Realms Economy


Use this page to determine the realm's currency, how the population are fed, what resources it has available for trade, its trade partners and finally the individual businesses and proprietors involved in business pursuits.

You might want to note the realm's Economy Modifier here as well as in the At a Glance section. This modifier should have some influence on the availability of resources and level of trade.

Subsistence Systems

This is how the realm provides for and feeds the population.

Idea Charts & Resources

Names & Descriptions Resource
Subsistence systems 2E D&D World Builder's Guidebook p57
Prime industry AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p110
Main Industries Sly Flourish The Lazy DM's Companion p37


Trade Resources

Resources rolled could simply be an indication of an abundance of said material or the realm may be well known for its crafting or use of the materials. In any case, the realm has plenty of the resource and is in the position to trade it.

You can roll for random resources on the table below.

If determining randomly give a Realm: 1d4 Resources +1 per 4 levels + Economy modifier.

Each entry has several suggestions for particular items. Choose the most relevant one for the realm you have in mind or (as I love to do) just roll random. You may wish to restrict the resource even further. This is more logical in communities. For example, on a roll of ‘Armor’, the GM then selects hide armors. There is then a 50% chance this is narrowed to a specific armor, such as leather or rhino-hide armor.

Many entries also have ‘exotic’ as an option. Be creative here and think of a resource that may be found in the realm and possibly nowhere else. This is where GMs can bring in items made from special substances such as bronzewood and cold iron.

d100 Roll Resource Category Individual Resource Items Extra or Alternate Tables
01-05 Animal Products. meat, seafood, wool, hide, furs, horn, ivory, oil, fats, pearls, leather goods, dairy (milk, cheese), feathers/down, fish, venom, eggs, honey, bones, quills, exotic parts (teeth, stings, scales). AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Furs p115; Fish p112; Fetishes p279; 1E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide furs p27;
06-08 Armor light, medium, heavy, shields, wood, hide/leather, metal, exotic (carapace, shell, cord). -
09-10 Artworks paintings, beads, wood carvings, sculptures, tapestries, silverware, jewellery, headwear, masks, ancient artefacts, mats. 5E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p134; 4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide Art objects p124; AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Jewellery p238; Art Objects p238; Art pieces p239; Sculptures p240; Portraits p240; Tapestries p240-1; Rings p258; 1E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p218
11-16 Cloth silk, cotton, linen, canvas, hemp, wool, clothing, raffia. -
17-20 Drinks spring water, mineral water, wine, juices, ales, meads, strong spirits, milk, beer. 1E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p218
21-23 Foods bread, sweets, trail rations, dried goods, spiced. 5E D&D Explorer's Guide to Wildemount: cultural foods p197; AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Bread p112; Basic Food p112; Exotic p113; Pickled p113; 1E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p218
24-27 Gems - 5E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p134; AEG's Ultimate Toolbox - Gemstones p237; Mystic stones p280; 4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p124; 1E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p26;
28-36 Livestock pigs, goats, cattle, sheep, poultry, deer, ducks, chickens, exotic. AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Livestock p111; Game Fowl p112
37-38 Magical Paraphernalia potions, scrolls, minor wondrous items, components, implements. AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Rods p259; Scrolls p260; Scroll Containers p260; Staves p261; Wands p261; Potion Containers p262-3; Divination ‘stones’ p279; Components p281-3; Wizard’s workshop p284-5; Planar Portal keys p297-298; Bizarre Relics p299
39-44 Manufactured Substances perfumes, drugs, alchemical items, inks, dyes, poisons, ravages, vinegar, paints, wax. 5E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide Poisons p257; 4E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide Poisons p50; AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Healer goods p112
45-52 Metals bronze, brass, tin, iron, copper, lead, zinc, exotic (red iron, adamantite, mithril etc) -
53-55 Minerals & Natural Substances salt, incense, sulphur, carbon, pitch, coal, ambergris, amber. -
56-58 Miscellaneous Small Crafts books, paper, parchment/vellum, pottery, rope, metalwork expensive (lanterns, etc), metalwork mundane (chains, stirrups etc), woven goods, bucket & wood items. AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Clothing p114; Unusual Thief tools p122; Books p224-6; Lab Equipment p227; 1E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide Utensils, personal items, clothing p218; Sly Flourish The Lazy DM's Workbook p14
59-60 Miscellaneous Medium Crafts shipping supplies, farming implements, cookware, glassware, barrels & crates, tools, instruments, luxury goods (fine clothes, cushions, mirrors), furniture, rugs. AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Tools p114
61-62 Miscellaneous Large Crafts ships, wagons, siege engines, building supplies (doors etc). AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Nautical Equipment p179
63-65 Plant Products herbs, spices, pipeweed, poisons, tea leaves, coffee beans, olives, sugar, nuts, oils, drugs, gourds. AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Medicinal herbs p115, 286-7
66-71 Precious Metals silver, gold, platinum, electrum -
72-80 Produce grain crops, vegetables, fruit, hay, corn, chickpeas, lentils. AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Garden Produce p113; Fruit p113
81 Sentient Specialties slaves, mercenaries, specialists (sages, scouts, engineers etc), exotic. -
82-87 Stone strong building (eg: bluestone), common building (granite, sandstone), expensive (marble), exotic (obsidian), precious (jade, crystal), useful (flint, chalk, soapstone) -
88-89 Trained Beasts horses, dogs, cats, birds, exotic, large (elephants, camels, etc). AEG's Ultimate Toolbox: Pets p111
90-94 Weapons martial, exotic, simple, primitive, hafted, double, blades, pole-arms, masterwork, special material, bows, crossbows, (in our House Rules we use Weapon Groups – roll one of these if narrowing down) -
95-00 Wood building timber, hardwoods, thatching, exotic. -

Idea Charts & Resources

Names & Descriptions Resource
Caravan goods AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p110
Special market goods AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p110


Trade Partners

Trade partners are other realms (usually of a similar size) that this realm deals with on a regular basis. The partner realm needs to have a resource lacking in this realm. The partner realm is often an ally (with friendly or helpful relations) but this is not necessary.

Select some surrounding realms of note (and similar size) and roll on the following table to determine whether they are trade partners.


  • Helpful relations with the realm: +30
  • Friendly relations with the realm: +20
  • Unfriendly relations with the realm: -20
  • Hostile relations with the realm: -30
  • Add the total result of the 2 Realms’ Economy Modifiers.

d100 Roll Parter Realm Imports from Trade Partner Exports sent to Trade Partner
up to 50 Not a trade partner. No need to record anything. Imports Exports
51 and up Trade partner. Imports Exports



If a small realm, you probably just need to state which kingdom's currency it uses. If a kingdom or large realm, outline what coins are used and their worth. Giving a kingdom its own currency with names and nicknames for its coins is a good way to add flavour.

Idea Charts & Resources

Names & Descriptions Resource
Coin names AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p116
Currency 5E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p19


Businesses & Proprietors and Nobles

Describe any significant businesses and business operators. This section may also include roads, warehouses and transport.

Idea Charts & Resources

Names & Descriptions Resource
Buying business House document attached under Files at bottom of the page City - Districts, Buildings & Businesses
Crafts/Professions AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p117
Docks AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p174-7
Gentry AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p90
Guilds AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p130-4
Hirelings AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p384
Locations PF Gamesmastery Guide p211
Merchant houses AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p116
mine chambers 5E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p293
Nobles AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p95
Noble dwellings AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p94
Roads AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p56
Services House document attached under Files at bottom of the page City - Districts, Buildings & Businesses
Services available 2E D&D World Builder's Guidebook p57
Ships AEG's Ultimate Toolbox p186-9
Shops 5E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p113; PF Gamesmastery Guide p210
Trades House document attached under Files at bottom of the page City - Districts, Buildings & Businesses
Warehouses 5E D&D Dungeon Master's Guide p113

Examples & Samples

Name Type (Level) Known Traits/Features Resource
Banking/Defenders Guild - House Kundarak Organisation (6-7) Banking, storage, prisons, keeping things safe, dwarves 5E D&D Explorer's Guide to Eberron p51
Caravan Civilised (1) Small f group of wagons. 5E D&D Arcadia Magazine #4 p27
Docks Civilised (1) Warehouse, caves, shipwreck Sly Flourish The Lazy DM's Workbook p28
Docks Civilised (1) Warehouse, ratfolk lair 5E D&D Kobold Press Book of Lairs p4
House of Making - House Cannith Organisation (6-7) Manufacturing, humans 5E D&D Explorer's Guide to Eberron p45
House of Passage - House Orien Organisation (9-11) Land transportation, humans 5E D&D Explorer's Guide to Eberron p46
Raincaller's Guild - House Lyrandar Organisation (9-10) Sea transport, air transport, half-elves 5E D&D Explorer's Guide to Eberron p50
Warehouse Civilised (1) Goblin tinkerers 5E D&D Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica p169

Sample NPC Stat Blocks

Name CR Reference
Commoner 0 5E D&D Monster Manual p345
Noble 1/8 5E D&D Monster Manual p348
Mastermind 10 5E D&D Monster Manual Expanded II p287

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