Ursus Lore

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The ursus are a race of sentient, humanoid, bear-like creatures with immense strength and surprising wisdom. They are generally solitary creatures and wander the wilds alone, but they have a loose, tribal society governed by a king or queen. This solitary nature gives them plenty of time to think and reflect on themselves and their place in the world.

Blunt Loners

Most other races consider ursus to be vile-tempered and to give them a wide berth. For all the perception of their anti-social tendencies, ursus are not particularly aggressive. Most are loners and just want to be left alone to do as they please. They rarely attack anyone without reason, though they consider being pestered or insulted cause enough. They are very blunt creatures and say what’s on their mind with no regard for the feeling’s of others, politics or alliances. This is what makes other races think of them as being rude, abrupt and insulting. Most have no interest in power, fame or fortune and consider the functionality of items over the aesthetics of them.

Smithing Tradition

Due to their size and strength, ursus are ideally suited to being smiths and it has become a tradition that is passed along family lines. This means that they are often skilled as armorers, blacksmiths or weapon smiths. They are also naturally gifted as warriors and instinctively understand tactics and warfare. Ursus loathe Bugbears.

Cool Climate Dwellers

Ursus can be found in most climates but tend to prefer cooler locales. They typically wander the wilds and live off the land as a hunter/trapper, though some become mercenaries or take up the life as an adventurer. Others establish small homesteads far from other races where they can tend a small garden and look after some livestock.

Lumbering Bearfolk

The typical ursus stands between 6-7½ feet. They generally have a hunched stance and can stand up to 9 feet when standing straight. Ursus weigh between 500-740 pounds. Their fur is black, dark to light brown or white. Especially old ursus may show signs of greying around their ears and muzzles.

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