Gigs ABC

A Wilhelm Scream

The Palace - Hits & Pits, Good Friday, 2013

I was very much looking forward to these guys. I had only just started listening to their stuff, but I thought they would shred it live. They got off to a good start and the singer sounded very positive, but I kinda got the feeling they were 'trying too hard'. In all, they had the pit going and I would say a good gig, but not the best for the evening (which I was thinking might happen). (Went with Aido, Blair & Shane).


A Day To Remember

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

One of the bands I got into in the couple of years prior to this gig and one I really wanted to see. I left Bowling FOr Soup to arrive during the ending of I'm Made of Wax…. (One of my favs :)) The sound on the main stage didn't sound as good at this time of day and I only stayed for a few songs before heading to Pennywise. I heard another one I like (whose name escapes me at the moment) and Homesick which was okay. (I think Duff and Slug saw most of their set).



National Tennis Centre Melbourne, Sunday 20th October 1991 - the Razor's Edge tour

Big show – could remember feeling the bass drum pounding my chest. Thunderstruck was huge at the time and sounded great live.

  • Played with: Candy Harlots
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($43), ACDC dollar notes (that fell during Money Talks)

National Tennis Centre Melbourne, February 7th 1988 - Blow Up Your Video Tour

I went to this one with Aido and his old man (Trevor Hoare). I still remember Trev getting searched and the guys going, "Jesus!" at Trev's pointy shoes. I believe I have a T-shirt (cut into singlet) from this concert somewhere. I have a feeling this was the first concert in the new Tennis Centre too.

  • Went with: Aido, Trevor (Aidan's dad), O'dette?
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($35)

Alice In Chains

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Great sound on the main stage. Could have had a few faster numbers - the set seemed mid-pace, but still sounded great. Dam That River was near the start.

  • Watched with: Slug

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Saturday, 30th October 1993

Show started with band silhouted against a white sheet covering the front of the stage. I absolutely loved Dirt when it came out and was looking forward to this show, but the support band kinda blew them away. Mark reminded me how the drummer got pissed off, kicked his drums over and walked off. And I think the Suicidal drummer finished the set. Layne Stayley (singer) was messed up and had trouble keeping his voice together.

  • Played with: Suicidal Tendencies
  • Went with: Mark McLean, Palms, Steve Allender?, Jussy?
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($38); T-shirt.

Alkaline Trio

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Finally got to see these guys. I was early in the day and they were good, but I thought I would know more of the songs. Played I Wanna Be a Warhol from the new album, but not my fav (She Lied to the FBI). They did play Private Eye though (from my fav album) and a corker of a version of Time To Waste (from Crimson). (Duff and Shane saw this set too).



Ballarat Uni

I am sure I saw these guys a few times taking in the festivals and Ballarat gigs. I have to chase up specifics.



Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy - Pt of Fest-Mas, 1st Dec, 2012

Were on right before Pour Habit. Not amongst my favs for the day. Kinda hardcore, constantly loud, shouting testosterone sounding. Good at what they do, but didn't really get my attention.



Adelaide Soundwave, 21st Feb, 2015

I got into these guys the week before the show. With only 1 album and a spot on the main stage, I was hoping they would play some At The Drive-In. They didn't, but I got to hear the 2 songs I wanted to: In the Lurch and I Got No Remorse. Unfortunately, the singer's mix was horrible. The back-up singer's was far better. We (Blair and Mark) left to watch the end of The Interrupters. I returned to see the end of this set, but the ending did not do anything for me.



Soundwave - Flemington Racecourse, March 1st 2013

On main stage starting at 12.40 pm. The main stages were huge. Aido and I watched from equal to the mixing desk (also the size of some of the smaller stages). Sounded very good and put on a good show (despite not playing any of the early 90's Anthrax I like best). A cool cover of T.N.T to finish the show.



170 Russell, Melbourne, 28th September 2015

I really enjoyed their set. I had not seen them before and they played almost all of the songs I really liked and wanted to hear. A Clash cover was a bonus (and I had been wearing my Clash short all day that day - but changed to a Pennywise for the gig). Other highlights inc the song from the new album I loved (Bradenburg Gate), the crowd sing-a-long of This Is The End (for You My Friend), and course the last song where the drummer set up in the middle of the pit with the bassist/singer standing on his kit so sing. Fricken awesome ending to a great set.

  • Played with: Pennywise.
  • Went with: Blair & Shane
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($55), Trucker hat.


Arcade Fire

Big Day Out, Friday 24th Feb, 2014

I am almost too embarrassed to put this here. Shane, Blair and I sat through their whole set whilst we waited in our prime position on the stage next door for Pearl Jam. I blame this band for giving me a headache and I also blame Blunt Magazine for giving them 5 stars. I was actually feeling positive about checking Arcade Fire out, but that soon disappeared. What an amalgam of annoying sounds. We were all stunned that this band had the second headlining spot on the main stages.


Area 7

Soundwave, Adelaide, February 21st, 2015

Having seen these guys before, I had left them off my schedule. But when Patent Pending were disappointing I headed over to watch these guys on the main stage. Shane and I stood well back, so the sound wasn't that great. They tried to show some energy, but it didn't appear to be fully working. I did hear 2 favourites amongst the end of the set: Second Class Citizen & Nobody Likes A Bogan. They also played the Cool MacCool Theme too when they had time for another song.


Assorted Jellybeans

Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Dec 5th, 1998

  • Played with: The Vandals and I think Bodyjar (but not sure).
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($16)


The Palace (old one) Melb: Supported Reef. Was impressed with their set.


Avenged Sevenfold

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

In my wandering during the headliners I saw these guys from way back. They had an amazing stage show, but the music sounded a bit cliched to me. I don't really want to knock them, they sounded fine and had a large crowd, it just wasn't my thing. I stayed for about 4 songs (waiting for my tandoori chicken to cook); one was something about 'being part of the A7F family' and the other was called Hail the King.


Baby Animals

Hot Gossip - Ballarat

No barriers, no security, sitting on stage as Suze DeMarchi straddled over the top of me playing guitar. Great memory ;)

  • Played with: Horsehead.

Schweppes Stadium, Bendigo, Tuesday, June 16th, ???

  • Souvenirs: Small flier (bad shape; $15)

Bad Religion

The Palace Theatre (Metro), Melbourne, Monday September 28th 2009

  • Played with: w NOFX, Pour Habit & The Gun Runners.
  • Went with: Shane
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($75); Tour poster.

Festival Hall, Nov 9th 2007 - New Maps of Hell Tour

One of fav gigs ever, after waiting to see them for so long (inc a cancelled Warped Tour). Have the set list from the stage – it is labelled “Mel Gibson”. Probably my most prized item from a gig. Have the tour T too. Sydney show of same tour reviewed in Blunt #66.

  • Played with: Strung Out & Mid-Youth Crisis.
  • Went with: Aido
  • Souvenirs: Setlist from stage, Ticket ($63), T-shirt w dates; Ad page from Blunt mag.


Prince of Wales, St. Kilda, 9th December 2016

Something different for me. Really enjoyed the show. Songs sounded great and they played sev from Purple which I know as well as Take My Bones Away. Guys in the band were great - even came out to help pack up and greet punters after they finished.

  • Played with: Batpiss.
  • Went with: Shane, Duffy, Stewie
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($53).

Beady Eye

Big Day Out, Friday 24th Feb, 2014

We (Blair and Shane) saw some of these guys b/c they were on the main stage before Pearl Jam and we were there early for a good spot. Whichever Gallagher leads the group looked so different to me, but he kept the serious look and the band sounded pretty good. I did like hearing What's the Story Morning Glory live too.


Beasts of Bourbon

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Wednesday 27th March, 2013

  • Played with: Iggy and the Stooges
  • Went with: Blair, (Frank)
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($108?)

Behind Crimson Eyes

Karova Lounge - Ballarat, Fri 30th Oct, 2008

Supporting Body Jar on last tour. Charm Offensive also played. Sounded OK - short singer had a fair set of vocals.


Ben Harper

Etihad Stadium, Fri 20th Nov, 2009

w Pearl Jam & Liam Finn. Only recognised about 2 songs. he hardly played the songs I knew/liked.


The Bennies

Adelaide Soundwave, 21st Feb, 2015

Best of the 'small' bands I saw at the festival. In fact, their set was the most fun for the weekend and as good as the headliners. These guys always seem to be having fun and the crowd did too. I put together the above Setlist. They played all the songs I wanted to hear and it was a fun set. (I don't have the order correct, but I know these songs were played). They threw a crowd harmony into Knights Forever with half the crowd singing, "No way. Get F'ed. F off!" between the "Don't you wish these knights go on foverever?" Bike was also a highlight, though the whole set was pretty much songs I wanted to hear. (Only missed their Clash cover). (Shane also saw them)

Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy - Pt of Fest-Mas, 1st Dec, 2012

Probably had the biggest crowd and certainly the most crowd involvement. Had a Mad Caddies vibe to them and some great sing-a-longs, esp Acid on the Brain.


Biffy Clyro

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Despite finding it hard to get into their music, I saw one live show on pay TV and several live reviews that were enough to get me to check them out. Sat with Duff on the grass having our 1st beer watching these guys on the main stage. And they were very good. Much easier to appreciate all the odd timing live. Biblical was good and Liviing Is A Problem B/c Everything Dies was awesome. So were other songs, but I can't remember their names. (Shane saw about half)


Big Day Out Festivals

Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, Friday 24th January, 2014

Only went to the BDO to see Pearl Jam and it was worth it. So was seeing the Cosmic Psychos too of course, but the set up was not that good, with several dance tents (one often empty) between the two stages.

  • Headliners: Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire
  • Went with: Blair, Shane
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($185; printed).

Melbourne Showgrounds, Sunday 22nd January, 1995

  • Headliners: Ministry, The Cult
  • Went with: Louise J
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($49)

Billy Talent

Soundwave - Flemington Racecourse, March 1st 2013

Was out of pit area of Stage 2 for these guys. They sounded okay, but the 'squeaky' vocals came in and out with the breeze. They had a huge, young crowd in attendance. Not as good as I was hoping for.


Blink 182

Soundwave - Flemington Racecourse, March 1st 2013

Rushed to see them on the main stage after missing the first half of their set. The crowd at the main stage was absolutely huge and I could not get anywhere near the stage. Sounded okay from right back, but I was almost giving up on returning to the main stage. Brooks Wackerman filled in on drums for the missing Travis Barker. Played Josie, Carousel, and finished with Dammit.

Offshore Festival, Torquay, April 3rd 1999

(I think this is the right date - they were there in 97 too apparently)

Heaps of fun. These guys had the crowd in the palm of their hand. I remember this weekend, Mark Hoppus sat right in front of Lou and I on Bells Beach to watch the surfing. He was very kind and accommodating to all the fans that wanted photos etc.



(Seen these guys too many times to recall all, but below are some I can reference).

Myer Music Bowl, Thurs 8th April, 2021

Yep, this was between lockdowns. An amazing night, outdoors. The city looked awesome. Bodyjar were on early. I loved their orange backdrop. Sounded as good as ever. I know they player 'Big Shot' as I was awaiting this song. I love it (sitting #3 on my 2020 H100). They also played at least one song from Terra Firma EP too. As well as all the hits you expect. They did bust out a new cover, but for the life of me I can't recall what it was right now. I really need to do these straight after events. Also noticed that Grant was not on bass. I wonder if that means he is out, or just missed this tour?

  • Played with: Cable Ties (whom I ony caught the end of), Jebediah & **Spiderbait.
  • Went with: Shane, Blair, Amanda & Mark.
  • Souvenirs: T-shirt.

Karova Lounge Ballarat, Fri 30th Oct, 2008, The End is Now Tour

This was the 1st gig of final tour. (Though they have already re-united at least once in 2012).

  • Played with: Behind Crimson Eyes & Charm Offensive.
  • Souvenirs: Tour poster (signed by all 4 members); Stubbie holder (‘backwards gun’); Setlist (from the stage).

Corner Hotel

Played as Maximum Chips (supporting Unwritten Law I think – early gigs w new guitarist). We were in line outside when we heard the familiar riffs and Shane and I both turned to each other and said, "Bodyjar!" at the same time.

21 Arms – Ballarat

Not best place for a punk band. BJ told the techs to piss the smoke machine off ;)


Bon Jovi

Flinders Park, Melbourne, Sunday 17th October, 1993 - Keep the Faith tour.

My memories must have mixed the two Bon Jovi concerts into one. I forgot I had even seen them a second time until I went through my tickets.

  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($45).

National Tennis Centre, Melbourne, Monday, November 13th, 1989 - New Jersery Tour.

I remember this b/c we were behind the stage and saw Jon projected into the air from a hidden compartment mid-stage, just as the fire works went off. To those in the crowd at front, it would have looked like he appeared mid-air. The keyboard and drum build up to 1st song, Lay Your Hands on Me was very cool.

  • Went with: Bud, Aidy Humphreys
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($38); T-shirt.

The Bouncing Souls

Bridge Mall Inn, Ballarat, Friday 3rd March ??

  • Played with: Diesel Boy
  • Went with: Shane
  • Souvenirs: Small flier for show.

Bowling For Soup

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st march, 2014

The first four songs were all favs: Girl All the Bad Guys Want, Highschool Never Ends, Almost and Punk Rock 101. I loved the stop for a photo shoot mid song. They did a cover of Stacy's Mom after mentioning that they get the credit (but not the money) for it anyway ;). These guys were funny and along with Zebrahead made for a fun day. (I know Shane was present and enjoyed this set. I left when they did their 'cartoon cover' to see a little A Day To Remember).

Festival Hall Melb, Sun 13th Apr, 2008

Started the night off and were awesome. Large guitarist very clever with pick tossing.

  • Played with: Pennywise, The Vandals, Sum 41.

The Bronx


Karova Lounge, Ballarat, 29th Oct, 2018

Well worth the 4 hour round trip on a work night (and a Monday at that). A cracking set. Singer in good form as usual. Knifeman and Ribcage mid-set were the standouts for me this time. Of course the other classics were good too. Jumped around up the front with singer for some time, who of course spent time in the pit. Amazing to see such a band in small venue (and it wasn't even packed).

  • Played with: Private Function, High Tension
  • Went with: Shane, Blair, Mark, Stewie.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($70); Poster.

The Forum, Melbourne, 27th Oct, 2017

These guys never disappoint. In the big space of the Forum these guys smashed it.

  • Played with: Pennywise
  • Went with: Shane, Blair, Mark???.

Festival Hall, 31st Oct, 2016

Well, the intensity certainly went up when these guys took to the stage; the screams of, "There is no revolution!" from first song really hit hard. Awesome performance, but I was hoping for a few more tracks from the last album. Cool version of Pilot Light though.

  • Played with: Violent Soho, Luca Brasi
  • Went with: Shane, Blair.

Soundwave RMS, March 2011

Most anticipated band by all 3 of us who went together (Boof, Slug and I). I had secured a spot on the barrier whilst Melvins played on the annex. Absolutely awesome set. Singer is crazy! Into crowd sev times, after jumping down from a 10ft stage. Once he even parted the crowd and went to the back. Sang Shitty Future, Knifeman and finished with the song that chants “I want your blood”. Even though I knew a lot of their songs, I certainly didn’t know many of the lyrics, but loved this set. It lived up to expectations :).


Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band

AAMI Park, Sun 16th Feb, 2014

This time I took mum as an early 60th present (along with her sisters Tracy & Brenda, and uncle Glen). Our cheap seating actually turned out to be a fantastic little balcony with a great (albeit side-on) view. Tom Morello was still with the group even though Van Zandt was back. Quite honestly, what a great gig. They started with Born in the U.S.A & Badlands and another early standout was High Hopes with Morello ripping it live (inc playing guitar with teeth. Then for something special they played the whole Born To Run album, which was good, but I was only real familiar with the title track. When that was done I thought it would be a few hits and done, but no. The group played for 4 hours! The stadium lights came on well before Dancing in the Dark was played as the final song (see the irony). But Bruce himself was having too much fun and returned with his acoustic guitar. Even facing a 3-4 hour drive home at the end (and work the next day), we had no intention of leaving early. For the record, The Ghost of Tom Joad (about 3 hours in) was again my favourite song live. Again no Glory Days or The River :(

  • Played with: Hunters & Collectors, Dan Sultan
  • Went with: Mum, Aunty Tracy & Uncle Glen, Aunty Brenda.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($128); T-shirt (non-official).

Rod Laver Arena, Tues 26th March, 2013 - The Wrecking Ball tour

I have always wanted to go with dad to see Bruce (ever since he went to the Born in the U.S.A tour in '85). Anyway, for my 40th and dad's 60th presents to each other we went. We sat behind the stage, but were so close. Bruce is a true entertainer and I was stoked to see Tom Morello as his guitarist. Their shared version of The Ghost of Tom Joad was the highlight and one of best songs I have seen reinterpreted live. Surprise standouts included Hungry Heart and Atlantic City. Bruce went into the crowd for both (being passed over the crowd back to the the stage for the former). Of course Dancing in the Dark was huge (but no Glory Days, or The River, which I would have liked). In all, what an amazing show. 17 people on stage and 2 and a 1/2 hours non-stop entertainment.

  • Went with: Dad.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($128); T-shirt (unofficial)

The Candy Harlots

National Tennis Centre Melb, Nov 1991

w ACDC. I had forgotten I had seen these guys live – then visions of the singer’s (Aiz) knotted and coloured hair flying everywhere came back to me. I really liked them at the time and still have some of their rare CDs.



Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy - Pt of Fest-Mas, 1st Dec, 2012

Pretty good punk stuff without any real standouts - reminded me a little of Face To Face. Played early in the day…and were not the indie band I had Youtubed before the gig (thankfully, b/c they sounded awful, whereas these guys were good).


Charm Offensive

Karova Lounge Ballarat, Fri 30th Oct, 2008

Supporting Bodyjar on last tour. Behind Crimson Eyes also played. Featured singer from 28 Days.


City & Colour

Soundwave RMS, Fri 29th Feb, 2008

Mellow stage. Watched Dallas over lunch. I went straight out and bought his latest CD. Great acoustic stuff.



Karova Lounge, Ballarat, 2nd April, 2016

  • Played with: Frenzal Rhomb
  • Went with: Shane

Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Fri 16th August, 2013

Music sounded awesome, though most songs involved a lot more screaming than I remember from last time…not that it mattered, you could hardly hear the vocals up the front. I got the set list from stage and bought their T-shirt.

  • Played with: Guttermouth, Lizard Punch.
  • Went with: Aido, Blair, Boof and Rolly.
  • Souvenirs: Setlist (from stage); T-shirt (no dates, and I clearly did not take any notice of the picture on the front when I bought it. Not a shirt I am likely to wear anywhere except one of their shows ;)).

Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy - Pt of Fest-Mas, 1st Dec, 2012

These young lads were one of the bands I anticipated seeing the most. Unfortunately we arrived to see their last 2 songs only. The rooftop was a cool venue, but these guys were more deserving of a show later in the night according to my tastes. ;) Had a very strong The Bronx influence, which is never a bad thing.


Clowns of Decadence

Melbourne Uni, ???

  • Played with: Spiderbait
  • Went with: Dion & Cindy (I think)
  • Souvenirs: Ticket (but so faded, can just make out who played; no dates).



The Forum, Melbourne, Sat March 5th, 2016 - Psychic Warfare Tour

One of best live gigs in some time. Opened with 3 ball-tearers, inc my 2 fav songs. These guys just sounded awesome.

  • Played with: Cosmic Psychos, King of the North.
  • Went with: Blair, Shane, Jock, Em (saw Charlsey there too)
  • Souvenirs: Clutch T-shirt (dates on back)


Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Watched half of their set whilst waiting for Pulled Apart By Horses to start. These guys had great riffs and a good groove. (Kinda like the 'Stage 5' bands from last year's SW in Melbourne). VG for a band I did not know. (Shane)



Adelaide Soundwave, 22nd Feb, 2015

These guys were on the small Stage 5. I can't remember a lot of their set, but I know I liked it enough to want to check out more of their stuff. Saw about half their set with Shane.


Cosmic Psychos


The Forum, Melbourne, Sat March 5th, 2016

Great to see these guys again. They had some technical difficulties, inc the bass stuffing up, but still sounded good to me.

  • Played with: Clutch, King of the North.
  • Went with: Blair, Shane, Jock, Em (say Charlsey there too)

Karova Lounge, Saturday 12th September, 2015

Good show. I tried to enter the set list on, but not working at the moment? I have the set list from the stage, but Dead Roo is not on it. They did play it due to popular demand ;) Good night.

  • Played with: ???
  • Went with: Blair, Shane, Slug, Saul (Slug's cousin)
  • Souvenirs: Set list, tour poster, stubbie holder

Big Day Out, Friday 24th Feb, 2014

Well, I hadn't seen these guys since the 90s and I was very glad I did catch them. They were my 2nd fav for the day (after Pearl Jam - in fact EV was there watching the set). I forgot how heavy (buzzsaw) some of their riffs were. They didn't play Dead Roo, one of the songs I remembered from live shows years ago, though we did get Thank Ya Mum For the Rabbits. What a great start: Pub followed by Nice Day To Go To The Pub. The whole crowd was laughing. Who else could get away with lines like, "Nice day to have a schnitzel…have a schnitzel!"
Watched with: Blair, Shane.


The Cult

Big Day Out RMS, January 1995

2nd last on main stage. I liked them. Classic line-up.



Rock Above the Falls Lorne, NYE 1995

Liked a couple of their poppy songs at the time.

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