go wrong with anything from this album. Even
though it is more of a drinking song.
'No Cigar' - Stoked to see these guys up in the placings.
Not even close to my favourite song of theirs, but it gets the love.
'Smoko' - This and their 'Mum Stole My Darts' were the first two
songs to come to mind. Pissed the other did not make this list.


'Bucket Bong' - It's Frenzal, so I like it. But had sev others
above this one of theirs.
'Feel Good Hit of the Summer' - I like this one, but glad it did not
place over other 'just smoking' songs. This already did well in our
Drug Songs run.
'Sweat Leaf' - Not their greatest, but a worthy place-getter here.
'Smokin'' - Nice bit of boogie and classic rock to round out the mix.


'Smokin' in the Boys Room' - I love Crue, but there are just so
many cooler smoking songs than this cover. Inc the original.
'Have a Cigar' - I was digging the slow jam intro… then those
shitty synthesizers come in and fuck it all up. Why? Some good
guitars throughout, but overall a pretty boring song.


So, no songs I disliked. 5 I loved, but I still can't get the songs
that missed out of my head. Still, for a voted run, I enjoyed the

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Re: R1 - Smoking - CCs by ConnorsConnors, 03 Aug 2021 05:16

Revisiting Helmet for the #FaveArtistTop15

  1. 'Unsung' (#10 1992)
  2. 'Milquetoast' (#13 1994)
  3. 'Biscuits for Smut' (#23 1994)
  4. 'Exactly What You Wanted' (#25 1997)
  5. 'Wilma's Rainbow' (#38 1994)
  6. 'Renovation' (#28 1997)
  7. 'In the Meantime' (#58 1992)
  8. 'Driving Nowhere' (#90 1997)
  9. 'Easy To Get Bored' (Outside Top100 1997)
  10. 'See You Dead' (#78 2004)
  11. 'Crashing Foreign Cars' (#94 2004)
  12. 'Pure' (Outside Top100 1997)
  13. 'Gone' (Outside Top100 2006)
  14. 'Throwing Punches' (Outside Top100 2004)
  15. 'Just Another Victim' (feat House of Pain, Outside Top100 1993)
  16. 'Give It' (Outside Top100 1992)

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Re: R5 - Helmet by ConnorsConnors, 02 Aug 2021 04:57
Smoking Song Votes Band
Hash Pipe 10 Weezer
No Cigar 9 Millencolin
Sweet Leaf 8 Black Sabbath
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer 7 Queens of the Stone Age
Smokin' in the Boys Room 6 Motley Crue
Bucket Bong 6 Frenzal Rhomb
Never Had So Much Fun 6 Frenzal Rhomb
Have a Cigar 5 Pink Floyd
Smoko 5 The Chats
Nightrain 4 Guns 'N' Roses
5,000 Cigarettes 4 Frenzal Rhomb
Nicotine Stain 4 Siouxsie & The Banshees
Cigarettes and Alcohol 4 Oasis
Smokin Johnny Cash 3 The Blackeyed Susans
Pink Cigarette 3 Mr Bungle
Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em 3 Parkway Drive
Cigaro 3 System Of A Down
Beer and a Cigarette 3 Hanoi Rocks
Mum Stole My Darts 3 The Chats
Smokin' 3 Boston
Smoke Two Joints 3 Sublime
Coffee & Cigarettes 3 Jimmy Eat World
Detroit Rock City 3 KISS
Bury Me in Smoke 2 Down
Shake Your Ass-Smoke Your Grass 2 Rob Zombie
Cigarette Smoke Fiona 2 Arctic Monkeys
Toke About It 2 Tesla
Smoke the Sky 2 Motley Crue
Cigarettes 2 Kings X
More Cigarettes 2 The Replacements
Ashes To Ashes 2 Faith No More
Legalize Me 2 Prophets of Rage
Stupid, Stoned & Dumb 2 Poison
Knights Forever 2 The Bennies
Dopesmoker 2 Sleep
Teflon 2 Jebediah
Cigarettes 2 Seether
Smoking In The Boys Room 2 Brownsville Station
That Smell 2 Lynyrd Skynyrd
Harry Rag 2 The Kinks
Last Cigarette 2 Dramarama
Smoking Again 2 The Fauves
Smoke 'em 2 Fun Lovin' Criminals
Me & Mary Jane 2 Black Stone Cherry
Cigarette Daydreams 2 Cage the Elephant
If My Bong Could Talk 2 Dune Rats
You Don't Know How It Feels? 2 Tom Petty
Jerks of Attention 1 Jebediah
Mister Richard Smoker 1 Ween
Red Light, Green Light 1 Dune Rats
Granola Head 1 The Queers
Royal Artillery 1 Horsell Common
Smokin' In Bed 1 Six Foot Hick
Stoned to the Bone 1 Mean Jeans
Marlboro Gold 1 The Durries
All I Wanted Was A Cigarette 1 Front End Loader
Maximum Tolerance 1 Front End Loader
Bucket 1 Front End Loader
The Iron Will 1 Front End Loader
Drawing Flies 1 Soundgarden
Big Empty 1 Stone Temple Pilots
Rip 'N' Dig 1 Cosmic Psychos
Crackpipe 1 Hits
I'm Drunk, So What, Fuck You 1 Flangipanis
Birth Ritual 1 Soundgarden
The Joker 1 Steve Miller Band
I Take Drugs 1 Murderdolls
Smokin' 1 Anthrax
Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown 1 Acid Witch
Goddamn Electric 1 Pantera
Cigarettes & Valentines 1 Green Day
Why Do You Think They Call It Dope? 1 Love/Hate
Mary Jane 1 Love/Hate
Lady Nicotine 1 The Dogs D’Amour
Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 1 Bob Dylan
Scott Green 1 Dune Rats
Born to Party 1 Municipal Waste
Smoke Banshee 1 Clutch
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend 1 Type O Negative
Don't Tell 1 Royal Blood
Alright 1 Supergrass
Smoke Rings 1 Sceaming Trees
Mama Kin 1 Aerosmith
Heavy Heart 1 You Am I
Smoke It 1 The Dandy Warhols
You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette 1 Robert Fripp
Vegged Out 1 World War XXIV
Wanna Smoke 1 Graham Day & the Gaolers
Rock n Roll Suicide 1 Bowie
Been Smoking Too Long 1 Nick Drake
Chain Smoking 1 Subway Sect
Beer Bong 1 NOFX
(As Long As They’ve Got) Cigarettes In Hell 1 Oasis
Hail the Leaf 1 Down
Smoke 1 Lucero
Benson and Hedges 1 The Loved Ones
Tobacco Island 1 Flogging Molly
Smokin’ Banana Peels 1 The Dead Milkmen
1 Cigarette 1 Band Camino
Cigarette Ash 1 Lily Wire
Sassafras Roots 1 Green Day
Smokin' 1 Super Furry Animals
Beer and Fags 1 Hard Skin
Smokes And Shadows 1 Vain
Ashes To Ashes 1 Bowie
Smoke On The Water 1 Deep Purple
Tobacco Road 1 Edgar Winter
Nothing Left to Lose 1 The Pretty Reckless
Baltimore Rain 1 The Amity Affliction
Half God Half Devil 1 In This Moment
What a Shame 1 Shinedown
Seritonia 1 Highly Suspect
The Ghost Of Jimmy Saville 1 Hung Like Hanratty
Blowin’ Smoke 1 Nashville Pussy
Have a Cigar 1 Foo Fighters
Soul Kitchen 1 The Doors
Blowin' Smoke 1 Arcwelder
We Don't Smoke It No More 1 Neil Young
Smoking Her Wings 1 Bats
The Great Barrier Reefer 1 Bongripper
Reefer Sutherland 1 Bongripper
Coffee & Cigarettes 1 Lagwagon
Cigarettes 1 The Southern River Band
Champagne & Reefer 1 Black Stone Cherry
Cigarettes & Suitcases 1 Something For Kate
My Iron Lung 1 Radiohead
Nod Scene 1 Monster Magnet
Bottle of Smoke 1 The Pogues
Green Day 1 Green Day
Dropkick Murphys 1 Rose Tattoo
Let’s Have a Smoke Outside 1 Perry Keyes
Beer and Cigarettes 1 Perry Keyes
Big Cig 1 The Hold Steady
Cigarette 1 The Smithereens
Cigarettes and Wine 1 Jason Isbell
Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks 1 Pantera
Cigarette Dangles 1 The Pursuit Of Happiness
Mr Brightside 1 The Killers
Japanese Cigarette Case 1 Spoon

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R1 - Smoking by ConnorsConnors, 29 Jul 2021 04:20

As we kick off another Songs by Themes run. Feel free to post votes here if you like.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Themes - Songs - Season 14 by ConnorsConnors, 29 Jul 2021 04:18
Precious Metals Song Votes Band
Silverfuck 10 The Smashing Pumpkins
Silver Lizard 8 Tumbleweed
Man on the Silver Mountain 7 Rainbow
Golden Brown 6 The Stranglers
Man of Golden Words 5 Mother Love Bone
Black Gold 5 Soul Asylum
Silvergun Superman 5 Stone Temple Pilots
Silver Rocket 5 Sonic Youth
Wasted Years 5 Iron Maiden
Silver Age 4 Bob Mould
Gold Against The Soul 4 Manic Street Preachers
Ship of Gold 4 Clutch
Silver 4 Machine Head
Fools Gold 4 The Stone Roses
Goldfinger 4 Ash
Silver Machine 4 Hawkwind
The Golden Shore 4 Warrior Soul
Silver Lining 4 Stiff Little Fingers
That Golden Rule 4 Biffy Clyro
Gallows Pole 3 Led Zepellin
Gold Lion 3 Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The House of Gold & Bones 3 Stone Sour
Man With Golden Helmet 3 Radio Birdman
My Name is Golden 3 Millencolin
Silver 3 Hundred Reasons
The Ecstasy of Gold 3 Metallica
Gold On The Ceiling 3 The Black Keys
Silver Spoon 3 KISS
The Gold Song 2 Bouncing Souls
Golden Years 2 Bowie
El Dorado 2 Iron Maiden
Pictures in the Gold Room 2 Chimaira
Silence Is Golden 2 Garbage
The Gold It's in The? 2 Pink Floyd
Heart of Gold 2 Neil Young
Almost Gold 2 Jesus and Mary Chain
Give Up For Australia 2 TISM
Silver 2 Pixies
Man With The Golden Heart 2 The Stems
Little Silver Cross 2 White Reaper
Golden Futures 2 The Penske File
The Gold Medal 2 The Donnas
Mine Is Gold 2 State Champs
Silver Bullets 2 Hot Rollers
The Man With The Golden Gun 2 Alice Cooper
Concrete & Gold 2 Foo Fighters
Gold Halo 2 The Datsuns
Gold Dust Woman 2 Hole
Streets of Gold 2 Diamond Head
Worth Your Weight in Gold 2 Hanoi Rocks
Golden Tanks 2 Cancer Bats
Golden Libido 2 Bokassa
Golden Age 2 Kreator
Solid Gold 2 Monster Magnet
Gold Digging Whore 2 Steel Panther
City Of Gold 2 Dragonforce
Gold Teeth on a Bum 1 Dillinger Escape Plan
Dust to Gold 1 The Tea Party
Golden Dawn / Knights Templar 1 The Lillingtons
The Golden Eel 1 Ween
Silver Horses 1 Badlands
Solid Gold 1 Vain
Ornaments of Gold 1 Siouxsie and the Banshees
New Gold Dream 1 Simple Minds
Big Gold Dream 1 The Fire Engines
Band of Gold 1 Freda Payne
Silver Dream Machine 1 Scars
Gold to Me 1 Ben Harper
Silver River 1 Gotthard
Seven Cities of Gold 1 Rush
Bronzed Up 1 Front End Loader
Solid Gold 1 The Darkness
Silver 1 Echo & The Bunnymen
Turning Gold 1 The Pretty Reckless
Maxwell's Silver Hammer 1 The Beatles
Gold Rush 1 Death Cab for Cutie
Honey Steels Gold 1 Ed Keupper
Silver & Gold 1 Backyard Babies
Johnny Silvers 1 The Dogs D’Amour
Gold & Silver 1 Cuckoo
Fool's Gold 1 Thin Lizzy
Gold Guns Girls 1 Metric
Golden Arrow 1 Foghat
Falling For A Goldmine 1 Transvision Vamp
Silver Needle Golden Nail 1 Amenra
Golden 1 Kingswood
Silver Snail 1 Pixies
Gold Cobra 1 Limp Bizkit
Golden Dawn 1 Edguy
Gold and Glory 1 Grand Magus
The American Nightmare 1 Ice Nine Kills
The Golden Age Of Grotesque 1 Marilyn Manson
Silver Future 1 Monster Magnet
Golden Playpen 1 INXS
Solid Gold Telephone 1 Head Automatica
Silverfish 1 King Buffalo
Fortunate Son 1 Creedence Clearwater Revival
Steel and Blood 1 Minus the Bear
Silver 1 Moist
Silver Tongue 1 Zulu Winter
Silver, Blue & Gold 1 Bad Company
Sister Golden Hair 1 America
Golden Blunders 1 The Posies
The Silver Hawaiian 1 Helmet
Glitters Like Gold 1 The Cribs
Silver Train 1 The Rolling Stones
Golden Age 1 Midnight Oil
Through Silver in Blood 1 Neurosis
Silver & Gold 1 U2
Bronze For ‘Straya 1 Frenzal Rhomb
Backwoods Gold 1 Black Stone Cherry
Gold Coast 1 Violent Soho
Stairway to Heaven 1 Led Zeppelin
Silver Bullet 1 Wednesday 13
Fafner's Gold 1 Amon Amarth
Golden Ball & Chain 1 Jason & the Scorchers
Solid Gold Hell 1 The Scientists
Silver Spoon 1 Flour
Golden Showers 1 Butthole Surfers
Golden State 1 American Hi-Fi
Golden Touch 1 Razorlight
Silver Swamp 1 Spacegoat
Brass in Pocket 1 The Pretenders
Bottle of Fur 1 Urge Overkill
Gold 1 Imagine Dragons
Solid Gold 1 Freedom Hawk
Golden Boy 1 Inflatable Soule
Gold 1 Iggy Pop
Golden Egg 1 EAT
Gold Hole 1 Shame
Coppertone 1 Fini Scad
Platinum Blind 1 Rooster
Silver Bullet 1 Hawthorne Heights
Assault & Batter / The Golden Void 1 Hawkwind
Silver Needle/Golden Dawn 1 Harakiri For The Sky
The Silver Cord 1 Gojira
Gold Steps 1 Neck Deep
Gold 1 Press To MECO
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R7 - Precious Metals by ConnorsConnors, 21 Jul 2021 01:49

Nice Songs Playlist CCs

(Songs in order of my preference)


Nice Day to Go to the Pub - I so wanted to see a Cosmic Psychos
song win this. It was in the placings for most of run. Such a pity it
slipped to 4th. What an anthem, and riff!
Nice Things - I don't need to say any more about The Menzingers;
if people don't want to get with the modern day The Clash… :/
Wouldn't it be Nice? - Try not to sing along with this one. A live staple.
Nice Guys - Cracking tune. I expected this to place, which it did.
Would not have been surprised if Gunners' version made it too,
but it hardly got a vote. Nice to see the original get there.
No More Mr Nice Guy - Awesome song and very worthy winner.
Hey Man, Nice Shot - A pretty cool track. Was not sure if this would
be favoured or not. 5th a solid finish. I like it, esp the howl.
Nice Guy - Cool to see something modern (and Australian) in the list.
Everybody's Got Nice Stuff But Me - A discovery for me this run, and
I loved it.


Nice Guys Finish Last - This surprised me. Green Day have not
polled that well in Themed Songs runs and this is not their best.
Not even close to best on the album for me, but still a good song.
Have a Nice Day - I feel weird having two favourite punk bands here
in the 'Liked' section and not above. I still like, but not their best either.
Sweating Bullets - Did not think of this one for the run. Interesting.
I Ain't Nice Guy - A ballad from Motorhead. Surprising.
Nice New Outfit - Love seeing FUGAZI in the lists.
Have a Nice Day - There were several songs titled this. This one is
Bon Jovi and a decent anthem. Cool rumble to it.


White Wedding - Not a bad song. Not great either. Full of too many
cliches, like the 80s drums.
N.F.L - Yeah, pretty standard metal fare. Not a lot in it for me. Still,
a cool song to add as a bonus.
Nice Day… For a Funeral - I've liked some Overkill I've been
exposed to here, but this one did little for me.
Nice to Know You - I was so worried when this was above CS's.
Fortunately it dropped off. Not a bad riff, but I just find these guys
rather boring.


Well, there is nothing here I disliked (except parts of Incubus).
Strangely, based on the songs, some of my favourite bands not at the
top. Good to see a mix of old and new and in-between. As well as a
few Aussie crackers. Motorhead a nice surprise and a discovery
with the Dead Milkmen song adds to my enjoyment of this list.


“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

Re: R5 - Nice by ConnorsConnors, 18 Jul 2021 05:18
Room Song Votes Band
Room a Thousand Years Wide 18 Soundgarden
Waiting Room 13 FUGAZI
Room for One More 9 Anthrax
Blackout in the Red Room 8 Love/Hate
Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room 7 Motley Crue
White Room 7 Cream
Lounge Act 7 Nirvana
Ladies Room 7 KISS
In a Darkened Room 7 Skid Row
Bathroom Wall 6 Faster Pussycat
Who Was In My Room Last Night? 6 Butthole Surfers
My Favourite Room 5 Lime Spiders
Room Service 4 KISS
The Destroyed Room 4 Sonic Youth
Toys in the Attic 4 Aerosmith
The Quiet Room 4 Alice Cooper
Sitting in My Room 3 Ramones
Here In Your Bedroom 3 Goldfinger
Make Room 3 Helmet
I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement 3 Ramones
My Empty Room 3 Queensryche
Room With A View 3 The Interrupters
Room 429 2 Strapping Young Lad
Like a Stone 2 Audioslave
One Room, One Axe, One Outcome 2 Orange Goblin
Room 409 2 Bullet for My Valentine
Shelf In The Room 2 Days of the New
Room 309 2 Creeper
Rubber Room 2 Pulkas
In Quiet Rooms 2 Dramarama
Motel Room in My Bed 2 X
Wrecking Hotel Rooms 2 MxPx
Little Room 2 The White Stripes
Candy's Room 2 Bruce Springsteen
Sanitarium 2 Metallica
Meet Me In The Bathroom 2 The Strokes
A Room with a View 2 Death Angel
Empty Rooms 2 Gary Moore
Room of Nightmares 2 Black Label Society
Bedroom Eyes 1 Yngwie Malmsteen
Valhalla 1 Skegss
Blubber Boy 1 Regurgitator
Alone in a Room 1 Asking Alexandria
In My Room 1 In Flames
Camarillo Brillo 1 Frank Zappa
Red Room 1 Loathe
Here In My Room 1 Incubus
In The Garage 1 Weezer
In Your Room 1 Halestorm
Whiskey In The Jar 1 Metallica
Sometimes She Cries 1 Warrant
Save Her 1 Crashdiet
White Nights In A Day Room 1 Scar The Martyr
Spooks In The Attic 1 Edguy
Room 24 1 VOLBEAT
The Room 1 The Living End
Regular John 1 Queens of the Stone Age
In Your Room 1 The Bangles
Room Without A View 1 The Butterfly Effect
Your Arizona Room 1 Everclear
Kitchen Door 1 Buffalo Tom
Light the Room 1 Jason Loewenstein
Room 244 1 Life of Agony
Barroom Boogie 1 Y&T
Die You Bastard 1 Motorhead
Garageland 1 The Clash
You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties 1 Jona Lewie
Mirror in the Bathroom 1 Beat
Better In The Shed 1 Cosmic Psychos
Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room 1 Brownsville Station
Kitchen Ware & Candy Bars 1 Stone Temple Pilots
Rooms on Fire 1 Stevie Nicks
Room for the Life 1 Kate Bush
Room Full Of Mirrors 1 Jimi Hendrix
In the Back Room 1 Skunk Anansie
In My Room 1 Thousand Foot Krutch
Bedroom Thang 1 ZZ Top
Animal (Fuck like a Beast) 1 WASP
Roses on White Lace 1 Alice Cooper
House of Pain 1 Faster Pussycat
No Room For Emotion 1 Faster Pussycat
Get Drunk, Play Records 1 Loose Pills
Ants in the Kitchen 1 Masters of Reality
Clear My Attic 1 BORED
Dying 1 Plunderers
This Room 1 Jacob's Mouse
Rooms for the Memory 1 Michael Hutchence
Boiler Room 1 TAD
Red Room 1 Loathe
Black Room 1 Felix Riebl
Vestibule 1 They Might Be Giants
These Four Walls 1 Pretty Vicious
Kitchenette 1 Grinderman
The Warmest Room 1 Billy Bragg
Weird Kitchen 1 Cows
In the Engine Room 1 Mike Watt
Basement 1 The Copyrights
Basement 1 Radkey
Back to the Basement 1 The Queers
In the Basement 1 Teenage Bottlerocket
American Basements 1 The Penske File
Pale Green Stars 1 Everclear
Trophies In The Attic 1 Phoxjaw
Bedroom Mazurka 1 Cactus
Four Enclosed Walls 1 Public Image Ltd.
Bedridden 1 Extortion
Room 429 1 Cop Shoot Cop
Alabama Motel Room 1 Matthew Good Band
Room Without a View 1 The Smithereens
Square Rooms 1 Al Corley
Transmissions from a Lonely Room 1 Stone Temple Pilots
Room for Improvement 1 Guttermouth
Girl in Room 12 1 The Smithereens
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band
Song 1 Band

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S. Truman

R6 - Room by ConnorsConnors, 15 Jul 2021 04:49
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