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Welcome to my homepage. Whilst this is focused on Roleplaying Games, I also use it to list, link and discuss other areas of interest, such as music.
Please have a look around. (If you are a GM in a roleplaying game you will find many tools and docs to your liking). Also, please feel welcome to ask questions and post on the forums.

What's New?

June, 2020 Summary

  • Added new 5E D&D Races: medusa, wilden & wood woads.
  • Added new racial feats for: medusa, wilden, wood woads.
  • Moved the 5E D&D races to the Races/Heritages pages that are also linked to the Realms Creation pages.

May, 2020 Summary

  • New elemental magic feats added to the D&D Feats Page.
  • Added racial deity themed subclasses from Faiths of the FR 2 to our D&D Classes Pages.
  • New centaur racial feats added to the D&D Races Page and D&D Feats Page.
  • Some new spells to the D&D Spells page. 2 fungi spells and a spirit charger one.

April, 2020

  • I have been adding pages (in the right hand nav bar) to my Realms Creation Pages. Compiled heaps of charts and resources for GMs to create their own realms from goblin tribes to empires to thieves guilds to forest.
  • I seem to ramp things up when life is busy. Busy mind and I get shit done. I now have ALL pages for Realm Creation up and on the site with the GM Template having links to each page as you get to them too. No one will probably know I ever did this, but anyway, I will use them…
  • Also added a lot of new options to the D&D Class & Spells Pages from various Unearthed Arcanas. Inc: variant and extra class options, new spells, psionic feats and subclasses.


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(Keeping this here for when I determine random punters for bonus tracks).

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