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Concept is like your class: it defines what you do or what your role is.

Concept Description Key Attribute Main Source; (sources for extra abilities)
Artist Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Courtesan, Musician, Poet. Empathy Coriolis p30.
Boss Mutant: YZ. has a following of goons, posse, hangers-on that can be commanded to do tasks. Wits Mutant: YZ p38.
Chronicler Mutant: YZ. keeper of knowledge, but also an inspiration to others. Bard-like. Empathy Mutant: YZ p36.
Data Spider Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Analyst, Correspondent, Data Djinn. Wits Coriolis p32.
Dog Handler Mutant: YZ. Works closely with animal companion. Agility Mutant: YZ p34.
Enforcer Mutant: YZ. Up close & personal fighter. Strength Mutant: YZ p26.
Fixer Mutant: YZ. Gets deals done. Mouth is an asset, not much of a fighter. Empathy Mutant: YZ p32.
Fugitive Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Criminal, Mystic, Revolutionary. Empathy Coriolis p34.
Gearhead Mutant: YZ. Fixes and creates stuff. Wits Mutant: YZ p28.
Healer Mutant: Genlab Alpha. Heals and helps. Instinct Mutant: Genlab Alpha p28.
Hunter Mutant: Genlab Alpha. Stealthy, efficient killer. Agility Mutant: Genlab Alpha p30.
Negotiator Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Agitator, Diplomat, Peddler. Empathy Coriolis p36.
Operative Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Assassin, Guard, Spy. Agility Coriolis p38.
Pilot Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Driver, Fighter Pilot, Freighter Pilot. Agility Coriolis p40.
Preacher Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Ascetic, Missionary, Prophet. Empathy Coriolis p42.
Scavenger Mutant: Genlab Alpha. Finds and collects stuff. Wits Mutant: Genlab Alpha p36.
Scientist Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Archaeologist, Medicurg, Technician. Wits Coriolis p44.
Seer Mutant: Genlab Alpha. reads omens, signs from nature and from visions. Instinct Mutant: Genlab Alpha p34.
Ship Worker Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Deckhand, Dock Worker, Engineer. Strength Coriolis p46.
Slave Mutant: YZ. Serves another. Strength Mutant: YZ p40.
Soldier Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Legionnaire, Mercenary, Officer. Agility Coriolis p48.
Stalker Mutant: YZ. Ranger-like who knows the regions outside home. Agility Mutant: YZ p30.
Trailblazer Coriolis. Sub-Concepts: Colonist, Prospector, Scout. Wits Coriolis p50.
Warrior Mutant: Genlab Alpha. Likes to fight. Strength Mutant: Genlab Alpha p32.
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