New Campaign Survey

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Campaign Ideas

Rate the following Campaign Ideas based upon what YOU would like to play for THIS campaign. Try and think about how you would like the next campaign to go - not necessarily your all-time favourite.

Step 1. Ratings

Go through every section on the table below and indicate the degree to which you would like to incorporate each idea. Rate each section as:

  • Cool: (3)
  • Good: (2)
  • OK: (1)
  • Not for Me: (0)

Step 2. Preferences

Each entry on the table also asks for a particular aspect or character type you would like to see. Only fill this in if you have a strong preference or can picture a certain character you would play.

Step 3. Anything Else!

List anything that you would LIKE TO SEE in a game and may or may not have been on the table. It could be a setting, character type, or even books you have read of movies/shows you have watched. What would make a cool game? A theme? Elemental, underdark, guns, epic journey, courtly intrigue, character-based, etc.

Campaign Idea/Type Description Preferences
Fantasy Would you like to play a standard fantasy game where you can play elves and dwarves, wield great magic and combat orcs, dragons and other strange creatures? Preferred setting? Preferred character type?
Sci-Fi / Space Fantasy Would you like to play alien species wielding blasters and traveling the galaxy righting wrongs? Perhaps you could even wield the Force. Preferred setting? Preferred character type?
Weird Wars Would you like to play a soldier in one of the wars from Earth’s past, but in an alternate history where things that were not meant to be interfere with reality? Monstrosities created by the enemies or even the walking dead may feature in such a campaign. Preferred setting/war? Preferred character type?
Cultural Is there a certain culture that really ignites your imagination? You could game in a culture from Earth’s past, or in a land that uses elements of that culture. Ideas: Viking, African, Arabic, European, Tribal, Highly Civilised, Indian, Greek, Roman, Oriental, High knights, Piratical, etc. (This can be combined with other entries for interesting options.) Preferred culture? Preferred character type?
Foes Do you want a common enemy running through the campaign? This is your chance to see more of a creature you would like to battle: Ideas rival clans or religions, goblinoids, orcs, giants, dragons (and dragonspawn), outsiders (demons, devils, elementals etc), animals, mind-flayers, undead, dinosaurs etc Preferred foes?
Magic Level A campaign can mess with the level of magic. This could mean a very high magic campaign where technology has advanced along with magic, a typical setting, one where magic is a little more common, where magic is rare, through to magic being non-existent, or so rare that each item is more or less an artifact. Preferred level of magic?
Modern Would you like to see play a game focussed on a more modern setting? This still could include magic for a modern arcana feel, based in discovery of lost secrets and delve into the supernatural, or be a simple game of spies. Preferred setting/type of game? Preferred character type?
Post-Apocalyptic Do you want to play in world that has been destroyed by great magic, a cataclysm or nuclear war? This sort of setting can range from fantasy (Dark Sun), to Mad Max-styles, or to any sort of future Earth. Preferred setting? Preferred character type?
Futuristic Do you want to play soldiers decked in powered armor with high-powered weapons battling aliens, giant bugs or even undead? Preferred setting? Preferred character type?
High Seas & Pirates Do you want to sail the high seas battling pirates with cutlasses and black-powder weapons? Perhaps you wish to BE the pirates? Preferred setting/situation? Preferred character type?
Weird West & Steam Punk Do you want to play cowboys, gunslingers, native Americans or even weird scientists that create mechanic devices, weapons and automatons? The Weird West is also tainted by horrors like the walking dead, but many people don’t believe it. Preferred setting/situation? Preferred character type?
Pulp Do you want to be an adventurer from the time between the two World Wars, chasing relics and powers to get your hands on them before the Nazis or other powers do? Preferred character type?
Horror Do you want horror to be a main feature of the game? This could be supernatural horror in vein of Cthulhu, gothic horror, etc. Preferred horror type?
Racial Do you like the idea of one racial group dominating? Do they dominate the whole setting? Or do you just want a party of mostly one racial distinction? Preferred race? How dominant?
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