Frost Dwarf Lore

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Dwarf mythology tells that the ice dwarves were crafted by a lesser known dwarven deity, often referred to as The Reaver. He was a formidable foe of the frost giants and dwelled in the coldest regions of the dwarven afterworld. The Reaver went to the Creator with his ice-carvings and a strong view that dwarves who could survive the cold were needed in the world, as that is where their enemies lived. So the Creator breathed life into the Reaver’s creations and the ice dwarves were placed in the arctic regions of the world to battle the frost giants.

Cold and Distant

Just as ice dwarves live in a frigid and frosty landscape, their demeanour more than matches their home’s iciness. Ice dwarves, sometimes referred to as glacial or frost dwarves (which they do not like), share many features with mountain dwarves, but their isolation has led to them being even more aloof and guarded, bordering on outright arrogance. Some would say the only friends of the ice dwarves are the wolverines, polar bears and musk-ox that they keep as livestock, pets, and sometimes mounts. But this is not true. They are shrewd traders and actually enjoy the company of others; it is more a matter of how long the others can put up with the ice dwarves’ presence.
Still, it is rare for them to come into contact with other races and self-reliance is a virtue to the ice dwarves. If an ice dwarf sees something that needs doing, they do it. They don’t procrastinate and they don’t make excuses. It might be such a task of importance that needs doing that sets a young ice dwarf on a quest or mission and thus the road to adventure. They might need to get help, seek a trade, or simply hunt tougher game. Many young ice dwarves also become curious about lands that are not so bleak and featureless.
An ice dwarf’s appearance also reflects their cold habitat. Skin tones are very pale and often tinged blue, hair is grey, white or another shade of blue, whilst their eyes are bright blue, like blazing shards of ice. Ice dwarves are even more heavy set than other dwarves..

Honor and Tradition

Whilst isolationist, ice dwarves still hold the traditions of clan, honor and craftsmanship dear. They still live in large holds; they just carve their tunnels and halls into ice and stone. They still use traditional weapons, and they still work with metal when it is available. Armor often involves metal or bone strips inserted between layers of leather and fur. Isolation (and a possible fear of losing touch with their heritage) forces the ice dwarves to reinforce dwarven ways on a daily basis. They devoutly worship the dwarven pantheon in the hopes of maintaining favour with all of the deities.

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