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Monster/Extras Templates

Added Word templates for Savage Worlds (recently updated to colour-coded one). These are basic, easy to fill in stat blocks with a spot for an inverted picture to fold over screen - though of course you don't have to use this feature. Note that I do the Savage Worlds one a little different to the standard, grouping all Edges and Special Abilities together and Weaknesses and Hindrances together with descriptions - something missing in their write-ups. I want ALL info there, ready to play and am making the stat blocks as similar to the 4E DnD ones as possible (something I do love about 4E).
Edit: Savage Worlds Extras Template last edited April 2013)

Ideas for Creating Powerful Foes in Savage Worlds

Below is a summary of ideas gleaned from a thread I began on the PegInc boards. I suggested that Elites and Solos could get more actions per turn. Listed below are some suggestions I wish to keep in mind when creating such creatures/encounters. (I may move these at a later stage - just getting them down for now).


Minion: Go down immediately upon taking damage equal to their Toughness. (From Realms of Cthulhu, Reality Blurs).
Extra: Normal from Savage Worlds core.
Henchman: Gain a Wild Die (but no Bennies or extra Wounds). (From Realms of Cthulhu, Reality Blurs).
Companion: Gain a Wild Die and extra Wounds. Basically, regarded as a Wild Card, without the Bennies. (Taken from the Familiar Edge in the Fantasy Companion).
Wild Card: From core rules. Gain a Wild Die, extra Wounds just like a PC, and 2 Bennies.

To quickly adjust to big groups of PCs I am also contemplating my own templates:
Elite: Gains 1 initiative card (round up) per 4 PCs. Cannot move on more than one action phase.
Solo: Gains 1 initiative card (round up) per 3 PCs. Cannot move on more than one action phase.

Ideas for Melee Big Bads

Consider some Combat Edges, especially:
1. Counterattack Edge. (1/rd free attack at -2 vs foe that misses it).
2. Improved First Strike Edge. (Can attack each foe that moves adjacent).
3. Improved Frenzy. (Make an extra Fighting attack).
4. Improved Sweep. (Make Fighting attack and apply vs all adjacent foes).
Or, if in a fantasy setting:
5. Provide the NPC/creature with magic items.

Ideas for Fast Opponents

Consider these Edges:
1. Quick. (Discard a 5 or less).
2. Level Headed or Improved Level Headed. (Gain 2 or 3 initiative cards, act on best).
3. Improved Dodge. (Attackers are -1 to Shooting/Throwing rolls; +2 to evade area attacks).
4. Improved Extraction. (When withdrawing make an Agility roll. Success = 1 foe loses free attack; Raise = all foes do).
5. Fleet-Footed. (+2 Pace; d10 Running die).

Ideas for keeping BB's alive or making them tough

Consider these Edges:
1. Combat Reflexes. (+2 to remove Shaken).
2. Hard to Kill. (Ignores Wound penalties on Incapacitation rolls).
3. Nerves of Steel or Improved Nerves of Steel.
Or, for large foes:
4. Divide the body up into separate creatures. If foes can't hit vitals, then each leg might need to suffer 3 wounds before it is no longer operational.
5. Give immunities/resistances with a specific weakness to overcome them.

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