Locathah Lore

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Locathah are fishfolk commonly found in warm coastal waters but they also exist in other parts of the vast seas. Whilst all of them share fish features with humanoid arms and legs, their appearance varies wildly from tribe to tribe. Some have elongated arms, some have very short, almost non-existent legs ending in large flippers; some have spiny crests on their heads or backs; some have finned tails; and some are covered in spines. Colours also vary.

Locathah culture varies almost as much as their appearance. Those living in shallow waters near surface races are just as likely to trade with them as go to war with them, though locathah are not an evil race, they can be territorial.

Resilient Survivors

The locathah have remained a proud race despite having suffered at the hands of many aquatic races in the past. Many tales tell of them being enslaved by such creatures as sahuagin and evil, demonic rays. Since those early times of suffering, the locathah have adapted to other aquatic environments and developed strong minds to resist mind-controlling magic.

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