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General Talents

A GM may wish to trim this master list to those appropriate for the setting.
For talents from sourcebooks, you need to check those references for the full talent description. (I have provided some information here, just to make it easy at character creation).

Talent Description Reference
Ace +1 to Pilot when performing Position and Evasive Maneuver actions. You can push any Pilot test twice (see the Tenacious talent).
Admirer You get an NPC side-kick Mutant: Year Zero p65.
Archeologist +2 Comprehend ruins anre remains from another age. Mutant: Year Zero p65.
Assassin If you shoot someone at Near range or closer, +1 damage. Mutant: Year Zero p65.
Bad Omens You can Scout using Empathy instead of Wits. Mutant: Year Zero p65.
Biologist +2 to Survival & Science when dealing with anything plant-related. This also applies to Command and Manipulation when dealing with intelligent plant life.
Blessing 1/session grant another PC in close range +3 to one action. Slow action. Coriolis p72.
Body Guard You can take the hit by jumping in to defend another Near you or closer. Mutant: Year Zero p65.
Butcher You can extract rations from kills. Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Climber +2 to all Move/Dexterity checks made to climb. You also climb twice as fast as normal.
Combat Veteran Roll 2 dice for initiative. Can also spend maneuver to increase initiative by 2. (For our card Initiative you get an extra card every round and another next round if you spend your maneuver.) Coriolis p72; Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Comfort Eater You can recover Empathy/Instinct and Strength with food. M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Cool Head You can Move with Wits instead of Agility. Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Counselor People you help get +1 to do as you say. Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Coward You can try to leap behind a willing person Near to you or closer when shot at. Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Deceptive You get +2 to Manipulation in situations where you are trying to achieve something through deception.
Defensive/Good Footwork +2 Fight/Melee Combat when defending. Coriolis p72; Mutant: Year Zero p66.; M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Executioner/Slayer You can switch the 2 d6 rolls when you inflict a critical hit. Coriolis p72; M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Exo Specialist +2 Dexterity or Force when handling exos. Coriolis p72.
Exuberant You have +2 Manipulate on all positive social interactions.
Faction Standing +2 Manipulation when using your faction standing to threaten or scare someone. Coriolis p72.
Fast Draw Drawing a weapon does not cost you a maneuver (or fast action). Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Field Medicurg +2 Medicurg when treating someone about to die from critical injury. Coriolis p73.
Flyweight When defending in close combat, you can use Agility instead of Strength. Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Force Sensitive (For Star Wars only). You can put dice into the Use the Force skill and have access to Force Talents.
Gadgeteer +2 Comprehend to try and understand items/artefacts. Mutant: Year Zero p66; M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Gearhead Use Comprehend or Technology to repair an item or jury-rig a 1 use item. Coriolis p73.
Hard Hitter +2 Fight/Melee Combat if you give up your maneuver (or attack as a slow action). Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Intimidating Test Force instead of Manipulation when threatening someone. Coriolis p73.
Intuitive (For our Card Initiative system only). You use Wits (Observation) to determine Initaitive cards instead of Agility (Dexterity).
Iron Will Whenever you get to roll a Wits roll to resist mental trauma, you roll twice as many Wits attribute dice.
Jack of All Trades Adopt a new role/concept & 1 skill dice in its specialist skill. Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Judge of Character After 1 minute you can tell if someone if telling the truth. Coriolis p73.
Licensed You have the proper license to buy and carry restricted gear. Coriolis p73.
Light Eater Only need 1 ration of food every other day to avoid losing Strength. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Light Weapon Fighting You can use Agility in place of Strength when fighting with a Light weapon.
Loner You can recover lost Empathy without the company of others. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Machinegunner Ignore the first 1 when rolling for automatic fire. Coriolis p73.
Malicious if you inflict at least 1 stress through Manipulation, the target takes another point of stress. Coriolis p73.
Monster Whisperer You can use Manipulate or Dominate on wild animals and monsters. M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Naturalist +1 Sneak & Move if naked and carrying half items. M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Never Surrender When broken by damage you can get back on your feet with an Endure roll. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Nine Lives When you suffer a critical injury, you can switch the dice. Coriolis p73; M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Pack Mule You can carry twice as many objects. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Personal Arithmetic You can use Sense Emotion with Wits instead of Empathy. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Point Blank If you hit with a Ranged Attack/Shoot roll out to Close range, you can add another 6 to your roll. Coriolis p73.
Quick Fire You do not need to use your maneuver to prepare weapons such as bows and slings. M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Rage You enter a combat frenzy gaining +1 Strength and +1 damage with melee weapons. Whilst in a rage you automatically fail all Wits or Empathy tasks you attempt. (You can still use Wits as a defense when required). You rage can last for a number of rounds equal to your (modified) Strength score. When the rage ends you take 1 fatigue or 2 stress points.
Rapid Reload Can reload as a fast action. Coriolis p73.
Rugged Gain an Armor Rating of 3 against natural damage. Coriolis p73.
Secret Communication You need to determine the method of communication and only those familiar with this method can communicate with you. This could be a sign language, smoke signals, thieves' cant (where meaning is lost in jargon), or something strange such as aliens making subtle moves with their head tails.
Seductive +2 Manipulation if trying to achieve something through seduction. Coriolis p73.
Sharpshooter If you shoot a target at Long or further range, the target takes +1 damage. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Sleepless You can recover Wits through activity instead of sleep. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Slugger Always roll your full Strength score to Fight even if it has been reduced by damage. M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
Social Cunning You can use Wits in the place of Empathy for Manipulation and Command checks.
Spacer +1 to all Data Djinn rolls when operating ship systems. You also gain a +1 to Science and Data Djinn rolls to astrogate.
Sprinter +2 meters to your movement. Coriolis p73.
Soothing +2 Medicurgy to treat someone broken by stress. Coriolis p73.
Stoic You can Endure using Wits instead of Strength. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Street Smart You know where to find information on the streets, especially regarding illegal goods and how to access or fence them. You get a +2 Observation to find what you are looking for and to Manipulation when dealing with people on this level.
Talisman Maker Talismans made provide a +1 to one skill test. Coriolis p73.
Tenacious You can push a dice roll twice. (Still cannot reroll 1's). (In Star Wars or Coriolis games this second 'push' does not count as 'Trusting to the Force' or 'Praying to the Icons', so the GM never gains DPs. M:YZ Genlab Alpha p58.
The Hassassin's Thrust +2 Fight/Melee Combat when you make a sneak attack with a light weapon. Coriolis p73.
Therapist +2 to Heal/Medicurgy to heal someone broken by doubt/stress. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Third Eye 1/session avoid an ambush. +2 Observation/Scout to avoid sneak attacks and ambushes. Coriolis p74.
Throwing Arm You can use Strength instead of Agility when throwing weapons. M:YZ Genlab Alpha p59.
Tough +2 hit points. Coriolis p74.
Wanderer +2 Endure for forced marches and long treks. M:YZ Genlab Alpha p59.
Wealthy Family If from a privileged background you can use rumours of your family's riches to gain a +2 to Manipulation. Coriolis p74.
Weapon Specialist +1 when using your weapon of choice. Mutant: Year Zero p67.
Workhorse +2 when working on projects (in the Arc). Mutant: Year Zero p66.
Zero-G Training +2 Dexterity in zero gravity. Coriolis p74.
Zone Cook You know how to remove Rot from food & water. Mutant: Year Zero p67.

Species & Racial Talents

Depending upon setting, you may play a species that has one of the following assigned talents. These cannot be be chosen at any stage.

Talent Description Reference
Accelerated Regeneration Critical healing injury time is measured in minutes, not days.
Aquatic You do not suffer any combat or movement penalties due to water.
Darkvision You do not suffer any darkness penalties out to short range. Vision is in shades only.
Extraordinary Recuperation You halve the Healing time of all critical injuries. This talent could represent slow regeneration.
Gorger When you drink and eat you are able to gorge yourself and retain food and water for times of need. Perhaps you have extra stomachs. You double the duration before you suffer any ill effects from hunger or thirst.
Limb Regeneration Any limb destroyed on the critical tables is restored when your healing time is up. All penalties for destroyed limbs are removed.
Low-Light Vision You can see perfectly out to long range in low-light conditions, but not total darkness.
Pack Hunter You deal 1 extra point of damage on Fight/Melee Combat attacks if at least one ally has damaged the same target this turn.
Pheremones 1/session gain a +2 Manipulation. Can also communicate basic feelings to others with this talent within short range. Coriolis p74.
Precognitive You get 6 precog' dice at the start of each session. They can be used as Armor Rating to eliminate damage or to add to Pilot checks to take the Evasive Maneuver action. You can use any number of precog' dice at a time until all six are spent. You can also take the Premonition talent without having to have access to Mystical/Force Talents.
Resistant Body resists natural hazards/weather, granting Armor Rating 6. Coriolis p74.
Sense Emotions You have some physical or mental ability to accept the general mood and feelings of others. This may be through pheremones or scent or a limited telepathy. You gain +2 on all Sense Emotions rolls made vs targets within Close range.
Spatial Awareness You can sense your surroundings using means other than vision such as exceptional hearing, scent or passive echolocation. You ignore cover and concealment penalties to Observation/Scout rolls within short range.
Thick Fur Your fur acts as 'armor' with an Armor Rating of 3 against cold damage.
Tough Hide You have a natural armor rating of 3. Species/races with really tough hides, such as thick scales can take this talent twice).
Water Breathing You can breathe normally underwater. Coriolis p74.
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