Things To Do

Changes to Make/Things to Do

  1. 5E Class concepts for the Iomandra setting.
  2. YZE Talents. Go through old B&B Talent lists and convert. (Then I can add more to certain ones from other sourcebooks). halfway there
  3. Prep, inc NPCs for the Scales of War campaign.
  4. Finish nautical/aquatic races for 5E supplement. Inc a shark/octo race then racial feats.
  5. Finish doing PF2E PCs and then tie them to a game/setting.
  6. Start Setting based on Sins/Virtues.
  7. Put Elsir Vale (as Crossroads) campaign setting over to World Anvil.
  8. Start prepping a new game.
  9. Finish race pages for Realms Pages (adding in races from new books).
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