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Connors' Published RPG Material

Cypher System

Mundane Foci. 4 foci to be used in any game. In Cypher Caster Magazine 008. Can be purchased here at Drive-Thru RPG.

Dungeons & Dragons 5E

As Good As His Blade. New weapon properties. Found at Patreon by EN Publishing. ENWorld Discussion Thread
Children of the Earth. 4 subraces of dwarf. Found at Patreon by En Publishing. ENWorld Discussion Thread.
To Serve. Notes on including slavery, a background and monk tradition. Found at the DM's Guild.

Dungeons & Dragons 3E

Give Your Character Culture. An article on using the stats on your PC sheet to provide depth to your character. Dragon magazine #323 (Sept 2004) p108, PaizoPublishing. I was contracted for another two articles at the time, but Wizards bought the magazine back and those 3E articles were left on the scrap heap :(.

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