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Roleplaying Rules & Systems
For discussion on specific rules sets.
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The Adventure Game Engine, Green Ronin Publishing. egs: Fantasy Age & Dragon Age
426by VampreyVamprey
09 Feb 2017 02:53Jump!
A House System we created based on Savage Worlds, but incorporating ideas from other games.
39523by VampreyVamprey
18 Aug 2014 09:18Jump!
Multi-genre game from Monte Cook Games.
33275by VampreyVamprey
25 Apr 2017 23:30Jump!
Currently focused on 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons by Wizards of the Coast.
1261616by blairosblairos
22 Mar 2017 17:00Jump!
What's Old is New. Multi-genre from Morrus/Enworld
311by ConnorsConnors
10 Apr 2017 04:00Jump!
d6 dice pool system for Mutant: Year Zero & Coriolis.
872by VampreyVamprey
23 Apr 2017 10:20Jump!
Roleplaying General Forums
Discussion on Settings, Ideas, Tools, when to game etc.
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Place to chat about roleplaying ideas (not rules and tools)
93989by VampreyVamprey
24 Apr 2017 01:40Jump!
Place to discuss system neutral ideas and tools both here and on the net.
33436by ConnorsConnors
19 Oct 2016 09:42Jump!
A forum for our writing imprint
888by VampreyVamprey
05 Apr 2016 13:11Jump!
A place to discuss the actual settings where we base our games. Each setting also has their own forums for more specific discussions.
16178by ConnorsConnors
19 Aug 2016 04:30Jump!
Mainly for setting dates and games, inc Azentia.
43831by ConnorsConnors
27 Apr 2017 07:30Jump!
So people can see when (if) we are playing in Wyche.
2086by ConnorsConnors
02 Dec 2015 06:27Jump!
Created new area for CC discussion, so we can talk about each part in isolation - 1 place to check.
15466by VampreyVamprey
01 May 2016 03:12Jump!
Music Forums
Tours, Fav Lists, Etc.
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Give us your Top 7 or whatever.
113988by VampreyVamprey
26 Apr 2017 12:47Jump!
Fav song right now. Post video for SoW, or check out the 'mix tapes' of compiled SoD from JBNow
91259by ConnorsConnors
09 Jan 2017 02:46Jump!
Post tour news and seek ticket buyers, new albums and other news
72541by ConnorsConnors
02 Apr 2017 02:16Jump!
Stuff about music programs and sites.
13109by VampreyVamprey
09 Feb 2017 00:43Jump!
Anything that doesn't fit the above ;)
1467by ConnorsConnors
29 Nov 2016 10:56Jump!
Other Forums
Sports, etc. It is here.
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Comedians, Jokes, Funny Vids, etc. Please post.
1562by VampreyVamprey
03 Mar 2016 07:44Jump!
Another interest for several members here. Also the place to discuss tips and Fantasy Teams.
1466by VampreyVamprey
27 Mar 2017 00:26Jump!
Talk about the actual site(s), like a meta-forum and a place for anything non-RPG and not covered by other forums.
76492by VampreyVamprey
10 Apr 2017 12:43Jump!

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