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7th June,2020

  • Added link to D&D Compendium.

Here I will upload files of some of the charts I use both in game and between sessions for preparation.

I will also post links below to other useful tools. (Feel free to add some more, but only ones that will see regular use, not every tool out there).


Tool Links

OK, I don't think I will bother maintaining weblinks here. I will keep the things I have written, but when the links below are moved to the D&D Compendium page I have linked, I just suggest GM's go there. I will be to mine for bits and pieces to add to my Realms Creation Pages.

D&D Compendium

This site, basically already does what I do here, but better :P

D&D Compendium


Also a repository for ALL rules and you can make your own DM screens etc.

5E Tools

Multiple Generators / Random Tables

Token Stamp
For making online or printable tokens with images.

Donjon Fantasy Generators
All sorts of generators from calendars to names, to spell lists, to grim deaths, etc.

Myth Weavers
Full NPCs/PCs, dungeon, cave, town and treasure.

Chaotic Shiny
HEAPS of different generators, especially for those needed quick details: Flags, motives, armor, drinks, traps, ballads, factions/organisations, even an NPCs opinion (if asked about a specific topic), etc. Everything!

ENWorld O.G.R.E. Generators
A number of random generators, including Names, NPCs and a few Sci-Fi Generators.

Specific Generators

NPC Generator
Nifty little wesite to create NPC includes stats, description & personailty. ALso includes a plot hook for each.

Tavern Drinks
From ENWorld - A table of random tavern drinks.

Magic Items - Historical ideas
From ENWorld - add some backstory to your MIs.

Magic Items - Origins
From ENWorld - who created the item or who was it intended for?

Magic Items - Minor Properties From ENWorld - thematic little extras.

Magic Items - Quirks - From ENWorld - strange features to make item feel unique.

Random Encounters for 5E
Generates a variety of encounters according to terrain, level, etc.

Name Generators
Names for practically everything and everyone.

Random Map Generators
This is the Gozzy's website. You can quickly generate random caves, dungeons & wilderness maps. They also have a gallery of completed maps.

TV Tropes
A great plot generator. Roll a couple before a game, note them down and look for opportunities to add them in. Great for adventure or NPC writing. Players could also benefit from a couple of stereotypical events in their Backgrounds.

Weather generator
A specific link to their weather gen.

Monsters & Beasts
An awesome website for movie pics and art, especially if you want one the players may not have seen before.

Other Resources

Inkarnate Maps
Map building software.

Homebrewery 5E Appearance Templates
Use this program to make your pages look like those from the 5E D&D books.

Adventure Lookup
Online catalog of D&D adventures searchable by many categories!

Here is a link to video on how to add to the data base: Adding to Adventure Lookup

And here is Merric's List of 5E Adventures

10FootPole website has reviewed every Dungeon Magazine and practically every adventure too. CHeck them here before playing.

Dungeon Magazine archive for stack of adventures.

World Builder Blog
Heaps of free resources, especially for 5E D&D. Links to creatures, chase rules, adventures, BGs, etc


Files and Documents

All files are attached to the bottom of this page - look under the Files link right at the bottom.

Random Cavern Table

A simple for generating caverns 'as you go'.

Encounters - Animals

Chaddy's preliminary random animal generation charts, including real world animals and creation your own.

Character Personality Traits

Another companion piece that could be used with the NPC Creation Charts. Chaddy added this (but I am not sure if it is his?). Anyway it has 1,000 random traits.

Potions & Scrolls

Another Chaddy addition. Just like the old DMG charts this has charts for the forms of scrolls and potions, including what happens to scrolls when they are used and taste, smell, texture, etc for potions.

Realm Creation Charts - Adjustments

Many charts and a template to fill in that will help you create a 'Realm' from a small organisation, tribe or hamlet right up to a continent-spanning empire. Can also use many of the subcharts just to determine things like races or trade goods. This system has the works. Has a fantasy focus, but can be adapted easily to other genres - at the very least I use the template for all genres.
Edit: These were refreshed in April 2012 (Mark 3). New versions include shorter At A Glance section, unified Traits system (rolling Customs, Traits and many of the old Types into one mechanic/Table), and a complete reworking of Types.

Businesses & Buildings (Fantasy Setting)

This is kind of an extension to the Encounters tools for urban environments. It lists typical city districts/quarters and all the buildings and businesses that may be found there. Of course there are d100 charts with them so you an quickly generate districts, actual buildings or even an NPC's profession with a few rolls. There is also the costs for residences and businesses and even a chart to roll to determine the state of a building.
Edit: Updated the references and added Realm Modifiers Oct 18th 2012.

NPC Creation Charts

Many tables and charts that can be used in order for a detailed PC or NPC. Also has a chart right at the start to help determine a one-off trait for an NPC.

Encounters - Fantasy Generation Charts

Charts to help create set encounters or make random ones more interesting. A complete system with all info for setting up those encounters for you campaign. This document includes not only creature encounters but the chance for event and place encounters too.

CNoteA reminder: I am a big fan of randomness. I love putting a lot of options into one chart, rolling the dice and seeing what comes up - mashing results together.

I am also a big fan of the minor details of an adventure. I am playing with several teenagers new to roleplaying and I remember the thrill of searching goblin pouches and finding odd things. I also liked those descriptions of rooms where there were scorch marks on the wall and broken arrows in the corner from the last fight. (Things you won't find in a 'treasure parcel', but all part of building the 'feel' and look of a game).

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