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(Saw this band many times in the 90s. They were kinda a favourite of mine :)).

I've seen these guys a lot. A LOT. And they are one of the most fun live bands I've ever seen. One of my favourite photos of any band I've ever taken, from their gig at the Hotter Than Hell Tour in Mt Evelyn in Feb 2019.
- Blair.


Myer Music Bowl, Thurs 8th April, 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing these guys for the first time in many year. They played a great set including most of my favourites. (I still have the CD singles for several of these ;)).

  • Played with: Cable Ties (whom I ony caught the end of), Bodyjar & **Spiderbait.
  • Went with: Shane, Blair, Amanda & Mark.
  • Souvenirs: Stubbie-holder (bright blue).

Hot Gossip, Ballarat, Wednesday March 25th ??? - The Split Personality Tour

  • Played with: The Living End
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($10)

Jimmy Eatworld

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Once again, I saw these guys play before Green Day. Saw their opening song, and luckily it was one I knew/liked. I believe it was The Authority Song. Then I went elsewhere only to return and hear their last three songs, which were the ones I hoped to see. Sweetness, The Middle, Pain. Not sure if that was the correct order, but in all, I like about 4 of their songs and fluked them all. Also, once again, I don't think they sounded powerful enough for the main stage.

Telstradome Melbourne, December 17th, 2005

  • Played with: Green Day, My Chemical Romance
  • Went with: Aido
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($86)

The Johnson Engine

Bridge Mall Inn (The Rat) – Ballarat, A few times in early days

If memory serves me correctly this is the band that started w a MASH sample and the singer had a funny joke about having 2 thumbs. Music good too.


Judas Priest

Adelaide Soundwave, 22nd Feb, 2015

We caught the start of these guys. Kinda felt we had to see them. The sounded good, but more like an amped up Quiet Riot with a few "Yeahhhhhs!" thrown in. Unfortunately, they only played one song I knew in their first half a dozen, and that was one I don't really like; Turbo Lover. Headed off to Slash and wish I had done so earlier to be honest.


The Kevs

(Yes, I ‘sang in this band and fellow site members Shane (Vamprey) and Blair (Kuraban) played bass and drums respectively. We had fun for a while).

Bridge Mall Inn (The Rat) – Ballarat, Thurs 2nd Nov, 1995

w Solice. Don’t remember them. Had a habit of getting plastered before we played – as I was extremely nervous.

Bridge Mall Inn (The Rat) – Ballarat, Thurs 28th Oct, 1995

w Silmarils & The Screaming Tom Cats. Sorry. Don’t remember either.


Killswitch Engage

Soundwave – Melb Showgrounds, Fri 29th Feb, 2008

Metal Shed. Left The Offspring to catch end of KE’s set. Checked them out b/c friend liked them. They sounded good and had a large crowd going.


King Parrot

Soundwave, Adelaide, Saturday 21st Feb, 2015

Only watched the first few songs. I went to check them out b/c Stewie had showed me their clips on YouTube and I thought they were funny. I did not hang around long. The music did not do a lot for me, but they were funny - I especially liked the singer telling someone to get off the f'in phone. One song was clearly about 'the crack of my arse', and I left after that.


King of the North

The Forum, Melbourne, Sat March 5th, 2016

After wanting to see these guys for some time, it turned out a complete surprise when the appeared first on stage at this gig. I was rapt. Didn't play Ruby (which I really wanted to hear), but they made some awesome noise for a two-piece. :)

  • Played with: Cosmic Psychos, Clutch.
  • Went with: Blair, Shane, Jick, Em (say Charlsey there too)


Big Day Out, Friday 24th Feb, 2014

We went and checked out this Melbourne group. They were good at what they play, and I enjoyed the first few songs, but it wasn't enough to maintain my interest. Good musos and good vibe, just my my style.



The Vine Hotel, Bendigo, Nov 2nd 2007

w Horsell Common & The Hot Lies. Was there mainly to see Horsell, but Kisschasy put on a good live show. Enjoyed way more than expected. Was a band member’s b’day and guitarist put his guitar through the roof.



Adelaide Soundwave, 22nd Feb, 2015

These guys were the pick of the punk bands on this stage today. I did not move for a run of Lagwagon, The Vandals and Milencolin. Lagwagon sounded great and they played the songs of their new album, Hang, which Shane and I both enjoyed. A really good set. No one has put the setlist up yet, but songs I remember enjoying were: Alien8, Cog in the Machine, Made of Broken Parts and May 16.


Le Butcherettes

Adelaide Soundwave, 21st Feb, 2015

Only caught the end of their set. There was quite a crowd and all seemed mesmerised. It was a pretty crazy stage show. The drummer being side of stage and the singer/guitarist wandering everywhere. She was a crazy mesh of Courtney Love, Patti Smith and Bjork. Kinda wish I had seen more judging by the crowd reaction.


Living Colour

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Took in a few of their songs when wandering around trying to see a bit of all the headliners. I remember Middle Man. These guys can play, but I wanted to hear songs to sing to and left for Mastodon. I did hear their last song (Cult of Personality I think. At least the crowd sang this one back). (with Shane)


The Living End

(Now I know I saw these guys a lot, including 7 times with Shane one Summer - before their first LP was released).

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Doesn't really count, as I heard them when passing the main stage - but they were doing a ripping version of Waltzing Matilda ;) This was a band I did want to see, but they clashed with the 2 bands I really wanted to see.

Hisense Arena, Olympic Park, Fri 15th May, 2009 - Raise the Alarm tour

Bush Fire benefit gig. Slug invited me along – we went from back row to the front for LE (after talking to a nice old usher that let us 'country boys' onto the floor). Amazing guitar work, esp solo featuring a VB stubbie on slide.

  • Played with: Gyroscope, Tame Impala
  • Went with: Slug
  • Souvenirs: Ticket (free)

Festival Hall Melb, February 1996

w Green Day. Could have sworn they were The Fireballs when they started (apparently the reviewer in 'Hot Metal #86' thought the same). First time I saw them.

Hot Gossip, Ballarat, Wednesday March 25th ??? - The Split Personality Tour

  • Played with: Jebediah
  • Souvenirs//: Ticket ($10)

Lower Than Atlantis

Soundwave, Adelaide, Saturday February 21st, 2015

Hard to really claim I saw these guys. It was from way back and they were on 2nd main stage when Area 7 finished. I stayed for their first few songs before heading to The Bennies. Hard to peg. Modern styled rock. Intriguing enough that I will listen to some more of their stuff. (Shane also saw them)


Luca Brasi

Festival Hall, Monday 31st Oct, 2016

Was looking forward to these guys and they did not disappoint. Even though I could say I only really knew 2 songs, they played them both. :) Will be listening to more. Their sound was 'bigger' than I was expecting and they filled the venue well. Glad I got to see them :)

  • Played with: Violent Soho, The Bronx
  • Went with: Shane, Blair
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($68; printed)

The Lumineers

Big Day Out, Friday 24th Feb, 2014

(With Blair and Shane). We got to the side of the overfull tent for several songs by these guys. They sounded great, I am not sure why they weren't on the main stage when the terrible Arcade Fire were! Heard several of the songs I liked from their debut (and only at the time I believe) album, inc the hit Hey, Ho. A massive crowd singing along. Good fun (but we had to leave to get spots for Pearl Jam).

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