The Vandals

Adelaide Soundwave, 22nd Feb, 2015

Day 2, on the punk stage between Lagwagon and Millencolin. I always love these guys, so I was up the front. They had the humour and I love the songs, but I just couldn't hear clearly up the front. In fact, I didn't think the sound on this stage was much. Only The Bennies and Lagwagon seemed to sound 'powerful'. Anyhow, the set was pretty good inc the usual favs: My Girlfriend's Dead, N.I.M.B.Y, The New You and of course Ape Drape. I did enjoy their cover of Wacko Jacko's I'm An Individual. No one was expecting that.

Soundwave - Flemington Racecourse, March 1st 2013

On large Stage 2. Aido and I got there early and went straight to the front. They played an amazing set where every song was a sing-a-long. Had a ball. Songs inc: And Now We Dance (which Aido most wanted), N.I.M.B.Y, Cafe 405, Ape Drape and two I was really hoping to hear, My Girlfriend's Dead and The New You. Finished with Warren going crazy, playing ukelele and doing a version of Waltzing Matilda.

Festival Hall - Melb, Sun 13th Apr, 2008

Far from their funniest, but some very good tunes nonetheless.

  • Played with: Pennywise, Sum 41, Bowling for Soup.
  • Went with: Aido, Boof?, Slug?
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($68; faded)

Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Saturday December 5th, 1998

  • Played with: Assorted Jellybeans and I think Bodyjar (but not sure).
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($16)

Vans Warped Tours


  • Souvenirs: Postcard

Flemington Car park, April 6th, 2002

  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($57)

Flemington Car park, Saturday, 16th January, 1999

  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($39)

Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Saturday 24th January, 1998

  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($39)

Veruca Salt

Prince of Wales, St Kilda, ???


Violent Soho

Festival hall, Monday 31st Oct, 2016

Loved their set from start to finish! They really have their show on song now. Sung along to every song bar 1 (No Shade). Played most of the songs I wanted to hear and sounded a lot heavier than their Big Day Out gig. :)

  • Played with: The Bronx, Luca Brasi.
  • Went with: Blair, Shane
  • Souvenirs: Ticket ($68; printed); Stubbie holder; Long-sleeve T (no tour dates).

Big Day Out, Friday 24th Feb, 2014

I had wanted to see these guys for some time, so we (Blair & Shane) got there early. There were very good live, even though I could only sing along to some of their songs. (No Son of Sam :(). Comparisons to The Smashing Pumpkins were more apparent live (especially on the slower songs), as I hadn't really noticed that listening to their albums. Nice bit of 90s-styled rock to start the day.


The Voodoo Glowskulls

The Palace - Hits & Pits, Good Friday, 2013

I was amazed these guys were still going. They had a good sound and it took me back to an earlier Warped tour, where I first saw these guys, but they just weren't my reason for being here and hung back having a drink during the set. (Went with Aido, Blair & Shane).



Bridge Mall Inn (The Rat) - Ballarat, Not sure how many times

I remember the singer having a lectern with his lyrics on stage. He would shuffle sideways singing, then shuffle back to the middle, read next line, shuffle other way whilst singing. I believe the line went something like “You’re all gonna die!!” in death growl. Funny as!


Willis's Afro

Rock Above the Falls - Lorne, NYE 1995

The main reason I remember being at this Falls, (as most other bands were Aussie and I had seen here sev times). Could not stop laughing at their song about “ (so many) Mongoloids on a Bus”. Great vibe.


The Wonder Years

Adelaide Soundwave, 22nd Feb, 2015

This was the band I arrived for on the 2nd day. Unfortunately, they didn't really hit the spot with me. Before half their set I wandered off to Conditions.


You Am I

Big Day Out - RMS, January 1995



Adelaide Soundwave, 1st March, 2014

Going in to this festival, these were my no1 see band, but they clashed with Pulled Apart By Horses and I got there late. Shane and Duff saw more I believe, but I remember them being funny (on the same stage as Bowling For Soup - man, I bet these 2 bands partied together). Excellent versions of Anthem and I'm Just Here For the Free Beer. I missed several other fav songs I am sure. :( I really hope to see these guys again.

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