Race Template

(For the Racial Write-ups on various Setting Pages use the following template):


Intro paragraph. Very general statements that summarises the race.

Various Flavour Headings

Try to hit on 2-4 main points that best represent the race and give them catchy headings. These can inc notes on appearance, culture, common personality traits/quirks, outlook, likes/dislikes, what they are good at, where they live, myths, religion, what might lead them to adventure, where they fit into society, etc.

Common Traits

Age & Appearance

How they age. Height ; Weight ; Eye colour ; Hair ; etc.

Allies & Enemies


Alignment & Outlook

Typical alignment. Common personality traits (like 4E) or see 3E MCAU for 'Outlook'.

Classes & Concepts

List common archetypes and actual classes backgrounds and subclasses for D&D.

Language & Names

State main language spoken. Types of names. Example names.

Realms & Regions

List lands where they are found in this setting.

Religion & Deities

State which type they follow and individual gods if common.


Dungeons & Dragons 5E

(Copy & paste from main Race site, then alter).

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