Things To Do
  1. Journal & PC Page for Gods of the Fall game.
  2. 5E Class concepts for the Iomandra setting.
  3. XP system for all based upon 100XP.
  4. Change ALL Setting sites to use same headings in side bars: Forums; Links; What is…? (inc Home, calendar etc); People & Places (locations with NPCs there); Rules & Tools (inc races, classes, etc)
  5. YZE Talents. Go through old B&B Talent lists and convert. (Then I can add more to certain ones from other sourcebooks).
  6. House Rules - Bennies. - finish writing up rules for the use of bennies, what each of the colors do, use of cards, etc. Do this under ALL systems. ie. a rule we use across ALL systems.
  7. Posters for the Basic Rules - Cypher System.
  8. Talent Trees - Entry Edges only on a certain card. DONE
  9. Rearrange Cypher Foci into groups. DONE
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