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The Bridge Mall Inn (The Rat) - Ballarat, Sev times – inc Nov 9th 1995 – ‘Rubbish Truck’ EP launch

Loved their sound. I believe bassist was a Blizzard (sister to The Fat Thing’s singer, Andrew)?


Pat McCabe

Bridge Mall Inn (The Rat) - Ballarat, Many times, esp on Wed ‘Wine & Acoustic’ nights upstairs

Great singer/songwriter. Years later, when teaching, his brother was our bus driver on a trip to Canberra. Small world.


Patent Pending

Soundwave, Adelaide, Saturday 21st Feb, 2015

I had liked a few of their songs (as they reminded me of a more pop Bowling For Soup). So I checked them out for a few early songs, but they just did not have the power live and were a little too 'sweet'. I moved on to Area 7.


Pearl Jam

Big Day Out, Friday 24th Feb, 2014

Holy crap! These guys are something else. What another killer show. There is so much to like about these guys live you cannot write it all. Unusually, they didn't start with a slow song (Why Go?) and did not let up from there. I loved the new songs: Mind Your Manners, Lightning Bolt, Sirens and Blair was happy they played Dissident. Corduroy was again a ripper live, as was the extended live version of Porch. Porch is actually my favourite song from Ten and I love the new intro to it and McCready's guitar playing was amazing. After wishing all along for a Green River reunion on stage we were treated to a rendition of Kick Out the Jams with Mark Arm joining in on stage. Eddie Vedder dedicated a few songs to the Cosmic Psycho guys who were side of stage (and he had obviously enjoyed a few beers/wines with them during the arvo). Far and away the highlight of the day. This is a must see band before you die. Blair and I now have another in the 'pact' not to miss them again. Shane saw them for the first time and I am pretty sure he was impressed ;)

Etihad Stadium - Melbourne, Friday 20th Nov, 2009 - Backspacer Tour

Reminded me of why I always ranked PJ as one of the best live acts I have seen (and regret not seeing in years). These guys are just awesome live and Eddie Vedder has great rapport/charisma. Also restored my faith in viewing bands at Etihad Stadium after being disappointed in the place after the Green Day concert there. So wish I had not missed PJ tours since seeing them years ago. Made me commit to making sure I go when they tour again…not missing it! Have tour T-shirt & the whole concert on mp3.

  • Played with: Ben Harper and the Restless 7 & Liam Finn.
  • Went with: Blair
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($100; faded); T-shirt w dates.

Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, March 18th 1995

  • Played with: The Meanies
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($37; very faded)

Flinders Park, Melbourne, Thursday March 16th 1995

This is the concert where we got to go from the top level to the front barrier, thanks to a generous usher…and the fact the floor needed some activity. It was full of record execs/workers etc. I believe they even had chairs right up to the front.

  • Went with: Jussy, Drew, Steve? Plushy?
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($37); Video cassette bootleg recording of concert somewhere.


Chelsea Heights Hotel, February, 2020

So, that is the last 3 albums now seen played in full. I am loving these tours and Pennywise have their mojo back for sure. It was great to hear songs like Greed, Straight Ahead and especially Badge of Pride live. Even the band admitted they don't play the latter very often. After that they had some fun with typical 'main' tracks. I kinda wish they would play some different ones here too. But still, had a great time; everyone sang along to the favourites and of course the stage was stormed for Bro Hymn, but unlike other times where it goes on, it was cut very short this night. The band handed their instruments to people that got up and the sound desk cut them :(

  • Played with: No Fun At All & Strungout.
  • Went with: Blair, Shane, Mark.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($??); No Fun At All setlist from stage; Strungout setlist from mixing desk (thanks Blair for this one); Pennywise Straight Ahead 20th anniversary stubbie holder.

The Forum, Melbourne, 27th Oct, 2017

20th Anniversary of Full Circle which they played in full. So awesome. Got to hear Broken (one of favourite Pennywise songs) live. Another good show.

  • Played with: The Bronx
  • Went with: Shane, Blair, Mark???.
  • Souvenirs: T-shirt.

170 Russell, Melbourne, 28th September 2015

This was the 20th Anniversary Tour of the About Time album.
So good to finally see them in a smaller venue. Not only that, I got to hear 2 of my favourite PW songs (Freebase & Searching) live. Songs I have not heard live, or if I did it was one of their early shows, before I started recording and taking note of setlists etc. Great show. (I was there 20 years ago when they received their framed gold albums for this record and Fletcher threw his into the crowd as a thank-you).

  • Played with: Anti-Flag
  • Went with: Blair & Shane, (Met Jesse (Aido's son) there).
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($55), 2 PW T-shirts (1 has dates, both have About Time 20), PW stubby holder (w dates), A-F trucker cap.

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

I left A Day To Remember to arrive during Pennywise's first song, I think. Another blistering set by these guys - a pity about the odd dick in the crowd. Jim was good, but I still wish they played songs from their last album (the one he did not sing on). It was his daughter's birthday, and after seeing The Other F-Word I was pleased Jim got to relay a message to her with the whole crowd singing. They played a lot of usuals (Pennywise, Same Old Story etc.) 2 covers (Land Down Under and part of TNT with Fletcher on vocals and finished of course in the usual style (Bro-Hymn). My biggest and greatest surprise was when they played Broken second last. Broken and Searching are probably my 2 fav PW songs, but they never seem to play them live (when i am there anyway).

Soundwave - RMS, March 2011

Much better than last time I saw them, though I wasn’t impressed with the ‘preaching’, esp from Fletcher. Whilst saying do it your own way, it was also you must do this, kind of vibe. Anyway, new singer did OK and a good set inc: Society, Same Old Story, Fuck Authority, and last 2 songs Stand By Me and of course, Bro Hymn. Amazing finish to set (as usual) w heaps of people on stage and a crowd unwilling to stop chanting the ‘whoah..oh, oh, oh’ even as they exited the shed.

Festival Hall - Melbourne, Sunday 13th Apr, 2008

Not their best gig – sensed something wasn’t gelling…and then Jim left the band not long after. Reviewed in 'Blunt #70'. (Got a poor review).

  • Played with: The Vandals, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($68); Tour ad from Blunt mag.

Plain White Ts

Soundwave – Melb Showgrounds, Fri 29th Feb, 2008

Main stage. Probably one of few bands to pull off a decent sound on main stage. Heard from beer area – I liked Hey There, Delilah. (Yes, I like pop too).


The Pogues

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Wednesday 4th April, 2012

Started with Streams of Whiskey and Pair of Brown Eyes. We were in the seating section side-on, but we stood for the whole show near merch stand before moving up to 'fence' to dance away the last few songs. Set included my favs Sally Maclennan, Dirty Old Town and even Bottle of Smoke (right after I said I would love to hear it, but I doubted they would play it ;)). No Rain Street though :(. Shane McGowan sounded great, as did the band. Spoke to a few people that had seen them many times and they said this was a very good show :).

  • Played with: ? Can't remember name and they did nothing for me. Why wasn't one of Melbourne's many folk bands opening?
  • Went with: Domo.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($88?; printed); Tour poster; Stubbie holder.


National Tennis Centre, Melbourne, Saturday 1st July, 1989 - Nothin' But A Good Time Tour

  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($37)

The Porkers

The Palace, St Kilda, Friday 17th July, 1998

  • Played with: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  • Went with: Jock & Emma
  • Souvenirs: Tickets x2 ($29)

Pour Habit

Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy - Pt of Fest-Mas, 1st Dec, 2012

Were the reason we were here. Awesome guys that hung out all day chatting and catching the other acts. Put on a blistering set. Tight, fast and all-out fun, including inviting people on stage. (Yes, i got up there for 1st time in a while). Loved every song played practically, though I was a little bummed they didn't slow down to play Party (one of my fav songs at the time). As an added note, I just want to say the Evelyn put on an awesome show: no security up front, no barriers, and therefore no fights. (Though I wouldn't serve glass in future ;)). Oh, and Aido went to the after party and hung with the guys until the wee hours of the morning.

  • Played with: See Festmas Festivals
  • Went with: Aido
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($33)

The Palace (Metro) - Melb, Sep 23rd 2009

w Bad Religion, NOFX & The Gun Runners (Aus). Have tour poster. Great show, but pour (get it?) singer was unwell and kept throwing up into a large bin on stage.


Powder Monkeys

Big Day Out - RMS, January 1995

Watched these in the Great Hall (what I called the Pavilion elsewhere) whilst most watched Primal Scream on main stage. Awesome punk rock and now I wish I had their albums (instead of 1 Ballarat tour poster).


Press Club

Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne, March 14th, 2020

I had only listened to a couple of songs for this band on the way to gig or day before. They were awesome. We were all very impressed with them. I really enjoyed their show and will be listening to them further now.

  • Played with: The Menzingers
  • Went with: Shane, Blair.
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($45).

The Presidents of the United States of America

Festival Hall, Melbourne, Friday 26th July, 1996

  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($38)

Pulled Apart By Horses

Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

One of two bands I 'discovered' when checking out bands for the show. I dragged Slug over to see them with me and he was impressed too. Very hard to classify, other than 'crazy'. I had a feeling these guys would be awesome live…and they were - probably my favourite of the day! A pity there was such a small crowd, but it meant I got the first T-shirt they threw into crowd ;) They opened with awesome songs (VENOM and Back to the Fuck Yeah) and I had to hang around for my 2 favourite songs (even though I wanted to get to Zebrahead). I Punched a Lion in the Throat and High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive were awesome and at the end of the day (even though these guys were early) I was still singing the line, "I'll let you dance with my balls on fire!" These guys had the catchiest/weirdest lines by far, and so much fun to sing along to.


The Ramshackle Army

Evelyn Hotel Fitzroy - Pt of Fest-Mas, 1st Dec, 2012

Were another of the bands I really wanted to see for this gig, and also on the rooftop, which was a great spot, but unfortunately the weather called a halt to the set after only 3 songs. I was very much enjoying things up until that point and I thought they handled the sudden end of their set with aplomb. Respect. I got their stubbyholder and the bassist running the stall (due to having cut his fingers with a lawnmower!) threw in a sticker and keyring). Thanks guys - hope to see you again.


Rebecca's Empire

Rock Above the Falls - Lorne, NYE 1995

Fantastic arvo band. Nice vocals.


Red Fang

Soundwave - Flemington Racecourse, March 1st 2013

The band we all got there early to see and it was worth it. Playing on the small Stage 5 it was easy to get close to the band. Their set was amazing and the crowd quickly grew, especially for a band playing at 11.20 in the morning. The way their riffs settled into a heavy groove was cool. Finished with my favourite Prehistoric Dog.


Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Melbourne Park, Monday, May 6th 1996

Not bad but blown away by support act. Did not live up to expectations :(.

  • Played with: Regurgitator.
  • Went with: Jussy?, Steve?
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($46).


The Palace (old one) - St Kilda, ???

w Automatic. Got Jock to this gig. I believe it is the one where Cam and I backed off as Jock pole-danced to Put Your Hands On. Good show all round.



Melbourne Park, May 6th 1996

w Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Was not expecting anything having only seen the video for Blubber Boy before seeing them. Well, was I glad I caught their set. Amazing live, especially the odd drumming and that song I didn’t think much of at home on TV, rocked live and had the whole floor poggoing.

Rock Above the Falls – Lorne, NYE 1995

Amazing live. Not sure which Falls Festival it was, but the ‘Gurge had the biggest (and scariest pit I have ever been in) that collapsed in the middle. Mayhem – luckily for me I had a large friend in Payney to pluck me out. The whole hill was bouncing. (Edit: wasn't this one, as I did not know them at this stage).


The Rye Catchers

Bridge Mall Inn (The Rat) - Ballarat, several times

As The Kevs I believe we played our 1st show with these guys, inc Chris (their guitarists) who was a friend. I see in 2000 they got to support The Fat Thing on their reunion gig.

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