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Harkrinns are humanoid birdfolk. They have the exceptional perception of birds of prey. They have a strong sense of community and pride themselves on their noble behaviour and reverence of the gods. Their wings allow them to glide and some develop allowing flight.

Play a harkrinn if you want to…
• Play a race that combines animal features with a humanoid form.
• Be exceptionally perceptive and gain the ability of flight.
• Be noble and aloof.
• Play a race that favours classes of the divine power source, particularly paladin and cleric, to be a scout of some sort or a fine bard or warlord


Harkrinns generally stand taller than the average human. They combine hawk or eagle-like features with a humanoid form. Feathers cover most of their body and vary in colour, though browns and greys are most common. Eyes are bird-like and typically golden, brown or black. Harkrinns have a curved beak like a bird of prey, taloned feet and long dark nails on their hands. Their most distinguishing feature is however, a large set of wings that fold across their back. Wings typically have a span of twice the harkrinn’s height.

Average Height: 5’9” - 6’6”
Average Weight: 140 - 190 lb.

Perceptive & Proud.

Above all, harkrinns are a proud and noble race. To others they may seem aloof, but if dealt with honourably harkrinns are actually very accepting of other races and enjoy conversation and song. They are also very perceptive, both in sight and insight. They constantly look for betrayal in others and if they detect a ruse their ire rises rapidly.

Homes on the Ground.

Harkrinns used to live on cliff aeries, but since befriending dwarves, have taken to living in safer tunnels carved into such cliffs. Others also live similar to elves in crude treetop dwellings.


Whilst the harkrinns respect the natural world, few today draw their powers from the primal power source. The race is very religious and often sees itself as the closest to the deities (both in demeanour and in dwelling). Thus a good many harkrinn heroes and leaders are clerics or paladins. Many deities are revered with those of lawful good alignment being most popular.

Harkrinn Names.

Harkrinn names are long and unpronounceable in the Common tongue. They generally adopt nicknames for other races to call use. There are no differences between male or female names.
Male and Female Names: Bladebeak, Cloudwings, Daggertalon, Spirehunt, Silentdeath, Stormclaw, Sunstrike, Swordstare.

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