Things To Do


  • We are going to do all the editing on the webpages here, then Shane is going to put the final into Homebrewery.

1. Make sure you adjust the last 3 edits section at the top of page.
2. Connors to do his edits in brown
3. Shane to do his in tan
4. Blair (if he is in) what colour?
5. When a section is added to the PDF we are going to add a sky blue PDF to that section. Will also be at the top of page if whole page done.

Changes to Make/Things to Do D&D

  1. Racial feats for MANY races, esp non-PHb ones. I have made a start on these (inc adding 'card features' to them).

Changes to Make/Things to Do - Other systems & Setting stuff

  1. Journal & PC Page for Gods of the Fall game.
  2. Add material to Cypher System pages from Unmasked.
  3. Update Star Wars data log
  4. 5E Class concepts for the Iomandra setting.
  5. YZE Talents. Go through old B&B Talent lists and convert. (Then I can add more to certain ones from other sourcebooks). halfway there
  6. Posters for the Basic Rules - Cypher System.
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