Things To Do

Changes to Make/Things to Do

  1. 5E Class concepts for the Iomandra setting.
  2. YZE Talents. Go through old B&B Talent lists and convert. (Then I can add more to certain ones from other sourcebooks). halfway there
  3. Prep, inc NPCs for the Scales of War campaign.
  4. Finish doing PF2E PCs and then tie them to a game/setting.
  5. Start Setting based on Sins/Virtues.
  6. Start prepping a new game.
  7. Add races to Realms from Dragon Magazines.
  8. Finish Scales of War back-ups inc Jason's centaur cleric.
  9. Do PCs for Blair's new campaign.
  10. Convert more Star Wars species to 5E for Angus: Mon cal, trandoshan, rodian, twi'lek, droids, chadra-fan, togruta, chiss, bith, zabrak, duros.
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