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Hadozee first appeared in Wizards of the Coasts' 3E D&D Stormwrack.
Hadozee are island-dwelling simianfolk that have adapted well to ship life; so well in fact, that they are often known as deck apes. They have an inherent, nautical wanderlust that inspires them to sail the oceans and explore uncharted waters and islands.

Deck Apes

Hadozee have simian racial features and are covered in light fur that varies in colour from light tan to rich, black hues. They stand around 5 1/2 feet tall but appear shorter because their legs are short and they have a stooped posture. Hadozee are well suited to life on a ship. They are excellent climbers, able to deftly get around in the rigging, and they have patagial flaps that allow them to drop or glide down to the deck or to another part of the ship. They have good balance on the deck, thanks to their short legs and longer arms. Hadozee revel in ship life, even to the point of relishing their chores, and many an unscrupulous captain has taken advantage of this enthusiasm.

Active & Exuberant

Hadozee rarely sit still and throw themselves into the activities on board a ship. They show intense personality and react loudly, such as whooping when excited or baring fangs and hissing when angry. Whilst they are not violent, they will fight fiercely to protect their ship and crewmates. They are curious and can be quite a handful when in port or exploring a new island.


Hadozee raise their young as a community; this is a holdover from island, tribal life. Hadozee tend to gather in ghettoes in port towns, where visiting hadozee are always welcome. A hadozee sees members of his crew that treat him well as extended family and will be very protective of them. They are attracted to others that like to work hard and therefore often admire dwarves. Hadozee also have an unexplainable adoration of elves.

Hadoze Names

Male hadozee names are short, end in either *sh*, *th* or *n*, with a hard vowel sound in the middle. Female names are similar, though often add an extra syllable and typically end with a vowel, usually *a* or *i*. Hadozee are fond of making up their own nicknames and those that serve on a ship often incorporate the ship's name into their own. For example, a hadozee on board *The Floating Pearl* may become Greshla Pearldaughter.

Female Hadozee Names. Bashala, Bannithi, Dashlina, Greshla, Kalla, Kasha, Mahnri, Risha, Tyeesha, Yasha, Yethni, Zansa.
Male Hadozee Names. Banth, Darn, Darsh, Grohn, Harth, Krath, Kolth, Ranth, Rothin, Tarn, Tarath, Yeth.
Hadozee Ship Names. Barnacleboy, Jollyman, Krakenkid, Leviathanlady, Midnightchild, Mistlady, Sabergirl, Stormson, Swiftson, Twilightlady, Wavedancer, Wind-daughter.

Hadozee Height and Weight

Base Height Base Weight Height Modifier Weight Modifier
4'8" 120 +2d8 x (2d6) lb.
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