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The Galvatrons

Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Thursday 14th Feb 2008

Sounded a lot like a young Van Halen.

  • Played with: Shihad, Horsell Common

Gang Of Four

Soundwave RMS, March 2011

Really wanted to see this influential band, but they just didn’t do it for me live :(


The Gaslight Anthem

Soundwave RMS, March 2011

Probably my 2nd ‘most wanted to see band’ (after The Bronx for SW2011). Final act of the night in punk shed (others went to Iron Maiden). They had the best sound in the ‘punk shed’. Missed first couple of songs but got to hear my fav 59 Sound. Enjoyed the set – but was a mellow a finish to the night after coming from The Bronx.


Gerard Way

Adelaide Soundwave, 21st Feb, 2015

I heard this whole set whilst waiting for Steel Panther on the adjoining stage. He seemed sincere and all, but the music just did not do anything for me. Not sure why a guy gets the main stage after one album?



Adelaide Soundwave, 22nd Feb, 2015

I was determined not to go running around to see a little bit of many bands on this day, so I parked at the 'Punk Stage' for several favourites. After Millencolin I went to the toilets, that happened to be near the 'Metal Stage' where these guys were playing. Well, i wish I had left earlier. They sounded great. When I arrived the singer and drummer were having a drum-off. Then they played a medley of short covers which was cool and then finished with one of their own. Great sound and wish i had seen more.


Good Riddance

The Palace - Hits & Pits, Good Friday, 2013

The main reason I was here. These guys' albums are some of my favourite punk albums and having not seen them since before I didn't know them I was stoked to hear they had reformed for some shows…and Australia was on that list! I was right up the front on the barrier and unfortunately the sound wasn't great there. It took some time before I could recognise the songs. Russ seemed a little distracted/off, but still a good show. I just wish I had gone back to the mixing desk for a better sound for a while. (Went with Aido, Blair & Shane).


Green Day

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Another good show. These guys are seasoned big stage entertainers now, but I was really hoping for a straight punk show. They started with some new songs I like, 99 Revolutions and Let Yourself Go. Know Your Enemy was in there. When they went into a slower song from that album I went for a walk. I later returned at a good time to hear a run of songs from Dookie and Kerplunk!: Burnout, 2,000 Light Years Away, Longview, When I Come Around, Welcome to Paradise. During Longview some lucky dude got to get up and sing the last verse. He did a great job too. I wandered back and forth whilst checking out other headliner acts. I remember Minority being played at one time. 3 hours for one act at a Soundwave was too much. I wish they had 1 - 1 1/2 hours and had to pack a lot of songs in. With such a huge time a lot of time was wasted with "hey-hos" and getting the crowd to repeat. I also wish they went with just their heavier/punk numbers for this festival.

Telstradome Melbourne, December 17th, 2005, American Idiot Tour

Telstradome did not put on a great show and it was also odd seeing Green Day perform stadium rock compared to the last time I saw them. A good rock show, but it was hard to get into, sitting in the bleachers on the wing a long way from the stage.

  • Played with: Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance
  • Went with: Aido
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($86)

Festival Hall Melbourne, Saturday 10th February 1996 - Insomniac Tour

An amazing show. The whole floor was a moshpit. It went right to the back where people even stage dived off the balcony. Punk rock at its best. Have T-shirt w monkey on bike on the front. F.O.D was a standout live, and Dominated Love Slave was funny.

  • Played with: The Living End.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($26?); T-shirt (quite worn).

The Gun Runners

Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy - Pt of Fest-Mas, 1st Dec, 2012

A fairly solid show. Several singers in the group. At times sounded like Hot Water Music. And like that band, I liked them, but didn't really get right into them.



Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Fri 16th August, 2013

A great night out. Spoke with Mark (singer) before the show and he was in a better (and more sober ;)) mood than previous times. The show had a more fun vibe than the last one. Included all the usual favourite songs, but this time they even played Hit Machine, a song I have always wanted to hear live. I copped a headbutt in the first song and then during Chickenbox, when people were diving from the stage, I got a shin to the nose. Vocals could not be heard up the front - lucky we knew most of them anyway ;).

  • Played with: Clowns and Lizard Punch.
  • Went with: Aido, Blair, Boof & Rolly.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($35); Tour poster; T-shirt (but no dates on it).

Ding Dong Bar, Melbourne, Saturday 16th October, 2010

Mark (singer) was smashed before the show and totally wasted during it. When he collapsed in a corner during the 3rd song a guy from the crowd sung the whole of Lucky the Donkey. All great fun, with no barriers and crowd involvement, but vibe of the show changed as Mark went on a an angry rant and had it out with a crowd member. Definitely not as fun or funny as past GM shows. Chug-a-lug Night was a highlight. (Went with Aido, Andrew Kelly, Jesse and Rolly).

  • Played with: ?
  • Went with: Aido, Andrew Kelly, Jess and Rolly White (the twins).
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($30).


Hisense Arena Olympic Park Melb, Fri 15th May 2009

Supporting The Living End for Bush Fire benefit gig. Slug invited me along – we went from back row to the front after speaking with a nice old usher.

  • Played with: The Living End, Tame Impala
  • Went with: Slug
  • Souvenirs: Ticket (free)


Soundwave - RMS, March 2011

Doesn’t really count. After wanting to watch them for years, I only caught 1 song I didn’t know as we entered the festival. Had to rush off the see The Sword.



The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne, ???

This was a good gig. I believe they had an Aussie guitarist for this gig. It was great to see some of my 90's favourite bands reforming so I could see them :)

  • Played with: Nation Blue, Black Level Embassy (Though we missed BLE)
  • Went with: Aido, Slug, Mouse, Aaron?
  • Souvenir: Set times (from mixing desk)


Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy - Pt of Fest-Mas, 1st Dec, 2012

This crew came into the gig with a bit of rep going from the discussions going around and what I read on JJJ and Youtube. Ska band with a female vocalist. The bass player had it going and helped create a positive vibe. The first few songs seemed pretty standard fare until a cover of Guns of Brixton got me into the pit. Then I didn't leave. The songs got heavier and catchier and I was left impressed.


Hits & Pits Festival

Palace Theatre, Melbourne, 29th March, 2013

  • Went with: Aido, Blair, Shane.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($79)


Big Day Out - RMS, January 1995

My girlfriend and I thought we would watch from the back of the pit. We stood where that had been, but as soon as Courtney came on stage there was a massive rush and we ended up in the middle of a massive pit. A very angry but good performance. (I heard later, that apparently Courtney peed herself on stage)?


Homebake Festival

Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Saturday, 10th January, 1998

  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($43)

Horsell Common

Corner Hotel - Richmond, April 5th, 2008

w Trial Kennedy & Mere Theory. Drummer Leigh’s last gig. Great night. I remember Mark being wrapped about ‘selling out the Corner’. Best gig I saw of theirs, and one of best Aus performances.

Karova Lounge, Ballarat, Thursday 14th Feb 2008

I believe this was with the drummer that also joined Bodyjar. I remember the opening Satellites kicking off a great show.

  • Played with: Shihad, The Galvatrons
  • Souvenirs: Setlist from stage.

The Vine Hotel, Bendigo, Nov 2nd 2007

w The Hot Lies & Kisschasy. Awesome gig, despite very young crowd only there to see Kisschasy. Went out with Luke (bassist), returning to Wyche just on daylight – an hour sleep then off to work. Got ‘Space Invaders’ T.



Armadale High st, Melbourne, ~1993

Saw these guys a couple of times. Matt (in my uni year) was their friend, so we traveled down to Melb to see them.

  • Played with: Manic Suede (I cannot recall them)
  • Went with: Matt Tomlinson?, Plushy?
  • Souvenirs: Ticket (torn in 2).

Hot Gossip - Ballarat

Supporting Baby Animals. They had just bought out debut album and it was an awesome show. I remember one person there saying several songs sounded like Soundgarden.


The Hot Lies

The Vine Hotel, Bendigo, Nov 2nd 2007

Put on a good gig to a crowd that didn’t know them and were there for Kisschasy. Drank and talked with drummer whilst Kisschasy played – he said it was an awesome tour. Have signed tour poster & stubbie holder.

  • Played with: Horsell Common & Kisschasy
  • Went with: Aido, Boof
  • Souvenirs: Signed tour poster, stubbie holder (no tour dates).

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Sep 21st, 2005

  • Played with: Millencolin
  • Went with: Aido
  • Souvenirs: Ticket

Hunters & Collectors

AAMI Park, Sun 16th Feb, 2014

(Supporting **Bruce Springsteen & E-Street Band; went with Mum, Tracy, Glen, Brenda). This was a 15 year reunion gig and the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves. I liked Do You See What I See? early on. Thankfully they didn't leave Holy Grail for a big finalie (and others much have felt the same, as it did not seem to get the massive reception I was expecting). Throw Your Arms followed and did get a good response, as did the final song, (but I forget what it was now - see why I need to write these ASAP).

Rock Above the Falls - Lorne, NYE 1995

Sure I didn’t listen to much of these guys – went to little stage.


Icon For Hire

Soundwave Adelaide, 21st Feb, 2015

I sat and ate tea under a tree with Mark whilst these guys played. They didn't do a lot for me, but I know Blair enjoyed their set. Mark commented that they sounded like a female version of Linkin Park, but they also had a Paramore influence too.


Iggy Pop (& The Stooges)

Festival Hall, Wed 27th March, 2013

Having just watched Bruce Springsteen the night before, that made for 2 shows by guys in their 60s and what performers they were. I went to this show with Blair (and met Frank there), but I didn't see much of them as I was right at the front for all but the last couple of songs. Amazing riffs and Iggy is crazy. Started with a ripping Raw Power and other highlights for me included Search and Destroy into Fun House (where Iggy called people to the stage - I couldn't get out from being jammed up front) and the finish (before encore) of I Wanna Be Your Dog into No Fun. No new 'surprise' songs, though there were several I did not know, and no Skull Ring or Electric Chair (I thought I was hoping for too much). In all, the songs I was expecting to be good were great. Another memorable show. I got the set list from the sound desk.

  • Played with: Beasts of Bourbon
  • Went with: Blair (and Frank)
  • Souvenirs: Ticket (printed; $108); Stubby holder; Setlist (from mixing desk).

Falls Festival, Lorne, Dec 31st 1997

I did not know any of The Stooges stuff at the time, but I remember Iggy putting on a great show. I Wanna Be Your Dog stuck with me for some time.



Soundwave Adelaide, 21st Feb, 2015

Saw/heard the last few songs whilst waiting for Soundgarden on the accompanying stage. Like last time - they sounded good - it's just there songs seemed boring. At one stage a song built up into a cool riff, but as soon as it started it stopped for the singer to croon.

Soundwave – Melb Showgrounds, Fri 29th Feb, 2008

Main stage. Watched some from stands at back. Sounded good, but not really my thing.


Infectious Grooves

Soundwave – Melb Showgrounds, Fri 29th Feb, 2008

Pavillion. Sounded awesome. Small crowd, but sev other bands gathered backstage – esp to see the large drummer go ape.


International Super Heroes of Hardcore

Soundwave - RMS, March 2011

Played when Sum 41 were a no show. So many people left the 'Punk Shed' and missed a great show. I recognised a H2O-sounding intro and a CIV riff I think. Songs were funny, esp Seatbelt. Had to find their album after this!


The Interrupters

Soundwave Adelaide, 21st Feb, 2015

I timed my run perfectly. After tiring of the poor vocals on the main stage of ANTEMASQUE, I headed over to these guys (with Blair and Mark), and saw the last 3 songs - which just happened to be the 3 I knew and wanted to see: A Friend Like Me, Last Call and Family. They had a great sound and the vocals were great; sounded like Brode Dalle to me. Good fun ska session.

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