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Give Your Character Culture
The full article for giving your PC a colourful background with ideas for actually bringing it out in play.
NB: A heavily modified version of this was published in Dragon Magazine, but this is the full article.

Character Connections

Here are many ways to connect characters to one another. Choose another member of the party then roll a random number or choose.

Roll Connection Ideas, Charts, extras
1 Owe them a debt See Debts table Eberron Rising… p9
2 Have the same patron See Random Adventure Generator Page for patrons
3 Sibling
4 Relation other than sibling
5 Was thrust into your care
6 Belong to the same group/organisation/team Have Relationship dice with the same group
7 Is under your command or your student
8 Is your superior/commander/mentor
9 Knows your secret
10 From the same hometown/neighbourhood
11 Attended school/church/etc together
12 Childhood friend
13 Friendly rivals
14 Belong to same religion/follow the same deity
15 Only recently met and hit it off
16 You don't know them or just met
17 Romantically linked
18 Were locked-up or prisoners together
19 Both suffer the same curse
20 Both forced into this quest
21 Both survived a pivotal event - maybe you're the only ones?
22 You saved them
23 They saved you
24 You are business partners
25 You accidentally affected them with your Powers
26 You have a mysical bond Maybe you never target them even when charmed etc.
27 Arcane connection Powers and spells might affect them too when they are next to you or their presence might affect the way your Powers work
28 You lost something valuable to them (or their connections)
29 You are suspicious of them
30 You share a hobby or a love for the same thing
31 You both have the same fear
32 You are aquaintences through an important third party
33 They owe you a debt See Debts table Eberron Rising… p9
34 You worked together on a job previoulsy Did it go well or end bad?
35 In the past, the two of you were on opposite sides of a conflict
36 They got you into your current line of work
37 A reassuring presence You might be able to better deal with fears or hindrances in their presence
38 Luck or chance brought you together You just happened to be in the same place at the same time
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